So,hi,I'm Crest,and I've been assigned to tell you about this story(my creator is crazy). So,I suppose I can start with Echo. She's this other-wordly ,blank faced girl who likes to stare at me because I'm handsome.

*Echo pulls his ear*

Ow! Anyway.. she's from a different world than the modern one I live in. And one day,I find her naked lying on the floor of my old secret hangout spot. Then awesome stuff happens that leads to migraines and our bonding and something happens *wiggles eyebrow* then another thing happens and we try to take down the goverment of the Under-World.

This is not your usual Dystopian, I can assure you that.

WARNING: BEAUTIFULLY DESCRIBED NAKED SCENES AHEAD (but don't worry,there are no sexual interactions,yet)
Gorgeous cover made by me (I have no shame)


2. Quiet People And Their Obsession With Murder


They were talking about 'Hide and Seek' when i awoke.I was usually never included in their scandalous game plays but...

"Hey Echo,wanna join?" his voice was one I heard many times,but it still surprised me for I have never heard it in that tone,rhythm nor..emotion.

"Seriously?" Her voice was stating the obvious, "Why would you invite her?"

I ignored them.It was the best route to go down. I got up and grabbed a towel from the rack and headed towards the bathroom,leaving that slimy,bitchy voice to yab away at the kind,curious voice about 'the horror of me and what accidents I could cause.

This happens once in a while,Jason would try to convince everyone in the 'Box' that I'm not a complete freak and Quisha would talk about quiet people and their obsession with murder.

Yes,Quisha,I would love to murder you someday,murder you off your over self confidence at least.

Fluorescent lights highlight every angle and nook on my body as I enter the Changing Compound. I strip off my night dressings and stepped into the square room of pouring water as rain like as it goes.The water is warm and falls softly against my bare pale skin. The bathrooms are meant for sharing but i prefer to wake up later than the rest and take baths on my own. The peace of the sounds of the rain like showers and the lack of chit-chattering is a luxury to me. The soft foam of soap bubbles out onto my head and my hand reaches up to scrub it. 

The bathrooms are made uniquely with luminous squares on the tiled floor to display our names on them.We stand on our squares and the timed gears work their mechanical magic to dispense the foam, soaped body sponges and rain-showers at the right time.This,is how the bathrooms of the Propriety Era work.

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