On The Road Again

"You just need trust."

Sometimes people come into your life, to help you grow, learn and move forward with your past self. Sometimes that's all they're there for, just for those simple things.

Sometimes they don't stay, sometimes they do.

Maybe it's time Braelynn let go.


1. Prologue





9 years later




"Happy birthday to you, Alec and Ciara!" Everyone sang to the twins. Ciara's eyes went wide as she was giving her cake, clearly a Frozen cake as she never shut up about Ana.

"Mommy! How did you know?!" She cried and hugged her mom and then her daddy. "I love it!" She squealed.

Alec's was a Justice League cake, he was completely obsessed with Superman as of right now. He had this costume that he wore whenever he was home and sometimes to the store with his mum. "Dad!" He screamed and shoved his face in it

"Like father like son." Maura said with a laughing sigh.

"I can't believe my babies are 12!" Niall said and hugged them both, kissing their cheeks and making them scream.

"Dad, cooties." Ciara said and pushed away from him. It hurt him to see her growing up, he missed his little girl but he knew this was going to happen, he just wished that it didn't come so soon. 9 years flew by him and he hates that he wasn't around as much.

Braelynn came over and rubbed his back. "It's okay hunny." She whispered to him when she noticed he was upset. "Who's ready for presents?" She asked all the kids whenever they each got a piece of cake. Ciara ran to the living room, throwing herself on her dad as he sat down. He smiled and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her cheek and having her lean into him.

Braelynn walked around with presents for each of them. "Ciara, that one is from Gemma and Harry." She said and wiggled her eyebrows at the two. Gemma winked, "and that one his for you Alec." She gave him his present from the two.

Ciara opened it and stood up, jumping and hugging the Elsa costume. "Aunt Gemma! Thank you!" She ran into her arms.

"Harry!" Alec said and showed all his friends. Harry had gotten him a super man room set. "But I don't have anything else to fit this." The boy said in confusion.

"Open the rest of your presents." Braelynn said and they did. They ended the day with everything superman and Frozen related. "Okay, are you guys ready for your present from your dad and I?" She asked them as they stood by her legs. They looked up at her and nodded their heads.

"Go look at your rooms." Niall said and got his phone out, video tapping it. He smiled at his wife and she tucked her hair behind her ear. Ciara started crying because her and her brother had shared a room up until now, she just didn't know that she was getting her own room yet.

"Mom! That's superman!" She said in sobs and ran to her dad. "Daddy!" She shouted and he picked her up, laughing.

"Hold on baby." He said and brought her down the hall, her head in his shoulder and her thumb in her mouth, biting her nails with years running down her face. "We have a surprise for you." He told her but she just cried harder.

Everyone followed Niall. He put his little girl down on her feet and slowly opened the door, her eyes went wide and she busted the door opened. She cried harder as she fell to the floor hugging her new room. "FROZEN EVERYWHERE!" She screamed and collapsed on the bed.

"You're getting older now," Niall tried to explain but his voice was cracking as he said that. "You guys need your own rooms, on one condition." He told her and sat on her floor, she came over and sat on his lap.

"Anything!" She cried out.

"You're not allowed to turn 13." He joked and everyone laughed.


Braelynn, Niall and the twins all said bye to everyone. Harry grabbed her arm before he left and pulled her into a spare room, closing the door and making Braelynn feel a little worried. "I don't know what to do." He said, his eyes watering. "It's just not working out." 

She knew that there was some tension between her aunt and Harry, they wouldn't go near each other unless they had to. The way that Harry was looking at her whenever she said something made he think that they weren't doing good. "What happened?" She whispered, she was hurting for Harry. 

Harry lookedaway and then looked back at her. "I proposed to  her." He swallowed hard. Braelynn's mouth dropped to the floor and she wanted to sit down. Harry Styles proposed to someone, and it was her aunt. 

"Ah... okay?" She said, not sure what to say or why they were even fighting right now. "Then why is it not working out?" 

"She laughed in my face." He wanted to scream, his heart was hurting and he wanted someone to fix it. His head went back in exhaustion while he waited for Braelynn to say something. But her mouth just hung opened, she couldn't believe that her aunt would do that, they  even got a dog together. "She said that we weren't anything official, just together whenever we both 'needed' each other." He said with almost a quiver. 
   "What she doesn't understand is that I actually love her, Braelynn." He grabbed her shoulders, kind of shaking her. She just looked at him wide eyed and keeping her mouth shut. 

"Are you sure you do?" She asked and Harry actually screamed this time. "Okay okay, I don't  know how to help though, Harry." She said with a sorry voice. 

"Why can't she love me like I love her?" He pouted and put his head on Braelynn's shoulder. She a little  taken back by this, she wasn't use to Harry being so emotional and actually showing it. She played with his hair and hugged him, she wanted him to stop hurting but she wasn't sure how long that was going to take. 

She said bye to Harry and fell on the couch, her hand on her head as she was exhausted. She couldn't wait to get the kids to bed so she could cuddle up with Niall and sleep. The twins were running around the house playing with their new stuff, Liam got Alec Woody's boots from Toy Story and they actually have Andy on the bottom of them, he wore them with his superman outfit. 

Ciara was twirling in her Elsa costume and Braelynn groaned when the two jumped on her, they laughed and started screaming, jumping off the couch and back on to it. Braelynn was about to say something until Niall came in with a scowl on his face. "That's how you two  treat your mother after she just did all this for you?" He asked in a serious voice. The two sat down on the floor instantly, looking down at their hands and back up at their dad. "That's not very nice guys, look at her. She tired." He said and picked the two up, "Say you're sorry and say good night. Mama needs to relax." 

"We're sorry." They said together and started laughing when Niall started tickling them and carrying them off to their bedrooms. "Thank you." She whispered to him whenever he came back out and sat beside her, she nuzzled into him and he put his arm around her. It didn't take long before he fully pulled her in his lap.

"You did a good job today." He told her and kissed her forehead, pulling the blanket on the couch up over them. "Kids are in bed." He told her and started kissing her neck, making her giggle and scrunch up her neck. There was a big bang coming from the kid's rooms and Niall put his back as he groaned. "One sec." He lifted her up and put her back down and marched down to their rooms. 

He flung opened Alec's door, "Ciara!" He said and she dropped the toys she had. "You have your own room, go!" He held his finger out the door and she did the walk of shame into her new bedroom, "Alec, go to sleep. It's been a long day." His boy nodded his head and got back into his sheets, snuggling into them and closing his eyes- actually going to sleep this time. He walked over to Ciara's door and opened it slowly, his little girl was sitting on her new bed just looking around. He went in and she hopped under the covers, pretending to be asleep. 

He tickled her side and she rolled over at him laughing, "daddy, shh. I'm sleeping." She said and tightened her eyes shut. "Daddy." She  whispered whenever he laid down with her, she pulled herself into him. 

"Yes princess?" He asked her.

"Can you play your guitar for me? And maybe sing a song?" She whispered, he laughed whenever she looked up at him. 

"AND  a song?" He asked and sat up, grabbing his guitar from the hallway and going back into her room. He started  playing it and she got so excited. Niall's been singing his little girl to sleep for years now and he loved it, he just hoped that  she never got over spending time with him. He smiled to himself whenever he finished and seen that she was totally knocked out. He kissed her forehead and tucked her in and walked out, putting his guitar back and walked out into the living room. 

He picked up his sleeping wife and took her into their room, he tucked her in before he got changed and slipped in beside her. He kissed her lips and pulled her body into his, his head on top of hers with both his arms around her. This was Niall's paradise, two sleeping kids in their rooms and a sleeping beauty in his arms. 

kso, fuck this chapter... fuck my brain for not letting me sleep. i'm really sorry if there's any errors in this, i'm barely staying awake and it's only 8pm. i literally don't know how to sleep anymore and writing about them^ sleeping makes me sad because I can't. I mean, I'm sure if Niall was here to love me like that i could probably sleep. butttttttttttttttt anywa! I WANT COMMENTS!

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