Roommates // 5sos

Jacqueline Zeto is a singer of the age of 17 and daughter of Zachery Zeto; owner and founder of Zeto Records. Jackie's father decides to leave with an other woman to the other side of the world and leaves his teenage daughter in charge of the recording company and roommate of four members of an upcoming new band named 5 Seconds of Summer. What will her future hold with all the testosterone and hectic mess around her?


7. 6.0

Pounding and stomping, huffing and puffing down the hallway probably with my hair all messed up and everywhere. I probably sound like the Big Bad Wolf at the moment but honestly I have every reason to be. I mean I didn't agree to wake up with the tunes of Try Hard in the background at seven o'clock in the morning. Once I reached the door to the recording studio I held out my hand near the doorknob to open the door, but of course it was locked. I screamed and pounded on the door but no one answered and the music continued blasting throughout the whole house.

I then remembered I had a spare key hidden inside of my room in my underwear drawer. Let's be real, who would look for a key in a teenage girls underwear drawer? No one, unless you're some creep, and hopefully the guys aren't. I grabbed the key and once again, started to make my way to the studio room. I inserted the key into the hole and entered enraged.

"Can you guys shut the hell up!?" I screamed once I was able to open the door and enter the room. A few smiles were being worn and I knew I was not about to lose this, yet. They finally agreed that they will stop and I sighed in relief and started making my way back to my room. As I was about to enter the room I jumped at the sound of the music playing once again but now officially louder. I became fuming with complete anger. Hell! They live in my house and they have the audacity to wake me up from my sleep. They're not going to get away with this, and that is final. I dip my hand into my pocket to make sure that the key was still there and when I felt it I ran towards the cleaning closet and grabbed a huge 'ol bucket. I opened the faucet and let the water drip into the bucket and automatically a huge grins appeared on my face.

I tugged and carried the bucket till I reach the studio door and I opened it while the bucket is secured tightly around my arms. When I got a view of the boys I walked up to them slowly and they automatically got confused and with that I dumped the big bucket full of water over their entire body's and instruments.

"Don't ever wake me up again! If you have to practice so early in the fucking morning use the damn soundproof studio instead!"


Bananas, banana ice cream, banana cake are all delicious but banana milkshake is to die for. At the moment I'm enjoying and most likely moaning to my daily morning banana shake that is deliciously good. After not being able to go back to sleep after today's morning dilemma I decided to skip work today and leave the company's manager in charge for today. Today I'm just going to kick back and relax since it's a beautiful day outside today.

"Hello there boys." I chirped while a sly smirk was forming on my makeup-less face.

'You're such a bitch, you know that right?" Michael pointed out as he was was drying his hair with a towel that was placed around his neck. I noticed that after he said that he said something else under his breath which I couldn't understand, that is until I read his facial expression. Ashton on the other hand just let out a giggle and then went back to smiling, probably remembering the the time he ate my banana or maybe just at Micheal's stupid question. Damn him.

"I know right?" I replied. "So what do you guys have planned for today ?" I asked while sipping down on my cup full of banana milkshake.

"I don't know." Ashton shrugged. "Were probably just going to stay in today." Michael agreed to Ashtons plan after looking at each other, then asked about my plans for today and if I was going to go to the company today. I told them that I was going to be staying in today as-well to relax for a bit. When I saw Michael and Ashton grabbing cheese sticks I offered them to make breakfast for them as-well for Luke and Calum that by the way, were no where to be seen. Michael said that I didn't need to although Ashton said that he was starving, and plus I knew that a little stick of cheese wouldn't fill up two 6 foot walking giants.

So I continued and put my thought into actions. I walked over to the refrigerator and grabbed eggs, peppers and many other ingredients that would make a breakfast fit for a king; omelet with a side of hash browns and a cup full of sunshine or more known as orange juice. I then walked over to the cabinets to grab a pan to cook the omelet and hash browns which I then placed on the kitchen stove. After I cut the veggies and added it into a bowl I started to grab the eggs and crack them into the bowl until someone decided to scream bloody Mary behind me making me jump.


I turned around to see Calum wearing a smug smile on his stupid Asian look-alike face and his arms crossed around him.

"You know that's payback for wetting us back inside the studio." Calum stated with laughing his ass off.

"Really? I guess I'll have to do this then to show that I'm the only real winner around here." I grabbed the egg that fell on-top of the counter, which by the way was cracked because of Calum, and smashed it right on his head. Not only did I smash it on-top of him but I also made sure to spread it to his face and shirt. He looked just like a yellow tellytubbie except more slimy and gooey. "Laughing now?" I spitted while cracking up and smiling at him.

"Oh no you didn't!" Calum said as he grabbed an egg and mashed it right on my forehead and as-well spreading it around my face.

"Food Fight!" was heard from Ashton and Michael as we four were throwing eggs, orange juice, milk and anything we could find in the kitchen while trying not to slip on the slippery floor tile. With one swish movement Calum and I landed on the floor right on-top of each other, and no he didn't land on the floor. He landed right on-top of me which by the way felt as a whale tackled me. While I was busy being mashed into a pancake, Ashton and Michael continued throwing food at us and at themselves.

"What's going on here?" All of us four turned our heads over to Luke who was standing at the doorstep looking at the whole mess.

"Want breakfast?" I chuckled as I looked over and then pushed Calum's body weight off of me.

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