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Jacqueline Zeto is a singer of the age of 17 and daughter of Zachery Zeto; owner and founder of Zeto Records. Jackie's father decides to leave with an other woman to the other side of the world and leaves his teenage daughter in charge of the recording company and roommate of four members of an upcoming new band named 5 Seconds of Summer. What will her future hold with all the testosterone and hectic mess around her?


4. 3.0

I woke up to the sound of my stupid alarm ringing signaling that I had a meeting to attend at Zeto Records later in the day. I jumped off of bed and did my everyday morning routine which consisted of brushing my teeth, combing my hair, and later dressing my self in some high wasted shorts and a regular 'ol shirt. After finishing my routine I walked over to the stairs and then slid down the railing, landing in a perfect position. I smiled at how I would always do this exact move when my mother called me for breakfast every morning but, of course, stopped due to her sudden leave.


I sighed and continued my way to the kitchen to make myself my favorite breakfast smoothie; banana smoothie with a tad of whip cream dolloped on top. As I entered the kitchen, I was greeted to it full of boys, and by that I mean the boys.


Two of the boys were preparing themselves their morning breakfast while dressed in only underwear. I rolled my eyes and yelled to them to put on clothing, causing them to jump. No shocker that one of the boys was Calum while the other one was just the poor Luke, which if I may add, ran behind the island table and hid there from his nakedness. At the island table was Micheal eating spoonfuls of my Greek yogurt mixed with M&M's and chopped up Kit-Kats. I ignored the fact that he took my precious yogurt and favorite candy and walked over to the prepping station to prepare my smoothie, but while searching for a banana I couldn't find one. I turned around giving up since there was no banana but then saw Luke getting ready to plop one into his mouth. I sprinted over to Luke's location, jumped over the island kitchen and landed right on top of Luke, causing the banana to fly over the room and land on the floor right next to the entrance of the kitchen. I whipped my face back towards Luke and dazed off into his beautiful eyes. Wait, what did I just say?


A few seconds passed and I was still right on top of Luke staring into his eyes, while on the other side of the coin, Luke, was wide-eyed but holding onto one of my hands. I look around to see Micheal, and Calum looking at us with raised eyebrows so I turned back to Luke at looked at him one last time. This time he was calm and a small almost not recognizable smile was forming on his face, but me being the horrible self that I am...


"What are you looking at? Stop it!" With that, I got off of Luke and dusted the 'dirt' off of myself and walked over to where the banana landed so I could just make my delicious banana smoothie that I tremendously love.


"Oh cool, Free banana!" And just like that my banana ended up in Ashrton's mouth which would later be placed in that stupid stomach of his that he owns.


"Oh.My.Fucking.Gosh. I just tackled Luke for that damn banana, and now you just fucking eat it!" Ashton turned wide eyed and mumbled a sincere sorry right after he gave me the banana that was now three quarters of a banana, but I rejected it and gave it back. "It's been in your mouth, now keep it. Whatever, I'll just buy more." I tried to pull of a smile but failed at making it seem meaningful so I just gave up and raised my hands to my temples.


It's only day two of living with these boys, and one of them thought we were going to have sex, another accused me of having sex, and one ate my fucking banana. Oh Lord, help me if this is what it's like to live with four insane monkeys.


"So boys!" I started my speech by clapping my hands to add effect. "I have to attend a meeting at Zeto Records later in the afternoon to see if this band has enough potential so I can sign them off to the company." I looked over to them and they had a confused look on their faces. "Oh and I also heard you guys also have a meeting as-well. Look, here are some tips. First of all dress like yourselves, act like yourselves. Basically what I'm saying is, be you. Don't act too serious but neither to careless, got it?"


They nodded their heads and gave me big thumbs up just like little three year old kids would do if you ask them to make new friends at elementary school.


I couldn't believe I was stuck with these boys until hell knows when.


Now what do I drink that isn't my banana smoothie...



Hope you liked this! Just so you know I was craving a banana smoothie while writing this. Make sure to vote and follow guys!


QOTC: What's your favorite smoothie?


AOTC: Banana, duh!

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