how could someone be so quiet, yet so loud.


1. *Prologue*

She sat in the same desk everyday,

always the first one in the classroom,

and last one out.

she never spoke a word,

never raised her hand,

and never got called on.

people talked around the school about her,

said she had moved here from Colorado, and that was all.

some called her weird, some called her mysterious, and most called her depressed.

Maybe she was all three,

maybe she was neither.

It never really dawned on me, because I never really thought about it.

I mean she was just one girl out of 200 in our school,

and I had much more important things to focus on, considering it's senior year.

prom, college, football, passing,

those were the only things that mattered.

but one moment changed everything,

one girl changed everything,

and those things I thought mattered,

didn't matter as much.































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