Your Cancer//M.C.

Michael and Viviane are the most closet friends in the world they've been called a couple before but they aren't. Michael has had lung cancer ever since he was 10 up to 16 then it had stopped and ever since those harsh years Viviane would never leave his side. The cancer slowed down and stopped when he was 17-18 but then it comes back again and while he's with his band mates and Viviane is at home in Sydney how will Michael tell her?


2. It Came Back.

Luke's POV....

When they ran off stage all the fans we worried. I then look at Ashton and mouth. "What are we suppose to do?"

Then he mouths back. "I'll go ask for one direction to come now."

Then I say. "But what about our fans?! What do we say to them?!"

Ashton then says in the mic about what's going on and what's gonna happen and Aw's were filled in the arena.

"We are so sorry but we have to be there for Michael. Please don't hate us." I say. Then me and Ashton get off stage and ask where Michael and Calum went and they said they went to the hospital and that Michael passed out. Shit!

So me and Ashton get a ride to the hospital with two bodyguards just incase the word spreads that Michael is in the hospital and the fans make it there before we do but we made there before they did which was a surprise.

As soon as we get inside the Hospital Ashton yells out and asks. "WHERE IS HE WHERES MICHAEL CLIFFORD SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE HES MY BANDMATE!"

"Sir calm down please. And he's in room 212." A front desk girl says while point the direction.

"Thank you!" I say. And me and Ashton zoom to Michaels room.

Michaels POV....

I wake up and see Calum and a doctor speaking to each other. I had a oxygen mask on my face so I couldn't speak but my eyes were open and I was weak and I had a lot of things attached to my arms.

"Ah, you're awake Mr. Clifford," The doctor says. "You may take off the oxygen mask but put on the thin ones that don't cover your mouth and nose to your right."

And I take the oxygen mask off and put on the nose ones and say. "What happened to me?"

"Michael... May I tell him?" Calum says to the doctor.

"Of course. If you need anything you have the nurse call to your left." And the doctor leaves shutting the door behind him.

"So why did all that happen to me..." I say hoping it wasn't what I think it was.

"Michael... It came back but it's Thyroid cancer and it's worst. You're gonna have to not play. So I canceled the rest of the tours because 5sos isn't 5sos without all of us. And we can't exclude you." He says. And I couldn't believe that it was back but worst...

Then Ashton and Luke burst inside the door without knocking.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa... He's not dead calm down." Calum says slowing Ashton down because he was looking a bit crazy.

"Then why did he get rushed to the hospital?" Luke asks.

"Mates... It's not lung but it's Thyroid cancer. And until it gets better he won't be able to perform so I cancelled all the rest of the touring with one direction because it wouldn't be fair if we left him." Calm explains.

"So we just go home and wait until Michael gets better?" Ashton asks.

"Yes... I'm sorry lads I wish I never had this." I say.

"No Calum's right it wouldn't be fair if we left you. Because it won't be the full band without all of us in it." Luke says.

"Awh group hug mates!" I say. And they laugh and we all went into a group hug.

Then my parents come bursting into the room with my mom yelling. "IS MY SON DEAD?!"

"Mom slow down I'm not dead it's just my Thyroid cancer not lungs and it worst but I'll make it with all the love and support and treatments, hell yeah I'll make it!" I say.

"Now that's the spirit buddy!" Ashton says.

And my mom started crying and she hugs me tightly.

"Oh my son has so much love... I just wish it wouldn't have been this..." She says.

"Aw mom it's alright. I got you and them and... Viviane... Shit! How am I going to tell her?"

"Language Mikey! And don't worry she'll understand I hope but that's only if you tell her soon enough so she won't hate you or be disappointed." My mom says and she's right. I have to tell her before so it won't be too late.

But I believe that I'm a fighter. I got through Lung cancer so let's get through this. Come on Michael.

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