The cafe


9. eggs

It was the next morning I could hear ash it sounded like he was talking to himself I stood again this bedroom door as he then opened it as I fell in top of ash but quickly got off him "sorry" I said as he laughed getting up "it's fine but why were you leaning against the door" ash said "I thought I herd you talking to yourself" I said as I noticed his phone in his hand then thought he could of been on the phone to someone "on no I wasn't talking to myself well kind of was I was doing a keek do you watch our keeks" ash said as I laughed "oh that makes more sence and yes I love them where is Ellie" I said as ash pointed to the bathroom "she's in the shower so I thought I'd make a keek" ash said as I laughed and went to get breakfast "so what about cal" ash said as I was confused "what about him" I said as ash walked up to me "where is he" ash said as I laughed "he's being lazy" I said as ash reached above me and got some eggs "come on" ash said heading towards cals room "fuck ash no are you kidding me eggs" I said as ash just looked at me I then smiled and got a bag of flour

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