On The Road Again

"You just need trust."

Sometimes people come into your life, to help you grow, learn and move forward with your past self. Sometimes that's all they're there for, just for those simple things.

Sometimes they don't stay, sometimes they do.

Maybe it's time Braelynn let go.


12. Stage Fright

"Now, where were we?" Simon clapped his hands together. Everyone was quiet, mouths dropped and trying to comperhend what had just happened. "Ah yes, the contract." He opened up an orange envople, sort of like the one the bottle-blonde had, only thicker. He pulled out a huge wod of stapled papers, sliding them my way.

My hands caught it, looking through a few of the pages. "Is there anything in here that I need to know, like any 'fine print' details you would like to tell me?" I pursed my lips, crossed my legs and looked up from the papers and to Simon who had a smirk on his face.

"I like the way you've developed, Braelynn. No longer the small town girl who doesn't know what she's doing. Good mother, yeah?" He nodded to Niall.

"The best." Niall smiled and squeezed my hands. 

"But no, I've made it myself, it's basically the same as last time, just this time you're getting paid." I was taken back, really? I didn't get paid for the last time and I didn't expect to make money off this, thought I was doing it for the fans?

"Really." Is all I say and Simon nods.

"Same amount as the boys, it's being split." And they're being fair about the makings. Nice. "The European tour made a little over 200 million dollars, so we figured the Ireland part of it made about 750,000 dollars, which is being split by six." I'm impressed. He cracked his knuckles, leaning back in his chair. "Now, last time you went on tour we understand that there was some sort of misunderstanding between you and Harry. Hopefully that's settled and over with, so it won't hurt anyone's performances." 

I scuffed, looking at Harry. "Ew no, if he's going, count me out." I slammed the pen on the table. Everyone looked at me, "I was told Harry was quitting, that's the only reason why I came." 

"I'm only quitting because of your shitty attitude." Harry said and crossed his arms, not looking at me. 

I didn't think we made it that believable? "Well." Simon said, looking between us two. 

Harry and I looked at each other, bursting out laughing. "We're kidding!" We both said. "He just had a crush on me and felt intimidated by me, right?" I joked, slapping his chest lightly.

"Yeah, it defiantly wasn't your attitude." He joked back, I called him an ass and then we carried on. I couldn't help but notice how much hotter Niall's hand became on mine. Was he jealous? The thought made me smirk, he can feel what I felt, I wouldn't have a problem with that. 

"So, it's done. Going on tour won't affect either of you? Correct." 

"Nope." We said together.  "I just have one question." I said, raising my hand slightly. Simon nodded for me to continue. "My kids, they're allowed to come right?" 

"Yes, I was going to ask the same thing." Niall spoke out. "Not on the tour, like stay in the hotel and travel with us, but come up for a show here and there?" 

"Of course, as longas they're supervised and not running around. We love the Horan Twins." Simon smiled. "But your kids are extremely well behaved, so I don't see any issues in that whatsoever." 

"You should see them at home." Niall laughed to himself.

"Yeah, you should too." I said while nose deep in signing my name on all the dotted lines. I hummed to myself as I heard some of the people put their fist to their mouths to try and keep their laughs to themsevles. I just hummed to myself as I knew I made a strong statement. 

I looked up after finishing and Simon was blinking, I feel like he knows he did wrong in allowing such a thing to happen. "Again, like I said, nothing happened, and it's over." He coughed to himself, I just nodded. I was getting over it, just the fact that someone could do that to my family and I? And not to mention the tension that was building after every time Simon said 'nothing happened'. It was like everyone had a dirty little secret, Niall would put his head down a little lower, Harry would lower his body into his seat and whenever I looked at any of the other boys, they wouldn't make eye contact with me. 

Sucks for me, I guess. "When do I start?" I asked, extremely excited but seriously nervous at the same time. 

"Belfast, tonight, can you be packed on the plane within four hours?" I laughed, nodding my head. "Simon, I've been ready for concrects within twenty, I've got this." I said and shook his hand, althought I wanted to punch his face in,but hey, live and let go. 

"You ready?" Zayn asked me, I shrugged. "You've preformed with us during that interview, I'm sure you'll do fine." He smiled, rubbing my back. I leaned into him, he put his arm around me and hugged me. Zayn was always like an older brother to me, anytime I needed advice or help with something, he was the first I called. 

"I just haven't actually put on a full preformance in forever. "



"Wait." Alec said, starring between Niall and I. "He basically cheated on you, and now you're going on tour with him?" Our kids are never, ever, ever allowed to Google or search anything about the boys or their father, but I guess the tension just got to them. Alec stormed in here after getting dropped off from school by Maura and as soon as he seen Niall, he lost it. Ciara ran in after him, screaming at us 'is it true? Is it true?' 

"Not how it happened." Niall said, not able to look Alec in the eye. Alec was death starring at . him, waiting for him to explain himself. "It was fake, nothing actually happened." He said, gulping down his dry throat. 

"Fucking whore." Ciara muttered, looking down and shaking her head. I tried so hard to hold my laugh back, she's defiantly my daughter. 

"Ciara!" Niall shouted at her. "You don't talk like that."

"So nwo you're defending her?" Alec spoke up. It was so weird to see my kids acting like this, usually Alec's quiet and just sits back to observe. Ciara's such a daddy's girl it's odd to see her speak against Niall. 

"No, I'm not defending anyone." Niall growled, putting his hand on his forehead. He's clearly frustrated, I think explaining this to his children was the last thing he wanted to do. "What I'm saying is,there'sno need of anyone being mad,nothing happened, nothing is ever going to happen and your mum is going on the rest of the tour with us." He rushed out. 

"And your guys have a choice to stay with Uncle Greg, or your grandmother." I smiled at them.

"UNCLE GREG!" Ciara screamed. Alec rolled his eyes, "no, you only want to stay at Greg's because of Theo. We'll stay at nan's please." Alec told us, making me giggle.

"Theo?" Niall looked at me. 

"She has a huge crush on Theo." I whispered to him. He looked at me, blinking a few times. "She does know that Theo's almost 16, Greg's boy, her first cousin?"  I just giggled again, I think it's kind of cute. 

"I'm sorry for what I put any of you through, Ciara baby, your teeth are already looking so much more straighter." He said to her, she blushed. "The Ireland tour isn't that long, a few of the Cities got canceled, so that will take some time from it. You both are more than welcome to join any of the concrets you'd like, as long as your grades aren't effected." 

"School's over next week isn't it?" I asked, Ciara nodded. "June 28th." Alec said. 

"Perfect." Niall smiled and Ciara got up, walking over to Niall and accepting his opened  arms. "I love you, all of you." He told us, pulling Alec and I into him and hugging us. "The only thing that can't happen, is you two can't stay with us in the hotels, that's the only thing I wish I could let happen, but it can't." He informed them.  "You can fly, or drive, depending on how close and if someone wants to actually drive that far." 

"And you can choose when you want to come, it doesn't have to be every night. This is just an option because we're going to be away for a little bit." I explained to them
"I wanna see mummy preform!" Ciara said, jumping around the living room.

"Well," Niall said; looking at his watch. "You have about twenty minuets to get ready, so let's hurry." And with that, we all got up, I packed, the kids changed out of their uniforms and Niall grabbed my bags for me. We all met in the kitchen before walking  out to the car, Niall driving and I hopped in the passenger side. "Is mummy good?" Ciara asked, Niall laughed, making me hit him in chest.

"From what I rememeber, yes, her vocals are beautiful. As for her dancing, we'll have to see."

"You're going to dance, mum?" She asked me, I laughed and nodded. "Maybe." I shrugged. 

We soon arrived at the airport, the kids jumped out of the SUV whenever they seen the other boys. "Uncle Zayn!" Ciara screamed, then Liam and Louis. She lost it whenever she seen Harry walk out of the plane. "Uncle Harry!" It made me turn my head at the screeching sound she made, Harry cringed whenever she screamed at him, but laughed it off. Alec was just as excited to see 'uncle Harry' as they both ran at him. He caught both of them, impressive. 

"Hey!" Harry said. "Haven't seen either of you in a few, how have you been?"  He asked them, meanwhile I was being greeted by the other boys. "Alright, let's go. We have to be at the venue in an hour." Harry yelled to us and I gave my suitcases to the man and he loaded it on to the plane. I sighed, taking in deep breaths and sitting down. The kids stayed with Harry. He laid on the couch on the jet and pulled Ciara up with him so she was on the inside laying her head on his chest. Alec got up by his feet, putting a pillow on the arm of the couch and Harry pulled a blanket over all of them. It didn't take long for them all to fall asleep.

I took a photo, sending it to twitter. "They missed their 'Uncle' Harry." I laughed as I posted it. Not even a few moments later people were blowing my twitter up, asking why I was with the boys, why I was with Niall, or asking if I was even with Niall. I just them go at it, and eventually, they came up with their own ideas. They concluded that I was going to watch the concret in Belfast. 

"Please put your seat belts on as we are getting ready for land." Harry  slowly awoke, buckling Alec in and then buckling Ciara in with himself before laying back down. The turoblance was bad due to rain, sounded like the plane was being attacked by shot guns.  We landed moments later and you could see the fans in the windows, it freaked me out to say the least. One thing Niall and I agreed on was that we didn't want our kids photographed, even by the fans, unless asked for. 

"Do you have her?" I asked him and he nodded, Harry passed Ciara to Niall and I grabbed Alec. "Put this over your head, and don't look up okay? There's going to be a bunch of flashes and you don't  want that, understand?" I said to both of them and they nodded their heads. Niall put his coat over Ciara and Liam was really nice to give Alec his, stopping me from putting mine over him, he said I would freeze. So cute. 

Alec was a heavy boy, and we had to run and I couldn't carry him while running. Harry ran up to me and grabbed him from me as he noticed me struggling a little bit. Alec was fine with that, he liked how strong Harry was.  As I looked up at the sky and seen that the rain was getting heavier, I felt bad for the fans that would be waiting outside at the venue. But I scowled at the people who were trying to run my kids down just to get photos with us, they didn't seem to care that Niall and Harry were both shouting that they had one of the twins with them, because they kept trying to shove phones in their faces. 

We got to the venue fast, seeing as though we didn't have much time to play with anyway. I was pissed to see fans standing in the rain while the workers stood under tents. "Take the kids inside, I have to deal with something." I treated the fans like I treated my own kids. I walked over to the workers, screaming for them to get a tent built around the people outside. "They're getting soaked! You're standing under a tent and you're getting paid, and the ONLY reason why you're getting paid is because of THEM!" I screamed. 

They didn't say anything, only because they knew I was right. 

All the fans cheered for me while I walked back into the building, cringing at the smell of the place. I breathed in the smell. Almost every venue I've been to smelt different but all the Irealand venues smell the same, like spilt Guniness, faint vomit and poor cleaning skills. You almost feel how thick the BO was that was stuck to the walls, welcome to Ireland. 



"Two minuets until rehersal!" I heard someone say over the intercom. 

"Holy shit." I muttered to myself, over and over and over again. I was about to add the vomit smell before I was tapped and turned around. Harry was standing in front of me, leaving me speechless. I think we can all agree on how attractive Harry is, but I've never actually found myself attracted to  him until right now. 

The light behind his head made his green eyes look frosty, like they had a white haze over them. And then he smiled at me, his dimple coming through his cheek before he said "Are you okay?" 

"I-yea-well." I stuttered, still starring at him. Not to mention  the height he had on me, and it was extremely mind blowing the things that were  going through my head right now. "Yes." I finally breathed out. "I just don't know how I'm going to learn songs, plus the dances, oh my god." I heaved. 

"Well, you're with us the  first song." He smiled, chewing his gum and sticking his hands in his pockets.

"I am?" I asked him, cocking an eyebrow. That makes everything better. "Oh thank God." I sighed. 

"Also, you'll be practing while we're on stage, so that gives you a little more time, plus we still have two hours. Go for you fitting and shit like that, we'll meet you out back whenever we're all done and go over your part and when you come in." He smiled a huge smile, showing his teeth, closing his eyes and turning his head to the side slightly before walking away. 

He left me with my heart beating out of my chest, legs clamped together and palms sweaty. Holy shit, I have a crush on Harry.

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