The cafe


6. air guitar

I'm so tipsy I fall on cal "she's alittle tipsy" Ellie said as cal just laughs ash hugs Ellie and she hugs him "come on then girls" ash says as he walks backstage I look at cal "I have a secret" I said as cal just looks at me "go on tell me" he says looking like he really wanted to know then they get called on stage "cal ash get your buts here everyone scream" Luke says him and Michael are already on stage getting everyone hyped up "you have to go on stage first" I said as cal looked at me and didn't know weather to laugh and try get the secret out of me he then ran on stage as ash says "you girls wait here we will be done soon" ash said as him and cal run on stage

Me and Ellie are just sat there dancing back stage playing airguitar and Ellie stars air drumming I just laugh at her then the boys stop for a water brake and notice us playing air guitar "are you girls okay" Luke says laughing

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