The Realm of Miracles

Down Down Down the forbidden hole lies a hole other world, this world is inhabited by people with abilities that are not normal. They did not choose to be here they were thrown here forced into this world out of scorn and hate it is here that a war is being fought here is the story of a world a world called "The Realm of Miracles"


2. Life Ain't Gonna Be Easy for You Son

Da-thump....Da-thump....Da-thump.... The only sounds he heard was his heart beating, that was good that means he's alive ok so life was in him... But who was he, all he remembered was a knight in black and the name Derin and falling. But whose name was that? was it his? the knights? he was unsure. so now he was in god knows where and he had no idea who he was well that not good. Slowly he opened his eyes groaning at the light hitting his eyes sitting up he took in his surroundings, ok so he was in a room probably attached to a house and he was currently resting on a bed. Strange was this normal? was he right at home however he just couldn't remember? Standing up fully he took in a sharp breath as his legs gave out and he fell to the ground. Hearing a door open he looked up to see a kindly old man standing there, the man looked quite surprised to see him after standing in an awkward silence for a little bit the old man got down and began to help him up "easy there sonny your still working off the after affects of a potion you shouldn't move to much." Leaning against the wall he hissed as he felt a pain in his left arm looking at it he saw a small cut he made from his fall sizzle before closing and healing, blinking at  this he looked at the old man for an explanation " you've never seen the effects of a regeneration potion before?" This caused him to shake his head negative " well you see when you were out I gave quickly gave you a potion to speed up the healing process although you were already healing at a accelerated rate." the old man stated before reaching out his hand " Jacob" he said simply this made the man stare for a bit before reaching his hand out also " Derin"

It took another hour for Derin to be able to walk without aid and when he was able both he and the old man went into the kitchen where Derin sat down as the old man explained some things " Now see here Derin." He began 

"its going to be extremely hard for you to survive if what your telling me is true" calmly the old man began to get a glass of water walking over to the table and setting the water down in front of Derin " now you see all the folk that are thrown down the hole either die on impact or are hurt but otherwise fine now the reason why your special is cause the fall seemed to give you a severe case of amnesia which not only causes you to have no idea who you are, it also makes it so you have no idea what your power is."
"Power? you mean like flying?" This got a laugh out of the old man " no people who can fly aren't sent to the hole there killed on capture." This made Derin gulp glad his power must not have been the ability of flight " now as I was saying down here all people have a power and have some idea on how to use it you however have not only no idea how to use it but no idea what it even is, all of us when were born have some kind of genetic memory of what our power is since you lost your memory you apparently lost that to" drinking his water calmly the old man continued " So to put it shortly life ain't gonna be easy for you son in fact ti gonna be pretty difficult. However i'm going to help you out a bit"
"how?" asked Derin

"Don't get your hopes up I can't teach you to fight or something like that all I can do is make it so you don't look like fresh meat" tilting his head as the old man got up and left. A couple of minutes later the old man came back with some clothes and a knife "now here is some ground rules. 1. Don't pick fights you may have a knife now however everyone else has powers so don't stir up trouble 2. stay away from anyone wearing a pure white mask with a black line across it they will kill you just for breathing and 3. don't steal cause your going to get caught and when you do your going to get your ass handed to you cause like i said before people have powers now quickly get dressed and go I don't want to sound rude however I can't support us both so the sooner you leave the better"
"I understand and thank you for your help Jacob I'll be sure to pay back this kindness one day"

After getting dressed Derin looked at himself in the mirror what he saw was a six foot male with black hair and dull green eyes he wore a jacket with a high collar and a mask sown into that was currently raised to cover the bottom half of his face. The sleeves of his jacket had a pair of straps in his wrist which kept the sleeve close to his arm, he wore tight but stretchable jeans as to not limit his movement and make is so an enemy could not grab him by his pants, and to finish it off he had a pair of combat boots along with a knife. 

Going to the front door Derin Waved good bye to Jacob before taking a deep breath after he stepped out he was on his own in a hostile and dangerous place gripping the door knob he hoped he was ready. 



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