My New Step Brother

"No way am I going to live with him!!"I yelled
"Well, he is your new brother now."She snapped at me
"Correction Step Brother Mother...Plus, he is the baddest boy in this school he doesn't give a fuck about me!!" I snapped back
"Well to bad, he does now.. He is outside go be nice"She snapped back
I stepped out and saw my new "Step Brother" God damn, the two of the baddest boys in my school were my step brothers... Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson.... Great..


1. Chapter 1

Christas P.O.V

Ugh, Middle School 8th grade. I hate it, even though 8th grade just started.I hate it a lot. Especially since next year, I go into highschool, and the baddest of bad boys of last year are now there. They all hit on me, well only Liam,Niall, and Harry,but Harry is a very very cheeky boy. He pinched my butt a couple of times, and well kissed me a few times during recess, and I hated those kisses. But I kinda miss him, I don't know why, but its kinda lonely. Anyway, then there is the baddest of the bad boys, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. God I've always hated their guts. I wanted puke everytime I was near them.They were gross, they made out with every girl in that school but me. Ha, I am the lucky one I guess. Quite happy, that they didn't kiss me..

*Lunch Time*
"Hey John!" I screamed across the cafeteria 
"Hey Chrissy!!" He yelled
"Don't ever call me that again, you know thats what Harry called me and it made me melt!" I whispered to him when he came closer..Everyone just stared when he yelled that, the only time anyone said that nickname is when the bad boys were coming back. They all looked away and they all started to worry. Before you knew it, Bad Boys 1,2,3 (Niall,Liam, and Cheeky Harry) came in. They had sunglasses on, tank tops, beanies and of course jeans. Great... Oh I forgot to mention, they moved here from England, so to fit in they started being the bad boys of the school.. Then before you know it, Bad Boys 4 and 5 came in, wearing the same thing as the boys but with leather jackets. All the girls were staring, all of them were screaming and they were like: "OMG its them, they're hotter in person" or "Look how Muscular they're now" and "PLEASE MARRY ME BOYS". But I wasn't like any of that me and John went to go sit in the corner of the cafeteria with our other friends, Jordan and Sam. They weren't always sitting here, but today they decided to. 
"Guess whose back for today"I said
"Lemme guess, Bad Boys 1-5" Sam said
"How did ya guess?" I asked
"One John yelled Chrissy earlier, and two"She said then gulped "They're right behind you"
I then gulped and change my facial expression to an 'I don't give a fuck look'.
"Well Well Boys, look who we have here, future Miss. Malik."Tomlinson said
"What do you mean Ms.Malik?" I asked
"Didn't you hear the news?"Malik asked
"My Dad and your Mum are getting married"He said
I am going to have a 19 year old brother, and a 20 year old brother.(They got held back a a couple of times,oh who am I kidding a lot of times!)Great, my two own bad boy brothers. Just what every girl wants.
"Now come along 'Sis' were going shopping because I am not going to be seen with you wearing that" He said referring to my Good Girl clothes like me wearing all pink and all that girly stuff.
"I am not going anywhere.."I said to them..
Zayn snapped his fingers and before you knew it. Harry lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder.
"See you tomorrow I guess John" I said "Text me later"
"Kk"He said
Before I knew it and I passed my crushes table and waved to Andrew. He waved back, and Zayn got mad. 
"Oh and from now on I choose who you date.."He said with a smirk.
"Fuck you Zayn"I said
"Oi, watch it"He said"Just because I am a bad boy doesn't mean I want my baby sister cursing"
Oh yeah I skipped a grade because I am smart.
"Now lets get you to the mall.."He said

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