The cafe


3. can we sit here

Ash looks at you twice and then looks back at the counter you look at him you can tell by the face he's making he's thinking of Somthing or he's confused "hey sorry but have we met you look familiar" ash says hoping that he's not wrong

Ellie was to nervous to say anything so she tugs on my top "yeah you met her at the book signing in Liverpool" I say as ash laughs "oh yeah I rerember you yeah you" ash said as we got our hot chocolates as ash then stopped us walking away "hey why don't you come sit with us" ash said as I just looked at Ellie like what the did ash just invite us to sit with him and the guys

So we walk over to the table and sit down I sit next to Luke and cal on one side of the table as then Ellie sits by Michael waiting for ash but the guys are just looking at us like what who are these girls we didn't invite them there a bit rude but then ash came over

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