The Realm of Miracles

Down Down Down the forbidden hole lies a hole other world, this world is inhabited by people with abilities that are not normal. They did not choose to be here they were thrown here forced into this world out of scorn and hate it is here that a war is being fought here is the story of a world a world called "The Realm of Miracles"


1. Into a New World

"God Damnit you fucking bastards, let me go" this was the latest of insults that was shouted at the guards by there ward, they held him with long wooden poles one wrapped around his wrists and two around his neck. as they steadily pushed him towards a cave. The man however was not making it easy on them as he kicked against the ground pushed and yanked and did anything to try and get away "stop thrashing you little shit or ill fucking beat you" one of the guards yelled at the inmate " i'd fucking love to see you try whore son"  was the inmates reply the guard's face  turned red in rage as he let go ignoring his squads cries and walking in front of the prisoner cracking his knuckles "im going to enjoy this you little shit" with that he punched the man across his face getting a sick crack as his fist impacted the mans face causing blood to shoot out from his nose. Smirking in amusement " that's it? big talk from scum like you" he raised his fist to strike the man again before the man turned to him his dull green eyes glowing the am lunged at him burying his teeth in his throat  getting a sick squelching noise for his trouble " Jeff!" his friends yelled they moved forward but not fast enough as the man ripped out Jeff's throat with his bare teeth skin getting in between his teeth and blood dripping down his chin Jeff grabbed his neck trying to stop the blood flow largely failing. Falling onto his beck his twitched a few time some death gurgles before going still the prisoner only smirked before spitting out what was in his mouth "serves you ri-" was all he got out before a armored fist smashed into his skull knocking him unconscious.

slowly his consciousness returned to him and his position was not a good one he was leaning over the hole. Gulping he turned to a voice to his right, the speaker was a women dressed in midnight black armor with absolutely no skin showing the " Knight of night" the one responsible for his situation she spoke with her voice sounding honestly a little sad " its disappointing that you refused to join my unit with my protection you could have lived a good life instead your going into the hole" shaking her head "a true disappointment with your power we would have been unstoppable" this made the man sneer at her "I'd sooner rot in hell then betray my kind unlike you, how can you sleep at night knowing you damned hundreds to death and thousands to this godforsaken hole huh nightwalker?"

" you are in no position to try and lecture me illegal"

"oh you imperials and your fancy titles were only illegal cause that's what you deemed us not cause we did anthing wrong"
" you knew you had powers yet you didn't go to a facility and that's a crime all you illegals have to do is go to a lab and register then you can live the life you choose"
"What choice? once you register you nothing more than a slave waiting either to be experimented on or sent to the front lines to die for some rich bastard who will never feel anything for all the lives lost" the knight only shook her head once more " so much wasted potential" before waving her hand and the restraints holding him up released and he fell into the abyss down into the darkness he didn't know for how long he fell but when he crashed into the ground he was knocked out. 


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