The cafe


7. I like you

We then stop acting like idiots and cal comes just to me "okay tell me" cal says as he places his hands on the wall so I'm stuck in the middle "no you haven't finished the concert" I smile at how he's trying his best but still won't get a word about it out of me "dam it girl" cal says as he then walks back on stage as then I see ash again hugging Ellie wow many he does like her I then see him run on stage as Michael walks up to me "your going to have to tell him sooner or later" Michael said as I just smiled "don't worry I will" I said as Michael went on stage

They then finish the concert and come backstage again cal walks straight up to me "ok tell me now" cal said sweating from all the moving around and jumping on stage "nothing I was just going to say I like you and Ellie thinks ash is a sex god" I say smiling as cal just hugs me "I like you to and well I wouldn't know" cal said as ash herd the sex god thing and just looked at Ellie as Ellie went all red "FFS dani" she said as ash looked at her "sex god aye" ash says smiling at Ellie as she is still bright red "I didn't say but I did oh grate I'm sorry I don't know what to say" Ellie says she can't talk she's all nervous as all this is happening Michael looks at Luke "I love you man" Michael says laughing "I love ya too let's get pizza" Luke says as we all walk to the taxi

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