New movella


1. intro

So this is just a stupid love story that will never happen to me. I'm gonna use different names for different people. Some of this story is true.



So this all starts off in my school.

It's the third week of school and I see this boy. His name is blake. We never talked much. I followed him on Instagram way before I knew him.

After a while I found his kik off of his Instagram. (Blake is in 3 classes with me) he also gave me hugs and talked to me a lot...

Anyway. I really liked him so I kiked him just to make sure we were friends...then I told him I liked him...after that he said he thought I was cute.

I was so happy! Soon he says he really likes me but never asks me out.

Then the other day he said he liked me as a friend...

All of that is true!

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