So,hi,I'm Crest,and I've been assigned to tell you about this story(my creator is crazy). So,I suppose I can start with Echo. She's this other-wordly ,blank faced girl who likes to stare at me because I'm handsome.

*Echo pulls his ear*

Ow! Anyway.. she's from a different world than the modern one I live in. And one day,I find her naked lying on the floor of my old secret hangout spot. Then awesome stuff happens that leads to migraines and our bonding and something happens *wiggles eyebrow* then another thing happens and we try to take down the goverment of the Under-World.

This is not your usual Dystopian, I can assure you that.

WARNING: BEAUTIFULLY DESCRIBED NAKED SCENES AHEAD (but don't worry,there are no sexual interactions,yet)
Gorgeous cover made by me (I have no shame)


6. To Believe,or Not To Believe.


"Your government is a lie."

That sentence has to be a lie. It's words entered my brain through my ears,swimming around the tunnels bumping walls and poisoning it with the thought that there's a slight possibility that those words are true.

"Ten hundred years ago,"  The old man continued. "A man named Giles invented a simple,human like trash picking robot."

"These robots roamed the streets of the world picking up all the rubbish humans have selfishly threw to the ground. One day, a robot went haywire,it seemed like someone had inserted a  virus inside it.The virus spread around the robot's bionic body,spilling human like thoughts into its bionic brain.That robot started walking freely,out of the program's control.It went to robot to robot reprogramming nearly 40% of the robots before the humans took action. The humans destroyed most robots,until only 3% of these robots left. The leader took these 3% and disappeared. A year later, the robots' ultimate plan started,kidnappings and murder everywhere!"

I gasped. Even though I understood about only half of what he was saying,his words..they made sense.No, they didn't make sense but I somehow received the emotions of the words:panic,sadness,the loss of hope. The old man's voice was like a companion to the emotions,pushing them out ,making them noticeable. His voice was deep and hypnotizing, scary yet sweet, darkness and fruit.

"But then it settled down again,the killings,the kidnapping stopped.The terror stopped, and humanity was at peace again. Surprisingly with all the news about the terror,only 0.5% of humans were gone.This was the work of the robots. The robots hid and dug,and dug and dug until they have made a  cave as big as a whole country. They stole material from the humans,mostly metal and built buildings dotting the cave with them. It was extraordinary,what these few robots can do. They brainwashed these humans with rules to follow,fake memories of 'the ones' before them. In a decade,nearly all these buildings were filled.Half of them with adults and the other half with children.Children,teenagers just,like,you."

"Don't you ever wonder,boy where did you come from? Didn't you ever wonder what was on the other side of the fence, Have you ever wondered why above you are dark rocks? Don't you ever wonder who built these buildings,the dwellings,the school,the  Transfer Centre? Don't you ever wonder who is it that made the rules,the schedules?"

These words swam faster and desperately than the words before. These questions bringing up memories of questions that brought the painful sounds of hand smacking from the Educators and Proprietors. I have wondered,I have asked myself these questions.

I looked into the old man's eyes without  the immediate urge of looking away.His  wondrous eyes stared back,blank of all emotion ,maybe a sparkle of happiness by my exception of him.

"My boy, it is those robots who control everything here.It is robots that are in the middle of our web of humanity."

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