Your Cancer//M.C.

Michael and Viviane are the most closet friends in the world they've been called a couple before but they aren't. Michael has had lung cancer ever since he was 10 up to 16 then it had stopped and ever since those harsh years Viviane would never leave his side. The cancer slowed down and stopped when he was 17-18 but then it comes back again and while he's with his band mates and Viviane is at home in Sydney how will Michael tell her?


3. Coming home.

Michaels POV....

I wake up to see my mom talking to the doctors and it was morning and the boys left probably to be at home.

"Hey buddy! So your good but yes your cancer is back and this time it's worst and it thyroid cancer. But you are able to go home today. You've gotta come for check ins every...Friday so not this week but the following." My doctor says and smiles at me and my mom and says bye and leaves.

"Here I brought clothes. I'll wait out your door so you can change." My mom says.

"Thanks mom." I say and she leaves waiting out for me to change.

Viviane's POV.....

I wake up smiling and stretching and yawning with the bright beautiful sun shinning into my room.

I then get up and walk to my bathroom and brush my teeth, washed my face, and brushed out my hair.

I then go to my closet and find something pretty to wear.



I wear the door open but it didn't shut. Weird so I walk downstairs.

Michaels POV......

As I arrived at my neighbor hood I wanted to go to Viviane's first so we pulled up to her house and before we got to the door it opened and Lilian, Viviane's 17 year old sister came out along with Marry their mom and hugged me as I was walking to the door i tell them about the hospital trip and me coming home and they promised to not tell Viviane until I was ready.

"Is Viviane here?" I ask.

And before Lilian could say anything we all hear. "MICHAEL! YOU'RE HOME!!" And I see a smiling running beautiful red headed girl and then moments later she has her arms wrapped around my neck and I caught her and her feet were off the ground and around my waist.

"I missed you so much!!!" She says. Then she unexpectedly kissed me on the lips.

Viviane's POV....

YUP! I kissed him alright and it was perfect. I mean he was still single so why not?! And the best part is... HE KISSED ME BACK!! I now feel like a five year old... Wow haha!

We then pull back and he was still carrying me and I still had my legs wrapped around his waist.

"You two are so cute!!" My mom says.

I then hop off and blushed a lot and so did Michael when I looked up at him.

"Oh my! If you are home then where are the rest of the boys!! I wanna see them!" I say excitedly.

"They are more likely to be at Calum's house." Mikey says. And I pull his arm and yell out bye to my mom and we run across the street to his house.

I knocked on the door a few times and Calum opened it he was shirtless but I still attacked him with a huge Vivie hug. And then I feel his arms around my back and him hugging me back.

"VIVANE!!" He says loudly while putting his chin on top of my head while we rock back and forth.

"Did I hear Viv's name being called?!" I hear Ashton from the basement.

Then I started to hear many footsteps and I let go of Cal and run to Ashton and hug him and then I feel more pair of arms and it was Luke. I'm a shorty compared to them. I'm 5 foot 5 and they're all in the 6 feet but Ashton but he's still taller than me.

"You guys are going to suffocate me!" I say under them because by now all of them are hugging me tightly and I'm in the middle.

They finally let go and Luke says. "LETS PLAY AGAIN!" And he runs downstairs making this high pitch scream then they all follow him and I pull Michaels hand and we run downstairs with them.

And it looked like they all laid out here for a day like little sleepovers. There was pizza boxes, beer bottles, video games, blankets, pillows, another kinds of food, and movies spread almost everywhere but still a big cozy basement to have sleepovers.

I let go of Michael's hand and sit in Calum's lap and he grabs the xbox controller and puts it over my head and it would almost look like we were a couple so Ashton like the childish person is he takes a picture and post it on Twitter and Instagram captioning it.

'Awww look at these two lovebirds. I SHIP #Calvivanum xx!!'

I check my phone because I was tagged into the photo.


Michaels POV.....

I thought that kiss was real but I guess she's still likes Calum.

"I'm gonna go home guys." I say dully because I actually couldn't stand seeing him with her like that.

"Why so early?" Viviane asks.

"Uh... I just wanna go home." I say just not in the mood for lies.

"What's wrong Michael you aren't usually like this?" Viviane ask as she gets up off Calum to look at me.

"I just want to go home okay!" I say getting a bit louder.

"Oh.... Um... I'm sorry." She says.

"No I'm sorry I shouldn't have gotten louder I just... I just need to leave." And I walk back up from the basement and leave lightly slamming the door.


Ugh!! I wish jealousy wasn't a thing....

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