Roommates // 5sos

Jacqueline Zeto is a singer of the age of 17 and daughter of Zachery Zeto; owner and founder of Zeto Records. Jackie's father decides to leave with an other woman to the other side of the world and leaves his teenage daughter in charge of the recording company and roommate of four members of an upcoming new band named 5 Seconds of Summer. What will her future hold with all the testosterone and hectic mess around her?


6. 5.0

It's been about two hours since the boys have been accepted and signed into the record deal and now were at the mall waiting in line for frozen yogurt. We've been talking about future ideas for the band and how I'm going to be able to bring them up on the charts, but I'm the least concentrated on that now. I have a damn party to prepare in less than a hour.

Basically, I heard them practice the day they got here from Australia at night, and since then I knew I was going to accept them. So I planned almost the whole party, and all I have to do is call Becky to get the music and party early so people wouldn't get bored. In under a day you can plan a party to the maximum when you have money like my family does.

I ordered food which is a variety of Asian, American, and for the boys, Australian. I also made sure to have an awesome and young DJ so I called my friend, Alex Young, to play dozens of hip songs. Decorations were taken care by Becky who called a party crew to set up the place and transform it into an amazing place for a top class party.

We've just gotten our frozen yogurt and now we were just eating it with the small spoons that they serve with. Michael and Calum were chatting about something but I couldn't make out their words since they were on the opposite side of me; I was on the left extremity while Ashton was beside me followed by Luke, Calum, then Michael.

"So how about we throw a party for being accepted by Jackie here?" Michael ran up to me and scrunched my hair up and patting my head. It was painful to see my curled hair go down the hill by being messed up by such a large hand but I shook it off.

"I see, but there's no need for a party. I mean what prize is better than living with me in a huge house." I shrugged casually. As a response I get blank stares but I don't judge them, I mean if someone told me I couldn't have a party after doing something breathtaking than I would be the same as them. But c'mon I already have the party planned out and if I agree than they'll rush to the house and plus, I want to surprise them.

After finishing our frozen yogurts I made sure to make distance between the boys and made a call to Becky and explained that we were going to be arriving the party in less than an hour. After giving her specific orders of when to get the party started and the chefs preparing dishes, I hanged up and made my way back to the boys to listen to them already planning a party even though I told them no. I strutted closer to them and, once again, told them they were not going to plan a party which took a bit of convincing since Micheal and Ashton gave me the cutest puppy dog eyes I've have seen. To bad puppy dog eyes don't have any effect on me.

Since the boys went to the studio after me in one of the company's uber I decided to let them ride in my car which is the latest edition of the new Mini Cooper. We decided it was time to go back home and 'chill' after a long days work, so we gathered into my car in the order of Micheal, Luke and Ashton in the backrow bickering about random shit, including how to pose for their next photo-shoot, and Calum in the passenger seat as I was igniting the car in the driver seat. We all prepared ourselves by clicking on our seat-belts on and cranking the radio up to a maximum.

How the hell did I get stuck with these idiots? Oh right, my Dad.

Once again I'm stuck in my thoughts about my dad leaving me behind that I unconsciously gripped the steering wheel with an extreme grip that when I looked at them my knuckles were turning into a mix of white and red.

I remember the last time I cried. It was about only a week ago when my father first popped the news to me. It was like it was only yesterday, I even remember every beat of it. I remember when I ran into my room and cried out about how everybody leaves me; first my mother, then my brother, the ones who aren't going to be named, and lastly my own blood related father. Now thinking about it, I've cried only a few times in my teenage years not that much, but when I do cry all hell breaks loose and it's like my eyes are dams that broke by someone smashing through it.

Without noticing a feel a tear drop onto my face and roll down my cheek all the way until it finally plops onto my lap. I was appreciative that it was nighttime and none of the boys could see me crying. For extra precaution I lowered my head a tad more so my curly waves could cover the possibility of the boy next to me seeing me in such a weak state. No matter what I wasn't going to let anyone see me cry, not even the boys. It would make me look as if I was a weak person, although I might be but I wasn't going to show it.

"Why did we stop at..." Calum said while trying to spot the name of the place I jolted the car to a stop. "Baskin Robins? We just ate frozen yogurt, you still want to eat something deliciously cold?" I pulled the key out of the car and told the boys I had business to take care of and to stay waiting in the car. I walked into the ice cream shop and walked into the bathroom to fix my tiresome and messed up makeup which the tears smudged in the car. I looked at my face to see my eyeliner all gothic like and my eyes just a tad puffy. I removed the make up and whipped out my water proof liquid eyeliner that I bought just for these kind of emergencies. I turned the faucet on and splashed water into my face just like I did for a Covergirl commercial that I filmed. I laughed at how ironic life was and all the memories of the directors trying to get a good shot of me splashing water all over myself. With that I fixed my look and walked out to the car looking refreshed as ever and ready to party.

I whipped my phone out of my blazers pocket and sent a quick text to Beckie stating that we were outside of the house. The text consisted of me ordering Beckie to turn off the music and limit all possible movement so they can jump up to surprise the boys. I'm honestly tremendously excited for this rad party and especially to see the shock and happy facial expressions on the boys faces but overall I really wanted to get out of this sickening business outfit that I've worn all day long.

Beside me Ashton and Michael were arguing and smacking the back of each others head. These boys are honestly stupid, to the point where you'll hit them and they'll probably laugh at the smack.

"Can you guys shut the hell up!" I was able to yell over they're shouting but them being themselves, continued bickering while ignoring the fact that I just screamed at them. I rolled my eyes at their stupidity and continued walking until I abruptly stopped in front of the front door.

"Why'd you stop?" Luke asked calmly.

"Just decided that my hands hurt."

"Decided?" Calum questioned.

"Decided." I confirmed. "Can you open the door for us Calum?" He nodded and opened the door but was still confused at the recent statement. I told them to enter first which half of them did, although I had to push the ones who were still bickering but now about celebrity shipments.

Right when Luke turned on the lights all of the guest who were invited for the party jumped from behind furniture, vases, whatever was in the way. This action surprised the boys who were as I thought, shocked and surprised. Even the screams earned a little jump from me.

"Congratulations!" The whole crowd cheered congrats all scattered while jumping up and clapping as if the town mayor arrived. Right after the surprise entrance the DJ, Alex, started playing tracks that I picked beforehand. The boys were all dumbfounded but elephant size smiles were plastered on their god damn cute faces.

Wait what the hell did I just say? Oh whatever loosen up Jackie, just for one night right? Yep, that's exactly what I'll do.

"So, no party huh?" Michael asked while standing in the middle of the group of boys. I laughed along with the whole group and then we continued talking among each other while drinking a few cups of club soda with a few drops of vodka.

Throughout the middle of the party I could see a few people who were already a bit buzzed up, myself not counting among those few. I still had my conscious and mind intact, it's not like I could get drunk anyways. I'm the host of the party, which is being held at my home, so I needed to make sure everything stayed intact, and everybody in order. I took a swing of my vodka and walked into the kitchen to spot Michael and Luke grabbing another cup of the delicious fizzy sweet drink from one of the waiters tray. I walked over and threw myself right in front of the two boys before they were able to reach for the drinks. Due to this action, Michael's hands awkwardly landed right on-top of my stomach and Luke's landed on my hip.

My eyes turned wide, not because of the placement of their hands but because of how drunk they were. I told the waiters to withhold all the drinks so nobody else can get anymore drunk like these two idiots but I also noticed that they're very different under a drunken behaviour.

I slid they're hands off of me and Luke mumbled a groggily sorry which almost couldn't be understood. Michael was a completely gone drunk which meant he was one that if he got drunk he would be tired. His eyes were almost closing and he was tumbling to the sides, while Luke on the other hand was a really chill yet lost drunk. He didn't know what was happening and you can tell he isn't used to this, so I grabbed him and Michael by their sides and pushed ourselves throughout the crowd and up the stairs into the hallway. I told Michael to wait for me in the hallway sitting down against the wall which he so sleepily agreed too. With that I made my way into Luke's room which he shared with Calum and helped him lay down on his bed.

"My head hurts so freakin' bad!" Luke stammered out while pulling his hand over his forehead and grumbling a few curses under his breath.

"Mhm. Go to sleep I'll be back later to check on you." With that I received a nod. I stepped back from the bed to look around the room which my father set up before they arrived at the house but it looks like they change the decorations around a bit and hanged a few of their pictures on the walls. I looked around the room once more to only see a picture that caught my attention underneath a stack of music. I looked at Luke to see him with his eyes closed so I walked over to the desk which was near the door and grabbed the picture. I studied the picture of what looked like Calum and Luke mad at each other and a beautiful brunette behind them crying her guts out.

"Stacey." I heard a voice say. I whipped around and saw that Luke looked at me as if everything was perfectly fine. It seemed as if me intruding into his business was nothing to him, although he was drunk over his heels. I nodded, said my goodbye and then exited the room.

I silently closed the door and fixed my eyes toward Michael who was passed out against the wall. His green hair was all over the place like usual but not done purposely. I approached him and slid down next to him to only nudge him so I can take him to bed. I helped him up and led him to his room which he shared with Ashton.

"You know you're really pretty." Michael blabbers on after being silent for a while.

"Really pretty stubborn." I muttered.

"Well yeah, you are, but I meant you really pretty, like gorgeous." He continued on but I felt grateful that he wasn't a flirt when he was drunk unlike his buddy Calum. I thank him (I mean when a drunk guy speaks he speaks only the truth) which caused him to suddenly stop talking after saying what he did. I repeated the same process that I did with Luke to Michael and told him I would be back to check on him later aswell. As soon as I was about to step outside back into the party I heard something coming from Michael himself.

"To bad he likes you..."

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