My New Step Brother

"No way am I going to live with him!!"I yelled
"Well, he is your new brother now."She snapped at me
"Correction Step Brother Mother...Plus, he is the baddest boy in this school he doesn't give a fuck about me!!" I snapped back
"Well to bad, he does now.. He is outside go be nice"She snapped back
I stepped out and saw my new "Step Brother" God damn, the two of the baddest boys in my school were my step brothers... Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson.... Great..


2. Chapter 2

Christas P.O.V

(I didn't explain it in my last chapter but Louis' parents died, so Zayns dad adopted Louis)

(Outfits on Polyvore) We finally arrived at the mall, and we went straight into Hot Topic to get me some Half Tops. Great just flipping great...I am not that kind of girl I hope they know that!! I got a blue Half Top, white shorts, white vans and a cropped leather jacket! Great, my brother is going to ruin my good girl reputation. Okay, I got to admit I was a real nerd. I wore glasses, skirts, button up shirts, you name it I wore it basically... Now I am some punk rock teenage girl, who can't even see because they broke my glasses.
"I told you guys, I cant see!!!" I said as I ran into the wall.
"Ouch"Zayn said as he picked me up.
"Lets get you some contacts then.... Oh what color eyes do you want"He asked
"Hmm, lets try light blue"I said
He got me the contacts and immediately saw clearer. I couldn't believe what I was wearing, I am half-naked, I am usually fully clothed in like a dress and nerdy glasses, and vans with knee socks.Yeah I know total dork right?Thats why I dont have many friends.But just wait till I get into school tomorrow, every girl will want to be my friend and my crush Andrew will finally love me...Hopefully.............
*The Next Day*
I wore the outfit, I was really nervous. As I walked into the school all I got was dirty looks from the teachers that loved me.All the girls were staring at me in awe, like 'I want to be her'.All the boys I passed were like "You have a nice but" or "Whose she?". Then I passed my crush Andrew, but I wanted to cry because of what I saw. He was snogging Ellie! I thought Eliie was my friend, guess not. I saw John, and I ran in crying to his arms.

"John, help please I don't know what to do anymore"I said

"I'm sorry Christa, I can't do anything about it."he said"but I can beat him up if you want..."

"Nah, that's Louis and Zayns job"I said"besides your a weakling"

John started to pretend cry. Then Zayn and Louis came over and I went into Louis' arms and started crying. He then picked me up bridal style, and sat down and cradled me in his arms. He tried calming me down, but it was no use, I just kept crying.

"Chrissy, who did this to you?"Zayn asked

"Andrew, he was snogging Ellie, ya know the new girl"I said

"Ah the new girl, she is pretty hot." Zayn said "I'll tell Liam to break her in. That will make Andrew not like her anymore. Then I will break Andrew"

"Thanks big brother, I love you"I said

Wait woah woah woah! Did I just say that? Did I just say I loved him? When did I ever love Zayn? I have always hated him, and when would he do anything for me?

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