18 people were kidnapped from various places around the world and dropped off in Antarctica. They were left with a small amount of needed supplies: water, food, etc. Whoever survives the whole 80 days would get a simple prize: to go back home.


1. Snowy Dreams


New Version


"Found her!"

"Grab her now before the careers get them!"

I felt 2 big hands grab my arms and drag me, through something soft and cold.

Then my eyes fling open, revealing a snowy landscape of mountains and valleys, with a thick topping of snow

"Whe-re am I?" I stutter, trying to adjust to the bright sun.

"Antarctica." a woman's voice yelled

"St-o-p  dragging me!" I yell, flailing my arms around. The two hands released from my arms, letting me fall into the fluff of snow.

I close my eyes, I didn't want this to be happening. I am in Antarctica, freaking Antarctica. I picture my boyfriend at home, watching Game of Thrones and eating popcorn while complaining about dinner. I missed them and I don't even know why I am here but I know it is not a good thing. I open them back up to see four faces in my face.

One black woman, tall, green eyes and brown hair in a ponytail that is creeping onto her shoulder, a tall white man, golden hair and bushy mustache green eyes,with what I assume is a natural scowl,a small boy, with brown hair, brown eyes who had freckles on his cheek that is in a shape of a heart and a white girl, about 18, black hair and blue eyes with a tattoo of the name Ricky.

"Do you think she remembers anything?" the little boy asks, prodding at my face with his finger.

"I remember nothing!!" I yell, making the little boy fall down. He is a jumpy one

"David!" the girl shrieks, falling to the ground next to him, brushing his hair.

"Chill Jessie, she just scared him." the man grumbled, with a weirdly deep voice that doesn't match his face.

The black woman held her hand out. I looked  at her hand and then back at her, and then her hand. I raised my held and grasped onto her palm, which was as cold as ice.

She pulled to up to my feet, letting me fall into her shoulders.

I didn't know why, but then tears started falling from my eyes.

"Why am I-I crying?" I whisper, wiping them away from my cold cheek.

I lifted my head my the woman's shoulder and looked back to see three pairs of eyes staring at me. 

"What?" I cry out, wiping the tears away from my eyes.

"It's just..." the girl starts. "I'm Jessie." She holds her hand out, her bare arm shivers in the cold wind. I slowly reach my hand out for hers, lightly shaking her hand before pulling my hand back quickly.

"Couple questions, one, who are the careers? Why am I in Antarctica? and why does my head hurt like hell!" I whine, slamming my palm onto my forehead which was throbbing.

They all look at each other and then back at me. The black woman started to speak.

"I'm Abby, the careers are the other 5 people who got dropped here built a gang, swearing to kill anyone in there way to survive. We named them careers after those characters in the Hunger Games." Janis smiles, the quickly goes back to her emotionless expression. Janis points to the bearded man, signaling for him to explain my next question.

"I am James, you have been selected to compete in what we call the Hunger Games: Frozen edition. 18 people all over the world have been kidnapped and placed here in Antarctica and for what reason? WHO KNOWS?!" James's yells, throwing his hand up in the air. 

"James, shhh." Janis shushs, putting her finger to her lips, showing a shiny, diamond ring. 

"Oh and your head hurts like hell because they had to bash your head through to get you here without a fight!" James screams, raising his fists in the air.

"James! I am going to tell you again, SHUT UP!" Janis hushes, raising her hand to her ear.

"MUSH! MUSH!" a loud, husky voice yelled.

Jessie quickly jumped up.

"James, you did it again, we lost Ricky last time you freaked, and if we lose David, I am killing you, and that is a promise!" she whispers, pulling David up from the snow. Ricky.. that name that was on Jessie's arm? I guess that wasn't a good question to ask at such a time.

"We have to go now before the careers catch us." Janis grabs my wrist pulls me toward the forest. 

"What about the others?" I stumble as I get pulled down what looked like a path, many people used before. We ran for maybe 5 minutes before Janis shrieked to a stop, waiting for the other to catch up.

"So you said the careers was a gang of five correct?" I ask, slowly catching my breath.

"Yes.." Janis replied, gesturing the three to hurry up.

"But there is only four of you, which equal nine, so where is the other nine?"

Janis looks back at me.

"We don't know, dropped off randomly around this whole continent, supposed most of them died,maybe some are still traveling around, some they never woke up in time before freezing to death and others, eaten alive and some... died, we were in a group with them, and as far as we know there is about 15 left." Janis looked down at her ring and back up to me.

 "We barely got to you in time, we saw a plane and a body slowly fall to the ground. We timed and you have an average of  4 hours before freezing to the bone. It nearly took us three hours to get to you, and man, was it hard, chased by polar bears, lost a few members, Ricky and Annie." Janis smiled, she then looked down at her boot, her smile turned into a frown. I looked down also to see it splattered with blood. Just before I could say anything the three ran next us.

"Where were you!" Janis yelped, shoving James backwards.

"Career's dogs were sniffing us out, we had to cover our scent." he pointed to his feet. Both boots were gone, and all that was left was his bare feet.

"Got any socks?" Janis snapped.

"He had to leave those behind!" David and Jessie snorted. 

"Knock it off! We have to keep going! and James, go check if you can get your socks and boots, you will die within hours." Janis orders, slapping James's arm and pointing toward where we came from.

James slaps David's arm and they both run down the path.

Jessie stood there silently, swaying back and forth.

"So, where were you when they kidnapped you?" I ask, looking down at the ground. 

"With my boyfriend, we were watching movies and I suppose I fell asleep." she whimpers, hanging her head down.

"What about you?" I ask Janis who looked sad.

"On the train, with my husband, all I remember was getting hit in the head with something hard." she says quietly, looking back at her wedding ring.

I continued to look down at my shoes. They were converse, red. 

Twenty awkward moments went by before Jessie started talking.

"So did you look through your backpack?" She smiles, pulling the backpack off her shoulders. I shook my head. I never felt a backpack on me, what is she talking about. I reach my hand to my shoulder. Yup, there it was, the feeling of thick, velcro material, that was not my shirt.

"I didn't know I had a backpack." I laugh, pulling it off my shoulders.

It was big and white, for the reason I am guessing to camouflage with the snow. I slowly unzip it to reveal a number of things.

Three bags of trail mix, 2 water bottles that were frozen solid, a pair of boots and socks, black gloves, a sweatshirt, a thermal blanket, what I think are night vision glasses, a small black thing that looked like a gps, a gun, fully loaded and a knife .

"Whoah! Janis, she got night vision glasses and a tracker!" Jessie shrieked in happiness.  She fell to her knees and started digging through the rest of my pack, she searched the front pockets. Janis also got to her knees and grabbed what I guess was the tracker.

"You got some good stuff, I am guessing they think you could win." Janis mumbled, turning the tracker on.

"Win what?" I look up to Janis who was playing around with the tracker.

"Whoever wins, or who doesn't die, they get to go home." Jessie blankly says, setting the night vision glasses down.

"Ricky, was, m-y boyfriend. I guess they took him because he was a witness and they couldn't risk that he would tell the police." Jessie whimpers, tears falling down her face. She wiped her tears and went back to searching my backpack.

"What about Annie, who was she?" I ask, opening a frozen water bottle

"Annie was 23, she was from California, she said she was going to be a movie star, she already got a part as Natasha Romanoff younger self, but she uhhh, she died to save David's life, jumped right in front of a polar bear." Janis laughed, then frowned.

"Find anything else useful?" Janis changed the subject.

"Yeah, a thermometer, a key, and metal detector, and another knife." Jessie puts each one down in front of Janis.

"They must really like you." Janis smiles shoving everything back in the pack besides the tracker. After she zips it back up, I sling it back over my shoulder.

"Beep Beep Beep." the tracker alarms us. 

"What is it Janis?" Jessie jumps up, pulling out her pocket knife.

"Just David and James." She flips it over to see the names David and James above 2 stick figure people. 

"JEEESSSIEE!!" a high pitched shrieks, coming from down the path

"ANDY!!" Jessie screams, running after the noise.

Me and Janis look at each other and then jumped up. Janis runs after Jessie as I re-pack my backpack. I sling it over my left shoulder and then I chase after both of them. By the time I got there Jessie's head was rested on a little boy's chest, sobbing. Janis was squatted next to her, smoothing her hair and telling her it was going to be alright.

"David?" I ask, hoping it was not because that little boy was adorable.

"Andy.." Janis says, pointing to Jessie and back to the boy and mouths

"Brother." I nod my head. Jessie's brother. Jessie had some rotten luck.

I slowly pass Jessie and Janis to see another blood trail reaching over a small hill. I didn't know if I should look over but something told me it was important.

I put my hands at the top and pull myself up to see something that was more important than someone dead because our friends were going to die

"Guys!" I shout, waving them over. Janis pats Jessie and helps her up. They both walk over. I point over the edge and they both look over.

Janis pulls out her gun and I pulled out my knife, and Jessie pulls out her...

taser? We both climb over. There was about a pack of wolves surrounded James and David and they weren't exactly armed. Just before Janis climbs over the hill a wolf lunges at James. Making him screech in pain.


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