On The Road Again

"You just need trust."

Sometimes people come into your life, to help you grow, learn and move forward with your past self. Sometimes that's all they're there for, just for those simple things.

Sometimes they don't stay, sometimes they do.

Maybe it's time Braelynn let go.


4. Johnathan Ross


FORGOT SOMETHING, Niall's been gone for almost a week now. they arrived in Wale's like a week after he had  left. so none of them has seen him for a little over a week. i forgot to mention that in the last chapter,  sorry if i confused  the fuck out of anyone. and thats what their outfits look like ^^ btws. barbara plavin plays tessa, which you're about to meet. ouuuu i love drama



I stumbled out of the hotel room, everyone  was still sleeping seeing as though it was only eight in the morning. I waited for the elevator to take me down to the lobby before walking  out and getting in the cab. The driver greeted me with a warm smile and I gladly returned it. "Where  ya to?" He asked.

"Johnathan Ross' studio, please." I smiled. My hand went to my head to try and stop the ache, I sighed. "I hate to ask, but can we please stop at a Starbucks really quick?" I asked and he nodded gracefully and pulled into the next Starbucks, thankfully it was only five minuets away from my hotel room. "Want anything?" I asked.

"A grande black, extra espresso." He smiled with a wink and I nodded, running in and ordering, paying and then running back out. I passed him his coffee and I sip my double chocolaty chip frappuccino  and swallowed two Advil. I giggled silently at Niall's text, he approves of the picture I took of my outfit for the show today and he said he wishes he  could be there. Same Niall, same. 

"Mr. Ross' studios!" The driver said and I paid him, giving him a tip and waving my goodbyes while he shouted a good luck out his window. I was greeted at the door by an older women, probably mid 40's and she  had a lot of wires on her. Must be the stage manager. 

As soon as I walked in, I was pulled over to a small  dressing room and I could hear the show start as my hair was being pulled and tugged at. My face was plastered with makeup, I just hoped I didn't look like a  cake faced clown. I didn't need to change because  I was already dressed, I'm not even sure if I would even  like the  outfit they had picked out for me just in case  I showed up in my jammies. 

I was pushed over to the entrance, "You   go on in five." The lady told me and I nodded.

"I have two surprises for you guys today, and for my first, please welcome Mrs. Horan!" I was literally pushed out by that awful women,  I looked back at her and fixed my plaid shirt before sitting down and fixing my hair. "Pushy ain't  she?" He asked and I giggled.

"I'm sort of use to it?" I said with a  small laugh.

"I've been trying to get rid of her for forever now." He said and shook  his head.

I looked at him with a cocked eyebrow, "Don't you run this place?" I  almost challenaged. 

"You're right, YOU'RE FIRED!" He screamed and I looked back laughing as the girl just gave him the finger and  he  just waved her off. "I'm only  bloody kidding! Women these days." He  whispered and rolled his eyes. "How have you been, you haven't been in an interview in a very long time." He mentioned.

"Yeah I was never one to be that kind of sellout? But I've been amazing." I said with a proud smile.

"And  your kids?" A picture of my kids showed up on  screen and I smiled,  "beautiful family!" He complimented and I nodded.

"My kids are great, well behaved and well mannered."  A picture of us at the airport last week was plastered across the screen and I put my hand over my mouth to stop myself from laughing. Ciara was in my  grasp, her face was in pure hysterics as she was screaming bloody  murder. "Yeah, except whenever Niall goes on tour.  Then my kids act like they've been possessed by the devil."

"Daddy's girl?" He asked with a laugh.

"You have no idea." 

"How long has it been since you've seen Niall anyway?" 

"Ah about a week and a half, I think. I know it's been a little over a week." 

"Is it as hard for you as it is your kids to watch him  leave for a tour?  I mean obviously it's a terribly lonely thing whenever he's away for months, almost a year at a time. Only coming home for a few weeks, if that?"

I thought about my answer, biting the inside of  my cheek. "Ya know, it's like hard because it's hard trying to raise the kids without him. I'm so use to him just being there to help me make a discussion, but whenever he's gone and he can't answer his phone right away it's hard. The kids sleep with me every night because It's just lonely in the bed, but at the same time.." I paused. "No it's not hard, because I get to see the pictures he's taking with the fans, and the smiles on their face is enough to make me smile  and almost cry!" I was starting to get emotional.

"And the  little video clips I see of him at concerts that the fans take, they scream his name and he just loves it. I love seeing him happy and he's doing something that makes him incredibly happy and he comes Skypes me with so many stories of so many great fans he's met. Just talking about what he does makes him almost cry of pure bliss. So in a sense, no it's not hard." I smile.

"But you miss him, right?"

"Oh of course! I miss him as soon as his back turns to get on that air plane every year." I bit my lip to try and stop myself from crying. "It's  really sucky that after their concerts here in Wales, the kids and I will be going back home and waiting for him to come home for a week or two in four months time." 

"Ladies and Gents, please welcome, NIALL HORAN!" My face went white and  the crowd started going nuts.  I looked behind me and stood up whenever I seen his huge smile plastered across his face, arms wide opened and I rant  to him. My body  being engulfed in his and the sent that I've been missing just filled my senses and made me cry a fucking river. 

"Oh my god!" I screamed into his shoulder. My body was hoisted up and he held me by my thighs as my legs clung around him. I don't even know how I ran and jumped in these heels, but  I'm very proud of myself for not tripping and almost killing myself. He whispered in the crook of my neck how much he loved me and I smiled, sliding down him and holding tightly around his neck. "Oh my God." I whispered and he kissed all over my face. 

We walked  back over to the couch hand and hand and sat down extremely  close to each  other. "True love everybody." I grabbed a kleenx from his desk and wiped my eyes, sniffed loudly and looking at Niall as if I haven't seen him in years. "Tell me, Niall. How do you do it? Two kids and a wife waiting at home for you, how do you go on tour and leave them home?" 

Niall huffed, "it's hard. I don't know if  it's that hard for them, but I don't sleep half the  time. The worst part is when there's a huge time difference , like last year we were in Australia and they're far ahead of Ireland and it was really hard to communicate for the two months we were there." He shook his head and put his arm around me. "Especially whenever I see pictures of Ciara screaming like that in the airport, breaks my heart to pieces." 

"You're daughter is very beautiful." Johnathan complimented and we both agreed, "your boy is going to break some hearts  whenever he gets older." He winked. "Now, speaking of things being hard while you're on tour." I almost choked whenever a picture of Tessa came across the screen. And not just any other day picture, she's lingerie model so it was a picture of her in lace everything. 

I swallowed and stared down Johnathan, never mind two surprises, this fucker has three. Welcome to Wales Braelynn. "Out of all the pictures there is of her, you decide that this one is the best?" I asked, my body leaning forward, eyes squinted and my hand up at the screen. Everyone 'oued' at the shots about to fire. "Why even bring this up, you clearly read in the media that she almost broke us up, so why even bother?" I'm about two seconds from getting  up and walking out. 

Niall tugged and my shirt and I could tell even he was pissed off. "So it's true." This guy knew how to press buttons, but I have two kids, a husband and I'm a women. I know how to press the buttons harder.  I sat back  into the couch and licked my lips, crossing my arms and smirking. This was about to become a shit show if he didn't get that bitches face off that screen and zip his lips about her. "Can I just ask-"

"No." I said sternly. Everyone was quiet, even Niall. 

"What happened?" He pressed, oh fuck. My heart was beating out of my chest at the adrenaline pumping threw my veins, just the thought of that cunt made my blood boil beyond the point of explosive. 

"Nothing that no one needs to know about. We know the full, true story and that's all that matters. We got past it and everyone else should be too, it was almost a year ago." Everyone gasped and then that's when Niall and I looked back and we seen her walking out, a mad smirk on her face and her legs walking one in front of another like the fucking model she is. 

Her hair was fluffed and oh man she looked as fake as ever. "Tessa Henderson." Johnathan said with his hand up. This was about to turn into a Jerry Springier. I blew out my mouth and Niall tensed whenever she sat across from us in her own chair, her eyes on mine and nothing but hate for each other as we sat not even three feet away from one another. Honestly, we haven't actually met face-to-face so this was very surprising to actually  see her in person. "Tessa." Johnathan says, nodding to her.

"Hello Johnathan, how have you been?" Her accent is thick as fuck and she licks her lips, almost like she thinks she's fucking connecting with Niall over her accent. Niall rolls  his eyes and she looks at  him, tilting her head and giving him a small smirk. Does she not understand that I fight for everything I love, Niall put a ring on my finger. Get over yourself. "Niall." She nods to him and he just looks down. 

My fingers are clawing into the seat underneath me and I'm either about to throw up, scream, cry or fight her to her death. "Brilynn." She says, she purposely said my name wrong. She's heard my name before, don't act stupid you fake blonde. 

"It's Braelynn." Niall said and looked at her. I was taken back by that, I was expecting him to just stay quiet and by the look on her face, I'd say she was too. "I'm sure you've heard me say her same correctly at any concert or interview you must've seen." He scuffed at her and she looked at him like she didn't understand why he was being so blunt with her, like hello? He's not going to be nice to you, like holy fuck.

I feel like a seventh grader getting jealous over her first boyfriend. Niall's arm went around me and he pulled me closer to him, I felt proud and I felt like he was showing me off and making a very strong statement.  Her jaw tightened and so did mine, I leaned forward, my elbows on my knees and eyes turning a dark blue. I could feel the heat rushing to my face and turning it an angry red. "What the fuck  was the point of this?" I asked, my hand out in front of me, pointing to Tessa.

"I don't like fingers in my face, but thank you." She said and almost slapped my hand away. 

I sat  up straight, a bad smirk on my face. "And I don't like little sluts thinking they can break up my husband and I because she's got a nice body. Sorry hunny, but  everyone's seen you in your bra and undies, it's nothing special." I said with a sassy smile, I wish Louis was here right now. He'd give her a run for her money right quick.

"I am not a slut." She said, appalled. "Niall, say something!" 

"What the hell is he going to say? 'No baby, don't be mean to the little girl that tried to ruin my family.' Get the fuck over yourself and try going after a man who isn't married with two  kids!" I almost screamed. "Seriously, this is the worst interview ever and this is exactly why I don't do  this shit!" I screamed that time, throwing my coffee on the floor and standing up and walking out back. Niall followed me, grabbing my arm and walking with me. 

I heard her heels tapping against the floor behind us. "Can you grow up?!" She screamed behind me. 

I stopped, dead in my tracks and knew this was going to be all over every social  media and every magazine everywhere. And I knew that I needed to keep walking, but what am I showing to the fans and to my own kids. 'No people, don't for men or women. Back down to the people that try and steal them from you, let them run all over you.' No fuck that, I'm a fucking Leo and I'm a mother there's  no way in hell I'm going to stand in front of this chick who's been nothing but a burden to  me since I first met Niall and not say anything to her. 

"Just keep walking, baby please?" Niall begged and caught my arm whenever I turned around. I  shrugged him off me and let the bitch walk up to me, fists clenched and she  was ready to fight but I'm always ready for a fight. "Bring it bitch." I whispered to myself and before I could even block her, her fist came across my jaw and I smiled.

I stood there for  a few minuets, my face turned and my hair somewhat in front of my face. I didn't even step out of my heels as she stood there, looking and waiting for me to do something. Niall was completely thrown back at what just happened, I can almost read his mind and he's screaming at me to do something, wondering why I haven't yet. 

I looked at her with a devilish smile, rubbing the part of my jaw that she knocked. I laughed a little and she stared at me, waiting for me to say something. My face turned from a smile to pure fucking hell as I spat in her face and speared her to the ground, pinned her arms with my knees and her legs with my feet. "Tell me to grow up?" I screamed in her face and grabbed her thousand dollar shirt, ripping it whenever I plowed my fist into her face. 

She got an arm free and punched me back, knocking me to the side and I fell off her. She climbed on top of me and started feeding me punches, blood was a taste that  I was use to. "Fuck you, he was mine first!" She screamed, and spit in my face. 

My adrenaline was pumping and I shoved her up off me, she was quick to get on her feet and look down on me while I stood up. We stood across from each other, wiping blood from our noses and the corners  of our mouths. people had their phones out and studio cameras were showing what was happening, I was surpised that sercuity wasn't called to throw us out, but then again, this was getting him ratings.

"12 fucking years ago, maybe you were his reason for going home. Maybe you were there before me, way before me, but you are a very attractive women and you have men falling at your feet." I said, totally out of breath. I wiped my lip again, looking at it and then back at her. "But that was 12 years ago and you need to accept the fact that Niall and I are married and have two beautiful children together." I said slowly. 

Her eyes started to gloss over, I felt bad. Honestly I felt like fucking shit, but she needs to grab the concept that Niall's no longer a boy, he is a man that has a family. "I was there when you weren't, way before you." She said with pure anger and clenched teeth. 

"Yes, Tessa, I just fucking said that!" I screamed in frustration and she huffed in anger. Niall walked over behind me, rubbing my back. "We can stand here and fight each other all night, I know you hate me for everything I've and it's the for me to you. But I have better things to do and they do not involve you, almost a year ago I was preparing divorce papers because you loved the attention you were getting from the drama you were getting." 

I sighed, closing my eyes and trying to push back the memories of last years tour and how she royally fucked my life. "You had your fun, please leave me and my family alone. We are a very happy family and we do not need you trying to ruin this for us." I sounded like I was begging her to stop, but I wasn't. I was merely telling her in a nice way I was ready to rip her throat out if she didn't step off. 

"You ruined everything for me!" This girl was fucking psychotic. I guess it was her turn to spear me into the table that was full of food behind me, shoving Niall out of the way and spilling fruit punch all over my outfit. I dodged her first punch, but the next one got me right in the nose, clearly breaking it. "Fuck you!" She screamed and repeated it over and over again. "Fuck you. Fuck you." That's  all I heard as she had me pinned and kept throwing punches at me, her knuckles became bloody from my own blood and I was about to pass out. 

It took everything in me to  push her off me and throw a sliver platter at her, keeping her down as I grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulling her up. "You need to go  home, do you understand!" I screamed in her face. She couldn't do anything because I was practically ripping the hair out of her head. "Go home, Tessa. Don't come near me, my kids or my husband. Do you understand, I will get a restraining order." I said threw clenched teeth. I let go of her hair, pushing her as I did do.

I grabbed Niall and walked out of that building. I could hear her throwing a fit as we walked out, screaming and throwing shit all over the place. I had to laugh it off because if I didn't  I would've went back in there and did more than what I had already done. "Be prepared for tonight." Niall said.

"I am, I am." I whispered and took off the plaid shirt I had on and then taking off my tank top.

"Whoa whoa whoa, what do ya 'tink you're doing?" Niall asked whenever he noticed me in my bra. "This is for me only to see, no one else." He said.

"But it's went, and I don't like it." I whined and he laughed at my childish behavior. He took his shirt off and handed it to me, taking the wet shirts out of my hands and holding them for me. "Thank you." I smiled and put the shirt on over my head. "Wanna come see your babies?" I winked at him.

"They're not exactly babies anymore." He scratched his head. "I wanna see them more than anythin'." I was such a  proud wife and mom to have him around. "Speaking of which. Did  it work last time?" His cheeks flared red.

"No, that's why I went out. My test came out negative." I sighed and his head went back. "You really want another baby don't you?" 

"More than anythin' princess,  more than anything."

okay so, history lesson here for a few. lol, that fight that happened between tessa and braelynn is something of what I got into with another chick over the weekend... over my ex. i mean, him and i are still kind of together but like over the summer this chick would not stop talking about how 'big' her ass and tits were and it was just built up emotion and THEN she started to send him like nudes over snapchat and i found out. oh man, i'm actually crazy!!!!! i am an actual Leo and I actually do stick  up for everything I love so this bitch getting in the way of my boyfriend sent me over the top. yeah my nose is bruised and my body hurts a little, but nah she didn't break it. [no this was not my first fight]  i'm actually crazy  tou guys, oh my god! xxbella

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