Ex and Oh

Boys are stupid.
Now I don't mean in the way as they get bad marks and fail at school.
They are stupid when it comes to girls.
No boy really understands a girl's mind. Imagine our minds as a vast, complex maze. Boy logic is to find the exit in order to win a girls heart. While in reality, it is to go deeper in the maze, get lost a couple of times, and finally make it to the middle where our golden hearts behold.
That my friend, is my analogy of love. Love is never a clear path, and the only way to find the exit is if you by that clear path.
Arizona never wanted to get tangled up with a huge problem. When her ex-boyfriend arrives with a cute boy, she will never live the quiet life again.


2. Chapter Two - Faces

I stood in front of the entrance to the house, lost in words. There were five utterly gorgeous people standing on the old welcome mat.

"C-c-can I help you?" I asked, dumbfounded. 

"Yes, I believe we are here for lunch," A woman in the crowd said. I almost wanted to hit my head against the wall because of my horrible fail.

"Right, sorry, come in," I stuttered. I moved to my right so they can get inside. The first person that entered was a little girl. She was dressed in a pair or denim overalls covered in flowers. Her hair was up in two, adorable pigtails. She giggled and ran to the kitchen. The mother came in quickly, removing her shoes, and ran after the little girl. Next up was a boy a few years younger than me. He was dressed in all black, and I guessed he was going through his rebellious years, because his hair was a bright teal colour. I kept my eye on him for a few seconds, and looked at who remained. 

"I hope you don't mind, but I brought a friend!" One of the two said. My heart skipped a beat when I saw the boy that said that. He was gorgeous. His light brown hair fell onto his forehead in flowing curls. His eyes were a hazel colour that popped out against his attire. He wore a black muscle tee with a pair of dark jeans. On his feet were a pair of red converse, that matched his bandanna he wore around his head. 

" Oh, its not a proble-" I got cut off when I saw the person he brought. It was a familiar face, but I couldn't quite tell who it was.

"You look like you are familiar with him, this is Tran." The first boy pulled out his hand from his pocket, and held it out for a hand shake. I stood there, still staring at the familiar boy. "My name is Ashton, if you are wondering," The first boy said, and awkwardly put his hand back. I now remember Tran. He was my first ever boyfriend that I had, but we broke up last summer. After that, he moved across the city and I never heard of him again. He changed so much that I could hardly remember. His dark brown hair was not breached to white, and his icy blue eyes glared coldly at me.

"Ok this is awkward, can I come inside?" Ashton asked.

"Why didn't you tell me we were coming to her house?" Tran whispered.

"So you know her! Great, now can we eat or something?"

I motioned with my hand that they can come in, and tensed when Tran walked by.

"So what is your history together?" Ashton said as we made our way to the kitchen. I waited for Tran to say it, but he kept his mouth shut. After a few seconds, I explained, "We dated in the beginning of high school... for a really long time. But we broke up." 

We all came into the kitchen, and Ashton's mother was helping my mom finish up the food.

"That's cool!" Ashton snapped, "So why did you break up?"

"Reasons." Tran yelled. The whole kitchen went silent expect for the little girl that was playing with a toy car, making fake engine noises. My mother looked at me with a confused look and all eyes were on Tran. 

"Lunch is ready," Ashton's mother said hesitantly, breaking the silence. 



Sorry that this chapter is short. I apologize if there is any grammar or spelling errors. I hope you enjoy. I will try to upload chapters at least 3-4 times a week. I appreciate all of the support and that I hope you will enjoy this series. If you are curious, the image of the girl in the first image is the main character, and the picture of the boy is in Tran. None of the images belong to me!

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