Rapunzels Tower

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair......She was trapped in the tower for eighteen years and now she has the chance to escape....But when the cunning Rumpelstiltskin finds a way into her heart, she can't help but love the magic thats setting her free....But there is always a price to pay....

This is a very twisted fairytale I made on Rapunzel hope you enjoy.


3. Rumpelstiltskin's Find

   Rapunzel awoke with her hair being gripped in her fist, her heart racing, and every bone in her shaking. A nightmare. She was dreaming about James and the way he screamed that one day. She didn't remember why he screamed or why she would even care. But what she did know, was that it was done by a Witch.

   When Rapunzel got up and walked down to the kitchen there was a small note written on the small wooden table. When she picked it up it read:


   To My Dearest Rapunzel, 

    I have gone to town to pick out some new dresses for you. After that I am going to go look for your berries by the Northern Woods, and maybe get you some of the lilac flowers for the Tower to smell like Spring. I know you are probably still mad at me about leaving the tower. But I assure you that I will make it up to you. You mean the world to me Rapunzel, I hope you know that. There are some fresh picked peaches on the table if you would like some breakfast. Don't forget to do all your chores for me today my flower, and never forget to practise spinning some more thread into gold. Don't let anyone in, and don't talk to strangers. Also I left you a little gift from the market on the table, so you never have to feel lonely again. I hope you like it. I love you Rapunzel, to the stars and back.


   What strangers? Rapunzel thought. When Rapunzel finished reading the letter she realized that it was only eight O'clock. Her mother had left early probably anxious to get it over with so she could get back to Rapunzel. Rapunzel looked at the note again and remembered that her mother left her a gift. She went over to the small table and found the box. It had holes in it like an animal was in it. She lifted the lid off of the box and didn't see anything at first, but as she looked harder she saw a small Chameleon huddled in the corner only the size of Rapunzels palm. It looked frightened by every move Rapunzel made. But Rapunzel was grateful and knew that she would finally have a friend.

   After seeing him she set him on her shoulder and started on her chores right away. She scrubbed the oven, swept the floor, did the dishes, baked a pie with the help of her new friend, dusted the high places, mopped the low places, collected all the dirt from the carpet, wiped the table off, and started to read some books. After she was done she attempted to comb her hair which only made it get stuck, so she just left the comb in there.

   Once she was done with everything she started to find another place to paint. The entire Tower was covered in Rapunzels artwork with people dancing in the middle of the square and the constellations shining through the night. She thought the world told an incredible story, and she hoped one day she could be apart of it. One painting was her sitting in a tree staring at the stars.

   She painted the stars with an incredibly bright gold, and the sky flowed in vibrant colors of lavender. Then she grabbed blue that blended in with the deep ocean, and added a slash of crimson on the horizon with some dashes of orange. Rapunzel had seen enough sunsets and night skies to last her forever. She felt forgotten in the tower. Every night Rapunzel cries herself to sleep feeling like those stars that were trapped in the sky.

   Just as Rapunzel raised her brush, she heard a slight creaking noise above her. She looked up staring at the opening in the ceiling. Rapunzel just simply thought it was the breeze and ignored it. Until she heard it again. She climbed up the ladder and shut the hatch tight. 

   As she was climbing down, she heard a voice. Someone laughing in an eerie way upstairs in her room. She grabbed a glass cup from the counter and crept upstairs out of curiosity to find a small man digging through her drawers. He was throwing things and whenever he found a shiny item he would stuff it in his pocket. Rapunzel barley breathed. She had never seen a man before, especially so small. She had seen a boy but she was sure this was not a boy. She took a step forward and the floor creaked underneath her. The small man stopped rummaging and spoke.

   "Well you shouldn't just stand there and stare. You could simply say hello."

   Out of instinct Rapunzel through the glass cup at him, but he disappeared and it hit the wall creating a loud crash. 

   "That wasn't very nice." Said the little man as he reappeared next to Rapunzel.

   "How did you get in here....who are you....what are you?"

   "Well that's for you to guess isn't it deary. And might I say that is a lot of hair for you."

   "Listen you can take whatever you want just please don't hurt me." Said Rapunzel as she picked up her jewelery box behind her back.

   "I wouldn't throw that if I were you." The small man said.

    Rapunzel threw the box. But before she could run, the box stopped in midair and she couldn't move her feet.

   "I told you not to do that."

   "Magic...That means you're a sorcerer."

   "Nymph actually, but I have been called many thing...wizard, sorcerer, conqueror of all, the dark one, magician, illusionist, Rumpelstiltskin, master of magic, king of the land, small man. But I prefer the dark one, has a nice ring to it...don't you think?"

   "What do want?"

   "Well actually it's something both of us want."

   "What's that?"

   "You want freedom from this tower...and I want your magic and ability to spin straw into gold with just your fingertips."

   "Well I could get myself out of this tower, I could do whatever I want."

   "Then why don't you leave? Right now..."


   "Go ahead by all means leave this tower and never come back."

   Rapunzel walked downstairs and opened the door. She hesitated and looked outside of her tower while the little Chameleon named Picasso sat on her shoulder. She leaned out and took a big gulp. Her heart was pounding. Only then she realized that she had no idea how she was going to get down. She could fall or slip if she took her hair down. She turned back to the small man.

   "So You want my Magic? That I didn't even know I had."

   "Yes...you see I travel often to find different spells or potions to make myself stronger so I can, well-"

   "Cheat and steal from others when you need something." Interrupted Rapunzel. But the little man payed no attention to the outburst.

   "Sometimes, but other times I do it for good. To help people. Just like now I will help you to get what you want, as long as you give me what I want."

   Rapunzel thought on his play of words and even though every instinct in her told her to not agree. She did.

   "Do we have a deal deary?" The small man said as he held out his hand.

   Rapunzel took it without thought and shaked the small man's hand.

   "Good. Now I should probably give you something to protect yourself out there."

   The small man looked around the room until he saw a frying pan on the stove.

   "Perfect!" He said with a sickening grin.

   He handed Rapunzel the frying pan and in one second he was smiling at her, a cloud of smoke appeared, and she was on lying on the ground with Picasso.

   The grass was softer than she ever imagined. Rapunzel smiled as she felt the breeze on her skin and the dirt on her toes that were barefoot. She felt free, safe, yet still alone. She started running and found herself in a stream of cold water next to an oak tree that stood tall and proud. She stared at it in amazement. She had only seen it from a far and now she was so close to it she could touch it.

   The smile spread wider when she found her mother's garden. She picked a red shiny apple off one of the trees and ran to the garden. There was rampion, tomatoes, beans, potatoes, herbs, purple and blue plants that she had never tasted. She ran out of the garden and tripped on her hair which made her go tumbling down a small hill to a path through the woods.

   "I guess this is where my life begins...finally." She said to Picasso.

   She started walking. This is where the adventure begins.

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