My life as I knew it

Carter Reynolds meets this girl and doesn't know what to do


1. My life as I knew it

Kelsey's  p.o.v.

I woke up this morning and did the usual routine. First i get in the shower then I get dressed and do my usual make up. A little bit of eye shadow and some black winged eyeliner and mascara. I get so concentrated on getting my wing right this time and then my mom calls me down to breakfast and I mess up my wing. "I'll be down in a minute let me finish my make up." I said as I was finishing my wing. When I'm done I skip down the stairs to the table and sit my my brother Matthew Espinosa. My name is kelsey Espinosa. I'm a junior (11th grade) and Matt's a senior (12th grade) so we head to school together we walk because we only live about five minutes away walking. We are like best friends more than siblings. "Hey kelsey are you going to eat your breakfast?" He asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "Yes I am I'm just thinking." I say taking a bite of my cinnamon pancakes my mom made for us. "Kelsey and Matt, me and your father made a decision. We are going to be sending kelsey with you to MagCon because we are going out of state for the month. (author's note: I don't know how long it last so go with it.) 

    Matt's p.o.v.
  My little sister is coming with me to MagCon that can't be happening. "She can't come with me she's a baby and we won't be able to to stuff that we usually do!" I said obviously angry. " I'm not a baby in 16 and I won't be holding you guys back from anything you do!" She said while objecting. " your a baby and nobody will like you there." I said while giving her the coldest glare I ever gave her. I really felt bad when she got up to go to her room while bawling . I sat there for a while trying to think of what to do. I go up the stairs and knock on her bedroom door then just walk in. "I'm really sorry I didn't mean anything I said when I realized it would be really fun with you there." I said trying my best to apologize she sat there and glared at me. "You said nobody would like me there and I'm a baby I'm only a year younger than you and you'll probably just exclude me from everything and just lose me in the crowd." She said while still bawling. " I won't lose you, you can probably hang out with Mahogany she's the DJ you can probably pick out a few songs. If you want." I said while getting my hopes up to see if she's still mad. I guess she saw this in my face when she says. " I'm not mad at you and I'm going to hang out with the guys and you too you know that right." She said smiling. " yes let's make a vine to tell them your going to be on the MagCon tour with us!" I said very excitedly. " hold on let me do my make up again. " a few minutes and concealer later she's ready to do the vine. " hey guys my sister Kelsey is going to me on the MagCon tour with us have fun and peace!" I said as she did a peace sign.


Kelsey's p.o.v.

I can't believe I'm going to be on the MagCon tour yay I thought. All of a sudden I thought is what if I get hate? What it the guys and mahogany don't like me? What if the fans don't like me and call me nasty names? I get all worried. Matt must've seen this on my face all my worry because he told me it would be fine and we are leaving tomorrow and I should start packing.


  Kelsey's Pov

I can't believe it took me 4 hours to pack  i mean I started packing at four and ended at eight. Well I'm glad I'm done packing because to me that's a lot of work to find what outfits that go together and pack them. I decide take a shower. So I take my iPhone into the bathroom and blast my music and take a shower while singing sorta loudly to the music. When I get out I see Matt walking around eating an apple while playing on his phone. He isn't looking at me so I quietly run to my room and I get in there safely and get dressed and go to bed. My last thoughts before I go to bed are this I going to be an interesting month.

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