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Jacqueline Zeto is a singer of the age of 17 and daughter of Zachery Zeto; owner and founder of Zeto Records. Jackie's father decides to leave with an other woman to the other side of the world and leaves his teenage daughter in charge of the recording company and roommate of four members of an upcoming new band named 5 Seconds of Summer. What will her future hold with all the testosterone and hectic mess around her?


3. 2.0

Eventually, Calum and I headed downstairs and met the boys there. We talked about each other and played the classic American game, "20 questions". Apparently Luke is a mama's boy -very punk rock- , note the sarcasm and is obsessed with penguins. Calum, well, is a flirt but extremely sweet. Michael apparently dies his hair whenever he feels like it and finally Ashton, well, likes to make banana bread.


Honestly, the boys all sound extremely sweet and awesome to hang out with, but acted way out of their age, and I mean under it.


Right now I was getting ready to complete the promise I made to Calum earlier when he abruptly walked into my room and showed me his moves. So I told Calum to also get ready for the great night that we were going to have together.


After finishing dressing myself up, I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door to reveal a stunning Calum in a regular old band t-shirt paired with the everyday black skinny jeans and vans.


"Am I dressed for the occasion?" Calum mumbled under his breath heavily, not seeming to be happy. I eyed him and nodded.


"Very appropriate!" I replied while rolling my eyes at his enthusiasm.


We made our way downstairs to meet Luke sitting on the couch directing his eyes to his telephone, before looking up at us. He gave a cheeky smile and waved, which I politely returned before announcing that Calum and I were going to go out. Luke quickly rose to his feet in a matter of seconds, and starting stating false statements and asking dumb questions.


"You guys are going on a date?" He blurted out with a look of shock and disbelief. "You just met him today, I mean, you met all of us today."


I rolled my eyes and stated the obvious.


"Its not a date."


"Wait, so, you mean your going to have sex?!?" Luke practically screamed out once again with disbelief in his voice.


"That's what I signed up for, and what I thought, but noo." Mumbled an annoyed yet calm Calum, which got the attention of Luke and I as we snapped our heads towards him.


"Honey! You should have known what I meant by 'a great night'." I smiled and pinched his cheek, which apparently brought a smile to his face as-well.


"What?!?!" Luke exclaimed, bringing me back to reality. "You were going to do the do?!?!"


While Luke was having his breakdown, I noticed that Michael walked into the room with a plate of some delicious looking French fries with a side of ketchup. At the sight of the delectable food, a brilliant idea popped into my head.


"Ooh!" I squealed throughout the room, gaining that attention of everyone, but Luke was still fuming in his little bubble. "I love fries Michael! Can I borrow one?" Michael nodded although you could tell he was creeped out. I grabbed a fry, dipped it into the ketchup and threw it at Luke's direction. The fry landed right under his right eye, and a huge smirk found a way towards my lips.


As Luke furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, all the others including myself were laughing our asses out. After a few seconds, Ashton walked into the room distracted by his phone. He passed by Luke but then walked back towards Luke, ripping the French fry of his face and munching it as if it was no big deal. With that he sat on the sofa and stared at us with a big grin.


I quickly grabbed Calum's hand and pulled him towards the door, making sure to pass by Luke. I whispered into his ear that I was just going bowling, which lead me to wipe the remaining ketchup off his cheek with my index finger and licking the ketchup. The look on his face was priceless. So with a smile and a pat on his cheek, Calum and I left out the door.




"I told you we were going to have a great night!" A smirk plastered unto my face, which I noticed I've been doing lately since the boys arrived.


"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Calum said followed by a chuckle and a smile. "Sorry about earlier today. I was kind of, you know, drunk."


I could see his frown under the strobing lights in the bowling alley, and instantly felt that something was exactly right in his part. I approached him and laid a hand on his broad shoulder to try to comfort him.


"It's all right, it wasn't bad anyways." I smirked once again at my comment but let another one slip from my lips as I let go of his shoulder.


"So now I know your horny when your a drunk."



Hope you liked the third chapter, and if you thought what Luke thought then Shame On You!!! Lol, just kidding. Make sure to vote and follow! Enjoy lovelies!


QOTC: Don't Stop or 18?


AOTC: Can't chose! But Luke's cocky laugh at the end of 18 is ♥

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