On The Road Again

"You just need trust."

Sometimes people come into your life, to help you grow, learn and move forward with your past self. Sometimes that's all they're there for, just for those simple things.

Sometimes they don't stay, sometimes they do.

Maybe it's time Braelynn let go.


3. Behave


Well, toady was the day that I take off. My family and I stand in the middle of the airport, my little girl weeping on shoulder and begging me not to go. My beautiful wife standing there trying to hold herself together for the kids and the cameras, her hands on her mouth and her eyes pooling over. My boy not even looking at me because he thinks he's too big  for crying, "every man cries once in a while." I tell him whenever I pick him up. He just nods his head and grabs my neck, shoving his face into it. "You take care of your mum and sister, okay?" 

"Okay daddy." We lock pinky  fingers and I kiss his forehead. I pick Ciara back up from my leg and Braelynn comes in for a hug. "We've been apart for longer." I said in her ear and she nods against my shoulder.

"Every time you go, something bad happens." She says with a soft, hurting whisper. 

"I know baby, but I have to go now." I say and pull away from them. I hand Ciara back to Braelynn and she freaks out, screaming for me to come back and trying so desperately to get out of her mother's grasp. I can't look back because If I do then I won't leave.  I board my plane and within only five minuets, we're taking  off for London where I'll see the others. 


"Nialler!" I know that voice. I wasn't even off the plane for ten minuets and I was already being tackled  by Louis. "I missed you so much  mate!" He screamed and lifted me off the floor, my feet were kicking to be let down before  we fall and then we're attacked by the others. 

"Zayn, get  Louis to  let me down." I whined and he laughed, pulling Louis away from me. "How have ya's been?" I asked.

"Have you gotten more Irish my main man?" Zayn asked.

"Same as always, just a wee bit older." I laughed. "Can we get something to eat?" I asked and they all laughed at me, pulling me out of the airport and out to the car. We stopped at McDonald's, Braelynn would kill me if she knew I was eating here but  oh well, and then we took off for Harry's place. Our usual meeting place, Harry hasn't really been the  same since the kids birthday party, Braelynn told me what had happened and he just seems totally heart broken. 

I never really did like Sarah anyway, she was always trying to tell us that we weren't raising our kids right. She hasn't really talked to us much, every time I went away on tour she'd  be over at our house trying to get Braelynn to believe the stupid media,  just because she's not happy means no else can be either. I sat back and watched the London streets pass  by, my mind was full of wonder as to what Braelynn did to get the kids to calm down, she's not into that bribing shit. So she wouldn't have taken them for icecream,  or any kind of special treat at all. I never really knew how she got them to calm down honestly. 

"How's the kids?" Harry asks. 

"Too big." I say with a smile and shake my head. "We're trying for another." I say with blush heating my cheeks, "I miss having a baby." I say with my hand on my face, trying to look like I wasn't a huge pussy. 

"What's it like?" Liam asked,  "having a baby whenever you're always going on tour or in for interviews?" I thought about his question for a moment, we all looked at him, wondering why he was asking this. "Sophia.. um." I shot up from my seat.

"DADDY DIRECTION IS ACTUALLY GOING TO BE A DADDY?" I screamed and he sunk back in his seat, "Well Liam." I said after  I calmed myself down. Everyone was patting him on the back and congratulating him. "It doesn't get easy, I can promise that. Especially whenever they get to the age that my kids are, they know what's going on and what's happening,  they can feel  emotions at this point." I shake my head. "It's hard mate." I admit.

"How do you deal with it?" He asks slowly. 

Again, I thought out my words. "I don't think about it." I shrugged. "I mean, I think about them, but I don't about home. I don't think about what they're doing or where they're  going, I don't even think about what Braelynn's making for food." He laughed and shook his head. "I always text her too,  just to make sure everything is okay. I mean at night whenever you're on the bus  or in the hotel trying to sleep, I have to FaceTime her. Once our FaceTime is over, I sleep  peacefully. " I smile  to myself.

"I'm just really scared." He said and closed his  eyes, putting his head back on Harry's couch. 

"And you will be, until you hold  your child in your arms." I smiled to myself, remembering the first time I held Alec because  he was the first one out. "And let me tell you, if she's having a girl.. Watch out. Daddy's little girl is an actual thing and it's dangerous." I wave my finger to him and reach over beside me to grab the beer that Harry gave me. 


"Ciara, stop  it." I  said, we were driving home and she wouldn't stop telling me how much she hated me. "Daddy needed to go, there's nothing I can do." I said and bit my lip to stop myself from crying. 

"I'm never going to see him again and it's your  fault,  mummy! I hate  you." She kicked the back of my seat, thank fucking God we were home. I got out of the car and opened her  door, her face was a mess of tears and unbuckled her.  "It's your fault!" She screamed in my face. I rolled my eyes and unbuckled Alec, he was just sitting quietly in  the other seat,  starring at his psychotic sister. 

I walked in  the house with the two behind me, Ciara still screaming at me. I chose to ignore her, starting to prepare  lunch while she followed me around the kitchen screaming and trying to hit me. I groaned in frustration and turned around, sitting on the floor and grabbing her hand to pull her into me. We sat there for moments while she clung to me, almost  choking me because her grip was so hard. "He's coming back soon." I told her. 

"Soon isn't now." She sobbed. 

"I know." I said and she buried her face in my neck,  I could feel her hot tears going  down my neck and into my shirt. "Let me check their tour dates okay? They're just in London, maybe we can go see them in  concert." I suggested and she looked at me with wide eyes.

"Mean it?" She asked me and nodded my head. We  got up off the floor and she followed me over to the kitchen island  and sat on the stool next to me, her head on my shoulder as we Googled their tour dates. "Mama, look. They're in Wales next week! We can take  the ferry!"

"You are right." My  phone vibrated, it was Niall. He was asking how everything was so I asked if we could go to their first concert. "Well, Daddy's on board with it." I said and kissed her forehead. Alec came running out of his room asking if we were going  to see One Direction. "Yeah, we'll head out tomorrow. Get some shopping done and all that stuff." 


"We  need to go now!" I called out and they both ran out of their rooms with  their suitcases in their hands, screaming excitedly. We piled in  the car and drove down to the ferry, I paid the fee and we drove into the  under part of the ferry to  park the car.  The kids and I got out and walked up to the deck, the fresh April air whipped my hair and made me smile. My kids hugged my legs and then I heard it, the camera flashing. 

Ciara's grip tighten and she tugged at my shirt, "mama." She whispered. I bent down to her and she whispered, "why do they always take photos of us?" 

"Because, they're rude. Just ignore them okay?" I spoke to both of them and they nodded their heads. We watched the waves bounce against the boat and it brought back memories of me and my mum. I remember my first time going on a ferry back home, we were going to Turo, Halifax  for Sarah to  meet someone. I think I was only 11 at that time, so it's  been a  few since I've  been on a boat. "Back up a little, Alec. You don't want to fall over do you?" I laughed and his blue-green eyes looked up  at me, shaking his head and stepping back. 

We walked in the seating  part of the ferry and sat down in a booth, they pulled their jackets on and snuggled up with each other on their side. I took a picture and sent it  to Niall, he replied right away saying that he couldn't wait to see them and then not  even two minuets  later, it was on his twitter. 

'Can't wait to see my babies today!'  I smiled and locked my phone, looking around at all the people that were staring at us. I rolled my eyes but whenever a little girl, not much younger than my kids, slowly walked over to me and poked my arm. "Hello." I said with  a big smile.

"You're Niall's wife." She spoke quietly.

"Yes." I almost giggled. 

"Can I get a picture with you?" I nodded my head and put her on my lap, smiling while she took  the photo on  her phone and she hugged me. "Thank you." She said with a  huge smile. I like kids,  I like how they're so nice and not blunt about everything. A  lot of the older girls and sometimes guys  who want pictures with the band or  even me are quite rude about it,  they're a  little  too cocky for my liking and I know it bugs the shit out  of them. Some people even think it's 'funny' or 'cool' to get a picture with the twins whenever Niall isn't around and we're just out and about.

My phone buzzed, another email. I  keep getting emails from people  wanting me to do interviews or  play in a show or movie. But I feel like that would be like a sell out, I did my tour with One Direction, I'm not looking for a record deal. But this one caught my eye, it was an interview with Johnathan Ross. He heard that I was coming into Wales and was wondering if I was interested in coming to an interview, I obviously said yes, he was one of my favourite talk show hosts. 

I wouldn't be seeing Niall  for a few days anyway,  so why not? I woke the kids up and we walked back down to our car and waited for the ferry to be parked on the harbor. "Do we get to see dad right away?" Alec asked tiredly. 

"No not right away, but guess what." 

"What?"  They both said together.

"Mommy has an interview and you guys get to go with Lou and Lux!" I said and they screamed in excitement.  Lou and I have never lost contact, it's just  hard to see each other face to face whenever she's with the boys most of the time and has Lux. Lou was staying at the hotel in Wales because the boys weren't there yet, so we're going to stay with her. "Grab as much as you can okay, and say thank you to the man who carries the rest." I said and they both nodded, grabbing their suitcases and Ciara grabbed her teddy while Alec grabbed his game boy  and suit cases. 

"Thank you." They said together whenever the man  took our stuff up to Lou's room. I knocked on the door and dropped everything to hug my long lost bestfriend. The kids ran in and started jumping on Lux who was getting way too old, making me feel like I was  a grand mother. "Lux, stop growing." I said whenever I pulled our suitcases in  the room. 

"I'm only 15?" She said with a  giggle and got off the bed to hug me.

"Only 15 she says." I say with a laugh and her mother nods.

"Heard you have an interview with mr.Ross himself?" Lux says and wiggles her eyebrows. She's so lucky to have a mom like Lou, knowing all the hair and makeup tricks.  

"Yeah, tomorrow actually." I told her and looked at the clock, it was only seven pm and I wanted to go out. "If I pay you, will you watch the kids for a few?" I asked and Lux nodded her head. 

"You don't have to pay me, I'm sure my mother made you babysit a few times whenever you were on tour with her." She giggled and laid down with the kids,  they were in love with her, Alec a little more than Ciara. Lou and I always said that they were going to get married but Lux was three years older than him and you could tell that bothered Alec a lot. 

"Just let me shower really quick?" I asked Lou and she nodded, telling me she couldn't wait to do something to my hair and face. I laughed and hopped in the shower really quick, washing out my hair and body, shaving my legs  quickly and drying off. I ran out in the room and looked through my suit case, "What do I wear?" I asked and Lux jumped up off  the bed.  She pulled out a tight black dress that had the back cut out of it and long sleeves. 

"Yes! And I'll wear a black dress too!" Lou said and pulled out a strapless, black peplum dress.  "Now, makeup." She she and sat me down on the chair, "not too dark and not too light either." She  said and I stood up, pulling my dress on.

"Daddy's going to wish he could  see you right now." Ciara  said.

"Aw thank you, baby." I  said and kissed her. "Okay, we're going!" I shoved my phone in my bra and we walked out of the hotel, arms linked and ready to take on Wales. "I feel  like we're too old for this.." I whispered to Lou while we waited for  the elevator to  take us down to ground level. 

"Braelynn, love. Age is just a number." She winked.

"I'll tell that to you whenever Harry marries Lux." I said and blew her a kiss.  She rolled  her eyes at me before laughing. 


The bars were packed and I was so drunk I could barely see. Lou was dancing next to me and we were white girl wasted, "We're defiantly too old  for this." I  slurred and she agreed. "Another drink?" I asked and we walked up to the bar tender and order another whiskey sour. 

"Is that Liam?" Lou asked and I snapped out of glaze of drunk and looked around. It was and standing next to him was Louis. "Is Niall here?" She asked me and shrugged, he didn't say he was going  out tonight. I told him I was but I never told him where. 

I turned my head and walked over to the boys, "Holy shit, Braelynn!" Louis said and wrapped his drunk arms around me.

"Is Niall here with you?" I slurred, trying to sound not as drunk as I was. 

"No,he's at Harry's place with him. Them and Zayn were being girls and didn't 'feel' like coming out with us." 

"Shitty, I have an interview tomorrow with  Johnathan Ross!" I screeched.

"We know, it's been all over twitter." 

"I need to get back to the hotel though, I have to get  up early in the morning, see you guys  soon." I said and kissed their cheeks before walking back with Lou. Thank Jesus the hotel was only down  the road from the bar, I needed sleep now if I was going to be ready for the interview tomorrow morning.

holy shit, that last part was rushed because i have to go to work! PLEASE ENJOY,  i lvoe you all  xxbella 


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