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Jacqueline Zeto is a singer of the age of 17 and daughter of Zachery Zeto; owner and founder of Zeto Records. Jackie's father decides to leave with an other woman to the other side of the world and leaves his teenage daughter in charge of the recording company and roommate of four members of an upcoming new band named 5 Seconds of Summer. What will her future hold with all the testosterone and hectic mess around her?


2. 1.0

My dad left about ten minutes ago and for that time I've been sulking naked on top of my bed. I decided to get my mind off of the recent situation and wrapped my towel once again around my bare body. I made my way towards the walk in closet but stopped once I heard voices outside in the hallway. Well let the hectic mess I call my life begin.


"You think this is the room?"


"I don't know, try it."


The doorknob slightly turned which then revealed the for Aussies dressed in graphic tees with black skinny jeans, while I was still dressed in just my fluffy white cotton towel.


"Well hello there." A smirk made its way to my mouth but quickly retracted once spotting the shocked expression on the boys face. Well except for one going by the name of Calum.




"Close the damn door!"


"So sorry!"


"Hey babe!"


I scrunched my nose in disgust of how this boy had the guts to call me babe right on the spot without even knowing me, but I let it slip by and ignored it. The one with the colored hair of a bright green color, spiked everywhere quickly closed the door by slamming it but before the door could close I caught it with my foot which hurt like shit but didn't show the pain at all. I opened the door and the boys where standing there awkwardly looking everywhere but at me, once again except for the one that goes by the name of Calum. I raised my eyebrows at the boy but then directed my view to the other three boys, who were still standing there awkwardly trying not to look my way. I sighed and decided I wasn't going to get anywhere with these boys if I didn't start talking myself.


"Look, your guys room are those over there." I pointed to some doors that were on the other side of the hallway, behind the boys tall figures. "One room for each of you guys. Oh, and don't worry about furniture or anything like that. My father especially remodeled the rooms for each of you guys." As I finished talking the Asian looking guy which was Calum walked with out permission into my room. "Or you can just come in? Okay, uh, go to your rooms. Pick whichever, I'll deal with this one, Calum right?" The boys nodded and left towards their rooms after I closed the door.


I eyed Calum sensing that he was harmless since at the moment he was on the bed just laying there. So with that I made my way to my walk-in closet and picket out a shirt matched with jean shorts and a pair of Chuck Taylor's. As I walked out, I layed my outfit for tommarows Zeto Records meeting.


While sitting down on the bed, I feel Calum get up from it but I don't really pay attention since I'm concentrated on the outfit. All of the sudden I feel something hard against my back, including a bit of slow movements. I automatically knew from the top of my head what it was.


I slowly turn around as if I was going to play along with Calum's 'dance', but instead I grabbed him by the waist and hugged him, making sure he stopped his movements. He let out a whimper, and I let out a chuckle at the sound of him begging and being upset by this.


"We'll continue this tonight." He growled in a low raspy yet seductive tone.


"We'll have a great night." I stated.


Oh god, if he only knew...



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