The Assassin's Daughter

Alyssa is the Assassin's Daughter. She's starved and abused til she runs away from her father and his mobs. That's when she meets Team Crafted. Their world's get turned upside down from that point on.
(BajanCanadian (Mitch) Love Story)
(**I know Team Crafted split up, but it just makes for such an awesome story, that I couldn't resist. Plus, it's like they are all together again**)


1. Chapter 1

 ~Alyssa's P.o.V.~
    The rain came down hard, my clothes were  soaked through. I hugged the little bag to me. They bags itself was waterproof so everything inside is dry. Through the rain, I see a castle up ahead. It looks like that castle in the scary stories that my Daddy used to tell me when I was younger. 
    An arrow landed next to my feet. My body grew stiff as I heard the clank of a moving skeleton. The sound grew louder and louder. I ran to the castle and pounded on the door. Arrows landed next to me until one hit my lower back. 
    I pounded on the door as I felt the sudden pain in my back. "Let me in! Please!" No answer. I twisted the door knob; open. I got in and slammed the door behind me. I touched my lower back and winced. 
    "Who's there?" A voice asked coming towards me. I heard six, maybe seven sets of feet coming towards me. The guy in front had a golden sword. Behind him others held swords or axes. Stone, iron, or diamond. Everything aimed at me. Then they saw the arrow in my back. 
    "M-my name i-is Alyssa. I-I'm just r-really c-c-cold and really hungry. I'm a-also in a-a lot o-of p-pain." I choked out, tears mixing with raindrops. As they rolled down my face and into my mouth, I tasted the sweet saltiness of tears. The taste I usually get when Daddy beats me. The salty taste of tears. 
    The one with the golden sword broke the silence, "Get her to the infirmiry." 
~Time Skip; Two Hours Later~ 
    I woke up with a massive headache and an ache in my back. I looked around at the white room. Infirmiry? Probably. I tried to sit  up, but my shoulders were pushed back down, I didn't object, my back hurt to much. 
    "Alyssa?" A voice asked as someone proped up my pillows and I could see seven guys in front of me. I nodded. "Alyssa, can we ask you some questions?" It was the one with the golden sword from earlier. I nodded again. 
    "W-what are your names?" I ask quietly. 
    "I'm Adam, but you can call me Sky." The golden sword guy said looking around at the other guys. 
    They go around in a circle, "Ian." One says, I look at the next guy. 
    Next is a guy who isn't bad looking, "Oh." He wasn't paying attention, "Mitch." He smiled at me. 
    Soon eveyone's attention was back on Sky. "Okay, Alyssa, what's your last name." I thought about that. I don't have one. I never really thought about or cared for a last name. I didn't care because I knew it would be Daddy's last name. I shook my head. 
    "You don't know your last name?" Sky asked curiously. 
    I look up and nod playing with my hoodie strings. I bit my lip as the next question rolled in. Everything I tried to forget when I ran away, came back. 
    "Tell us about your past." Sky said, not demanding, but like he didn't give me a choice. I bit my lip and looked at each of the guys, ending with Mitch. He was already looking at me. He blushed and looked away. 
    "I-I'm the Assassin's Daughter." I said with little confidence. No one speaks, I keep going. "He paid more attention to his mobs he was creating rather than me. If he gave me any attention, he was beating me for being useless." Tears welled up in my eyes, "I ran away in the middle of the night. Exactly one week ago." 
    "What was your reason for running away? I mean other than getting beaten." Sky asked, not showing any response to me being the Assassin's Daughter. 
    "I was hungry. I was scared." I said quietly, but just loud enough for them to hear what I just said. Sky bit his lip thinking about this. I sighed. They'd either  kill me or kick me out. I looked down at my hands then up at the others, they all had sympathetic looks on their faces and I shook my head. "No. Stop. Don't feel sorry. I already know I don't deserve what happened tp me."  I mumbled. 
    They all nod, and we sit in silence for a while. "When you say hungry, d-" 
    "My father starved me." I said, I looked over at Sky, 80 pounds last time I was able to check. Danger Zone. I tried to break the habbits the past week, but I couldn't. I starved myself now because my father forced the habit into me. 
    "Are you hungry?" Sky ask me. 
    Yes. "No." I shook my head. 
    "When you came in you said you were hungry." Sky said looking at me raising both eyebrows at me. I let out a small breath with a bit of laughter in it. 
    "I was delusional from blood loss." I mumbled crossing my arms. "I've had access to food, you know." 
    "How did you get your food if you ran away?" Sky asked, "Beside's not many people would take in the Assassin's Daughter." 
    "I hunted for my food." I said and smiled a tad, "I'm the Assassin's Daughter, remember?" I asked tilting my head to the side. They all nod and I lay back down and close my eye and pretend to sleep. I thought everyone was gone, but when I open my eyes, I see Mitch next to me. I sigh. "Why are you still here?" I didn't say it rudely, I was just curious. 
    "Sky told me to watch you, and to make sure that you ate when you 'woke up'." He added finger quotes around 'woke up'. I looked at him funny trying to lie my way out of this. 
    "What's with the finger quotes?" I asked him curiously. 
    "Oh come on, Alyssa. You were so obviously faking it. Faking the sleeping and faking the thing about your food!" Mitch said handing me a blueberry muffic. There was a look of hurt on his face. Like it hurt him that I hadn't been eating. 
    "I'm no-" 
    "Eat it, Alyssa. Just eat it. You know you want to." Mitch said unwrapping the muffin for me then handing it to me, along with a napkin. 
    I do. "No, I don't." I said shaking my head trying to head him the muffin, but he refused to take it. I sighed and slowly bit into it. My father's voice scolding me about being a useless nobody. I took one bite and just starred at the muffin. 
    What would Daddy say if he saw me now. Saw me eating. Saw me smiling. He would have likes the part where I nearly died from blood loss. It was his mobs that did that. I sighed at the thoought and finished the muffin. 
    "Better?" Mitch asks with a smile. 
    I nod, "Thank you." I lay back down and get some actual sleep. As I fall asleep, I hear Mitch's footsteps leave the room. I'm tempted to wake and leave, but sleep won't let me go. It's holding me down, but I didn't care. 

~Mitch's P.oV.~
    I walked into the living room, where the others were and sat down next to Jerome. They were all talking about Alyssa when I walked in. 
    "She starves herself!" Sky argued with Ian. 
    "Because her father forced that awful habit into her." I yell at them, "Don't you guys see that she wants to eat. Her father trained her to not want food. To feel useless. She needs help." I lower my voice towards the end and everyone's starring at me. 
    "Did you get her to eat?" Ian asks forgetting his arguement with Sky. I nod. Everyone relaxes in their seats a little. I agree. It's a relief. A big one. 
    "She just needs a little help." Sky says. We all nod, "We are all going to help her." He tells us rather than asking if we want to. Obviously we all do. "She probably shouldn't be alone. Um..Jerome, bunk with Ian. Mitch, Alyssa will bunk with you." 
    I nod. "Is she going to stay in the infirmiry for much longer?" I asked Sky, hoping my egarness didn't show. 
    "Just until her back is mosdtly healed." Sky nods. 
    I grin. Little did I know, that this night, was the start of something huge. I don't think anyone else knew what we had in store for our selves. What we just got mixed up in. The people we were about to met. No one knew that our fate would be this. Or that this was just the start...

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