The cafe


8. pizza

We get back to the hotel and Michael starts dancing round with pizza ash can't keep his hands off Ellie Luke looks at Michael and joins in with the dancing I then laugh and join in and cal just watches "Michael wants another slice" we all start chanting I then realise ash and Ellie "guys get a room seriously" I say as ash tells me to fuck off as I throw pizza at him "pizza fight" Luke shouts as I just realise what I have started "well done" cal says as there is now pizza everywhere so I throw some at cal "how dare you throw pizza at your boyfriend" cal said as I just dropped the pizza "boyfriend I don't have a boyfriend" I said confused I thought he just liked me and non of us asked each other out so it was just weird "you do now" cal said as he walked up to me "ok then but if you are my boyfriend I can throw pizza at you" I said as I got more pizza

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