On The Road Again

"You just need trust."

Sometimes people come into your life, to help you grow, learn and move forward with your past self. Sometimes that's all they're there for, just for those simple things.

Sometimes they don't stay, sometimes they do.

Maybe it's time Braelynn let go.


2. On the Road Again






"Already? Didn't we just finish one?" I scratched the back of my head and walked into my kitchen,  slowly peaking my head out at Braelynn and the kids sitting on the couch. She was currently reading the two their favourite story, Where the Wild Things are. They loved when she made funny faces whenever she spoke in a different voice of each character, she was brilliant.


"Yes Niall, it's that time again. But this one's only going for six months this time, not a year." Liam explained and I groaned. I loved touring but I also loved being with my family. "They're use to it by now, it's not like you've never gone on tour before. Just this time they can't come." He said in a nervous voice. 

"I know I know, okay I'll tell them. When do we leave?" I asked.


"Next week, it's only around Europe. We're not going to big places like Aussie or the states, you'll basically be right up the road from them." He was such a good friend but very bad at trying to make jokes whenever he's nervous. I hung up the phone and looked at the time, it was 5pm which meant it's almost supper time. 

I walked into the living room and picked up Ciara and set her on my lap as I sat next to Braelynn. I kissed her cheek and Ciara scrunched her face and Alec moved away from us.

"That's so gross." Ciara said dramatically. Braelynn and I rolled our eyes at her and Braelynn kept reading. "Mama, I'm hungry." She said and rubbed her tummy.

"How about we go out tonight?" I suggested and they all agreed. "Where to?" 

Ciara jumped off the couch and held her hands above her head, "NANDOS!" She screamed and ran to her room.

Braelynn laughed, "She's your daughter." She said and kissed me before getting up. I followed her into the bedroom and stood at the doorway while I watched her pull her tank top off and walk over to the closet. She pulled out one of my baseball Ts and slipped it over her head and tugged her tight, dark blue skinny jeans on.

I ran my tongue across my teeth before walking in and closing the door behind me. My hands went across her stomach and she leaned back into me, her arms wrapping themselves around mine and I realized how much I was going to miss her. "I love you so much." I said to her in a whisper threw her ear.

Her head laid on my shoulder and she smiled, "I love you more." She kissed my jaw line and turned around, her arms going around my neck. I smiled into our long kiss and squeezed her tight ass, "I love these jeans on you baby." I spoke out of excitement. She giggled and ran away, running to the door and pulling on her converses.

"Ciara! Alec, we're leaving." She yelled and the two sprinted across the floor and Alec threw himself on his mother, "you're too big for this. Get down." She teased and he slide down her and hugged her tightly, making her bend down a little so she could kiss his head. Such a mama's boy. I smiled and shook my head, picking Ciara up and going to the car.

"Daddy, I'm a big girl. I don't need to be carried." I laughed, she reminds me so much of her mother it was almost crazy. She was starting to look like her too with her long brownish-blonde hair and her cheek bones were becoming very prominent. Whenever I look at her I prepare myself to kick the shit out of any stupid boys that try and fuck with her and I know it's going to happen. One; because she's the daughter of Niall Horan and Two; because she's so beautiful.

"Hey." I whispered to her and poked her belly, making her giggle and look at me. "I want you to know that I will always be here, even if you're 30 years old. You can always cuddle and talk to daddy, okay?"

"Okay, I like that." She said and threw her arms around my neck and hugged tightly. I put her in the car and got in the drivers side.




"I have something to tell you guys." I said with my head down after we took our orders. They all stopped talking and looked at me, "I don't want to, but I have to." I said and sighed. I looked up at them and seen brealynn's face go from happy to sad real quick. She knows I'm leaving and I know she doesn't want me to but she also knows I have to. "I have to go back on tour."

My two beautiful kids stared at me with disappointment. I haven't been around much because we've been working on a new album and I feel so shitty that they hardly see me anymore. "But daddy, we miss you." My baby girl says to me.

"I know baby, I know." I say and hold her hand. Braelynn's smiling at me with tears slightly glazing her eyes and she leans into me. "I'm sorry, it's only six months this time and I'm in Europe the whole time." I paused and let them take that in. "I'm practically up the road." I used Liam's joke and it seemed to work, the kids laughed and Braelynn giggled.

"Sounds like something Liam would say." She said with a smile as she brought her root beer to her mouth.

I leaned into her, "you know me to well baby." I said and kissed under neath her ear. She smiled. "I'll be back before you know it."

"Ah daddy." Ciara said with such a sassy face. I looked at her with a cocked eyebrow. "I'll be almost 13 by the time you get back."

"Are you sure you aren't Louis' kid?" I teased her and she smiled so proudly.

"No but he's my favourite uncle." She stuck her tongue out at me. I pulled my phone out and snapped a picture, sending it to Twitter the conversation I just had with her captioned.

"I tagged louis in that."

"Dad! Zayn's going to be jealous." Alec said and swatted at my phone. "She always says Zayn's Her favourite so he'll give her things. Now he's going to know!"

"She shouldn't be telling people things like that to get her own way, anyway." Braelynn slightly scolded her and Ciara's face lite up bright red.

Finally out food came out and we all munched into it. I was really scared for this tour, I didn't like doing just one place. If I was going to tour I needed to be all over the place. Whenever you're in one country touring, girls like to travel that country and then rumors start up.

Last time we did an American tour and I almost lost my wife and kids because girls wouldn't stop. I was continuously in the magazines with another girl everyday, but the one that made Braelynn loose her mind over the most was Tessa. Of course Braelynn believed that one over the rest, Tessa was the first girl  I ever fell in love with and Braelynn knew that, so she believed that one the most. But Tessa is my past, Braelynn is my now and forever and thank God we got past all that stupid stuff. 

"Daddy, I don't want you to leave." Ciara said and she crawled under the table and sat in my lap, clinging her arms around my neck and kissing my cheek. "Mommy was sad last you left and that made me sad. We're all happier when you're home." She had the words of her mother, so easy to talk to even though she's only 12 she had the mind of an 18 year old. I just hoped she wouldn't start dressing like one...

"I know hunny, but I have to." I said and kissed her back. Braelynn and Alec just kept quiet, both of them looking at us and then between themselves. Braelynn had a sly smirk on her face as if she's saying that her daughter was right and I should stay, but she knew I had to, more than anyone in this room. "I won't be gone very long." I promised all of them. "Go back and sit with mummy and Alec while I take a picture of you both." I smiled and she hopped off and went under the table over by her mom and brother. 

I looked at my phone with a smile as I admired my three favourite people in the world. My two babies on either side of my queen with huge smiles on their faces, "prefect." I mumbled to myself and Ciara came back over to my side. "Daddy, look at the food." She said with wide eyes as our waiter came over with a tray of food making Braelynn giggle with her hand to her lips. She was completely perfect, this family was perfect. 

After we finished eating we went home and Ciara was so full she almost couldn't walk. I ended up carrying her into her room where she fell asleep a soon as her head hit the pillow, Alec was out with Braelynn in the kitchen talking to her about something I couldn't understand. I went into our room and got changed into flannel pj pants and just left my shirt off, walking out into the kitchen. The more I looked at Alec  and Braelynn the more I seen the similarities, he had her waves, her blue-green eyes and her small freckles around the nose. I liked that Ciara looked mostly like me with brown hair and bright  blue eyes, but she had Braelynn's lips... Which could be a problem down the road. 

I snaked my arms around Braelynn and she melted into me, "gross." Alec said and hopped off the stool and walked into his room. "Our kids are getting too old." I whined  to her and she turned around laughing.

"That's life, baby." She said and kissed my nose. Her arms went around my torso and she laid her head on my shoulder, as far as she could reach anyway.  "Well I mean, we could always try for another." She pouted with an innocent look and ran her hand down my bare chest. 

"Jesus Braelynn, you know what that does to me." I cursed and she smirked a devilish smirk, her lips kissing my neck and slowly going down my chest. Her tongue ran across the top of my pants, teasing like she always does. "Okay, that's enough." I said and pulled her up, sitting her on the counter. I went to go kiss her but then stopped, looking at her and she looked confused. "Do you actually want another one?" I asked excitedly. 

"If you want to, I wouldn't mind another." She shrugged. "I think we're pretty decent parents." She giggled and that was all I needed before I lifted her up off the counter and walked us to our room. "Hmm." She smiled whenever I laid her on the bed and unbuttoned her pants, sliding them off her legs and starring at her. She still had my green and white baseball Tee on and her hair was fanned  out around her face, and those lace panties had me hard as rock. 

"Are you always prepared for me?" I asked and she nodded her head, biting her lip and smiling. "Oh baby." I groaned and kissed up her stomach, pulling the shirt up. "I'm going to miss you so much." I said against her hot skin and she moaned, my tongue dragging across her smooth, toned stomach. My lips hovered over her core and she looked down at me, her chest heaving. I smirked before pulling her panties to the side and lacing my tongue with her middle, she gripped the sheets and her head went back. 

Just what I liked to see. 

My hands pressed down on her thighs and dug my finger tips into them, pulling my mouth away from her and sucking on the insides of her thighs. "Oh shit." She breathed and after I left my mark I brought myself up to her, kissing her and touching every part of her body. She moaned into the kiss and wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me down and then flipping us. I sat up and leaned against the head board of our bed and she sat on me, her lips connecting with my neck and her hands roaming my bare upper half. 

She sat back and tugged at my pants, her eyes pleading for them to come off. She smirked while she bit the bottom of her lip as she watched me take them off and once they were off, her mouth wrapped around me. "Well." I said and let my hands pull her hair back for  her, she was having a little too much fun down there. "Hunny, as much as I'm enjoying that, I think I'm enjoying it a little much." I said threw my teeth. Her eyes fluttered up to me and she smirked, "Braelynn, I can't get your pregnant through your mouth." She stopped and sat up, wiping her mouth and then crawling back on top of me.

My hands went up the back of her shirt and she lifted her arms, along with her hips. I took her shirt off and she moved her panties to the side and lowered herself to me, "That's it." I moaned and grabbed her curves as she rocked against me. Her hands went to my neck, massaging and pulling while her lip came between her teeth and amazing groans slipped her mouth. I moved from her curves on to her hips and tugged at them,  making her go seemingly faster and she laid her head on my shoulder and sucked at the skin. 

Her fingers dug into my hip bones as she steadied herself. "Are you ready?" I asked in a pant and she nodded her head. "Look at me." I said and she did, her frosty blue eyes stared into mine and I could feel her clench around me and we  both grabbed hold of each other as we rode  out our high together. She collapsed into me and we stayed there for a few moments, "We should shower." She said into my neck and I agreed. 

WHOA SECOND CHAPTER, kind of. xxbella 

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