So,hi,I'm Crest,and I've been assigned to tell you about this story(my creator is crazy). So,I suppose I can start with Echo. She's this other-wordly ,blank faced girl who likes to stare at me because I'm handsome.

*Echo pulls his ear*

Ow! Anyway.. she's from a different world than the modern one I live in. And one day,I find her naked lying on the floor of my old secret hangout spot. Then awesome stuff happens that leads to migraines and our bonding and something happens *wiggles eyebrow* then another thing happens and we try to take down the goverment of the Under-World.

This is not your usual Dystopian, I can assure you that.

WARNING: BEAUTIFULLY DESCRIBED NAKED SCENES AHEAD (but don't worry,there are no sexual interactions,yet)
Gorgeous cover made by me (I have no shame)


3. A Party Of Honor


I was in the calming process of scrubbing the soft,creamy foam all over my hair when Jason walked in.He was fully clothed and standing as far to the side as possible.I was standing right in the middle of the bathroom where my square was,hands up,foam filled hair and my pale naked body bare in all it's glory.



My conscience is stubborn. It controlled my legs-despite my protest- and led me away from the group,back into the dwelling and towards a certain square room which I'm pretty sure was occupied by a certain nonsocial person.My conscience led my feet but my heart was not willing to follow as calmly and quietly as my footsteps.It did not thud-thud it's usually beat but boom-boom-boomed instead. My heart was in for the excitement,my feet were following orders,my brain...well,my brain was tying to resist but the curiosity constantly bribed it with great outcomes.

When I entered the room, my brains did not receive the promised great outcomes,not all of them anyway.Echo's eyes widened in surprise. Regret and guilt immediately flushed over me in a wave,but my feet,still being puppetered,continued moving.My conscience led me to the side of the room,close to the wall.It made my eyes stay on Echo.Her hands were up and was in the middle of scrubbing her head,her usual bright copper hair is now a dark rusty red and covered in clouds of white foam.Her face-usually looking at the ground and covered by a curtain of her hair- was high on her neck letting the lights play with the beauty of her features.

Her eyes shone gold and curiously scared,her eyebrows perfectly arched high on her freckled forehead. Her nose,long and straight posing gracefully in the center of attention,her lips pink and doll-like slightly parted in surprise.

Recovering from the shock of Echo's beautiful face,my eyes moved down towards her body.Her skin was nearly as white as the fallen foam on her body.Her collarbone was straight and perfectly aligned.Her breasts perky and supple resting on her chest. Her waist small and thin,her legs long and slightly muscular.

I felt a party of honor to be able to see Echo at her full glory.She registered my presence and her body went stiff.Then her angelic display ended. In a shower of fresh water.

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