Roommates // 5sos

Jacqueline Zeto is a singer of the age of 17 and daughter of Zachery Zeto; owner and founder of Zeto Records. Jackie's father decides to leave with an other woman to the other side of the world and leaves his teenage daughter in charge of the recording company and roommate of four members of an upcoming new band named 5 Seconds of Summer. What will her future hold with all the testosterone and hectic mess around her?


8. 7.0

"Michael can you stop binge-eating and come help write the damn song with us?" I huffed while having writers block while trying to come up with an idea for the boys first official song.

"Jackie I'm a 256 pound teenage boy going through puberty. Now let me eat women!" Michael might be a 256 pound giant, but he is nowhere near puberty. He's passed it about two or three years ago; hell, he has facial hair popping out of his face already.

"Michael I'm a seventeen year old, 110 pounder girl who most likely is still going through puberty, unlike you, and you don't see me eating everything at anytime." I smile devilishly at him. "Now get your ass over here right now!"

After about an hour of us five trying to come up with a song idea or a few verses, which instead the boys spent fooling around, we were able to get one and I repeat, only one verse. I can also assure you that the verse is a complete and utterly flop, but hey, something is something.


We were at the company at the moment trying to figure out how exactly the guys were going to be portrayed to the world, and ideas for the band. The band's stylist, Alicia Knox, was explaining to them about turning them into a replica of the ol' famous boybands that have existed and immediately I spotted the face of horror on the guys faces.

"Actually Alicia, I feel like they should stand out and not be the spitting image of others out there. Don't you agree?" These guys could pull of the boyband look but honestly they'll just be a copy of others before them. She nodded her head rapidly wanting to get away from my hard stare. "You guys like Green Day, All Time Low and such correct?" I asked the guys although I was facing Alicia so she could get an idea of what exactly I mean. The guys agreed and talked among themselves while I pulled Alicia aside into the hallway.

"Alicia don't dare turn them into a boyband image!" I spitted. "They'll be who they are already. Let's let them evolve themselves; if they don't evolve correctly then we'll bend them. Agreed?" She nodded her head and scurried away to her office after I gave her permission to leave. I slid down the wall into the floor and cursed under my breath.

My mind was exploding; I wasn't suppose to be doing this, and this certainly isn't my job. Normally my father would be doing this work but of course he isn't here. My job should be singing to millions of people across the world, to be strumming my guitar, and jumping around stage, not this. Certainly not completing papers, attending recording sessions nor managing a band.

I rubbed my face and forced myself off the floor and walked back into the studio room and explained the band idea I had for them, which they gratefully agreed to and thanked before we left the room and headed to my office to get some relaxation time into our schedules. Once opening the double doors heading into Delilah's office, she sprung up from looking at her laptop and looked our way and smiled. I walked up to her with the guys behind me and introduced them to her.

"Hey there Del! I would like you to meet Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton!" I overlooked as she stood up from her desk and shook hands with the guys. She spoke with them for a few minutes before excusing herself to pick up a phone call she received about another artist.

I stood up from the sofa and pushed the guys into the end office which belonged to me, although I've hardly used it especially when my dad was here. The room overall was very nice and entertaining to say the least. He made sure to make this office a teenage friendly environment with a mini basketball hoop on one side of the wall and a few more little toys scattered all around the room. The walls were decorated with vinyls, posters of my favorite bands, and awards I've won in the record of my career that is ever so disappearing.

I haven't been able to perform at a concert or even on a stage in forever. I miss it just as a mother misses her kid after a long school day. I remember rocking out on stage with Billie, and singing my lungs out into the microphone until I felt as if my lungs were going to explode. Also calling fans onstage to do sing alongs, those were my favorite part; the fans.

I sighed and payed attention to Michael as he started to talk about how he always wanted to travel the world with his mates. I soon felt a hand wonder around my neck and into my shoulder while pulling me into a body. I looked aside to see Calum asking me what's wrong, to which I remained silent, stood up and made my way to the other side of the room and over to Billie; my beautiful and favorite guitar of all time. It was coated in a superb shiny coat of the darkest purple I have come to like and the neck was a pure mix of black and dark grey.  I picked it up from its stand in one swift move and adjusted the strap around my shoulder comfortably so I would be able to strum a few tunes. I hummed along with a song that I would normally sing when I had overall nothing to do; Do You Know the Enemy by the all bad-ass band Green Day.

I spotted Michael head towards another guitar situated in the room and picked it up while strumming to the beat of the song. I smiled at him and once he looked up I couldn't help but turn the smile into a massive grin. I felt the stares of the other guys on us, but soon leave once they got up an searched for their instruments. Once everyone was up, ready, and connected we played together to the beat of Green Day.

They sure hell do know how to make someone's day turn into sunny and bright.

After finishing a numerous amount of songs we put our instruments down and talked the day away without even noticing how long we had taken. I got to say I've never enjoyed playing Billie as much as I did now, and honestly it scared me a tad bit; not because of the attachment I've attained to the guitar but because of the possible attachment I could be reaching for with the guys. I'm not going to lie, I'm scared of commitment and certainly not because I can't handle it but because of the simple fear of rejection that will then lead to abandonment. It has happened numerous times with me in the past and the only ones that's still probably sticking beside me is Delilah and Becky; no matter what my actions are or the mood I'm in they don't give up on me and that's why I find comfort in them. Hopefully and eventually I'll have to find that comfort in an other and will one day come to realize that commitment is a beautiful thing unless one doesn't mess up; but that day isn't now nor will it soon be.


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