Your Cancer//M.C.

Michael and Viviane are the most closet friends in the world they've been called a couple before but they aren't. Michael has had lung cancer ever since he was 10 up to 16 then it had stopped and ever since those harsh years Viviane would never leave his side. The cancer slowed down and stopped when he was 17-18 but then it comes back again and while he's with his band mates and Viviane is at home in Sydney how will Michael tell her?


1. Stop Breathing

Michaels POV....

"Alrighty ready to go on stage boys for our first concert this year?!" Ashton says jumping around while video taping us. "You ready Michael!!"

And I give him a disgusted look to the camera. "Go away." I say playfully.

"Oooo the sass is real!" Luke says out loud and we laugh.

"Come on boys we gotta go." One of our tour managers said.

So we got our instruments besides Ashton who has the drums of course. I throw the strap around my neck and grab my guitar pick then we head out and screaming fans are everywhere.

I put in my ear piece to hear myself and then Luke greeted everyone to our concert and the first song which was Don't Stop then we asked a few questions drunk water and played Good Girls and I start to feel like my breathing started to get slower and my lungs started to hurt. We then play 18 and my chest really like really started to hurt and when I sung I felt my breath going away and not being able to inhale.

So I walk over to Calum and I say in his ear. "Cal.... My breathing... My lungs.... I need to breath I'm not breathing."

He looks at me with a shocked face then he yells at Luke and Ashton about what's going on while I felt the room getting darker.

He then takes off his bass and pushes me off stage helping me to a seat and now I was gasping for air.

"HEY WE NEED TO CALL 9-1-1 NOW MICHAEL NEEDS HELP! SOMEONE CALL THE AMBULANCE NOW AND HURRY!" I hear him yell. "Oh gosh, oh gosh come on buddy stay with me."

I felt like I was suffocating on air like a fish with water but choking on it basically. I then pass out and it's all black.

Please don't say my cancer came back... I don't need it to come back. Not now, not ever... How am I going to tell my family or even Viviane.

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