Ex and Oh

Boys are stupid.
Now I don't mean in the way as they get bad marks and fail at school.
They are stupid when it comes to girls.
No boy really understands a girl's mind. Imagine our minds as a vast, complex maze. Boy logic is to find the exit in order to win a girls heart. While in reality, it is to go deeper in the maze, get lost a couple of times, and finally make it to the middle where our golden hearts behold.
That my friend, is my analogy of love. Love is never a clear path, and the only way to find the exit is if you by that clear path.
Arizona never wanted to get tangled up with a huge problem. When her ex-boyfriend arrives with a cute boy, she will never live the quiet life again.


3. Chapter Three - Flutter

         The sound of forks and knives scraping against the half empty plates echoed through the silent room. Everybody sat around the table, squirming awkwardly, trying not to make eye contact. I looked down at my plate, slowly munching away on the salad. I can feel the hot glare of Tran's eyes on me, and the amused look on Ashton's face. 

"So Ashton, how old are you?" My mom asked, breaking the silence.

"I'm 20 years old!" He chirped. I almost choke on my food and start coughing. All this time I thought that he was around 16, because of his round checks and large eyes.

"So does that mean you are in university, or have a job?" 

"No," A big smile crept along his face, "I just sorta play in a band. It sort of explains why I still live with my mom,"

"How did you and Tran meet?" I interrupted their conversation. The smile grew even larger on his face.

"We met during a jam session in downtown. We are actually dating." Tran stabbed his chicken hard enough to make me flinch. I tried my best to not drop my jaw and show all of my chewed food.

"That's nice! Are you going to stay here Tran?" Mom wondered.

"Yes." He answered abruptly.

"That means you are going back to the same high school as Arizona?" I covered my face with my hands, trying to hide the hatred in my face. All of these questions and answers were filling up my mind so much that my head started to hurt.

"May I be excused?" I whispered. I got up and stomped away, not waiting for an answer. I ran into my room and buried my head into my pillow. I screamed all of my anger out silently, and curled up into a little ball on my bed. I was not sure why I was feeling all of these mixed feelings. Anger, sadness and jealousy. I should be happy for Tran, that he found somebody he liked and got over me. The truth is, deep down, there was a small part of me that never got over him. I refused for months to talk to anybody, and secluded myself in my small little world. The moment I step outside of my bubble, he comes running back into my life. 

A knock on my door startles me, and I rub away all the evidence of my tears. My mom walks in with guilt plastered on her face. 

"There is cake downstairs if you want." I glare at her, trying to show her that I would rather be alone. She understands and leaves with a sigh. I pull myself up and sit crouched on my bed, surrounded by tear soaked pillows. I made sure that my mom wasn't waiting outside the door, and got up to grab my black hoodie. I pulled it over my head, and read the words printed on it. Live Forever Young. I grabbed my favorite book, "The Uglies" and started reading it from the beginning. 

Footsteps approached my door, and I tensed up. I could hear the person having difficulties opening the door, so I open it up to see Ashton with a grin on his face. He holds up two plates with slices of cake on each. I sigh and let him inside my room. I sit down on my bed, and he takes a seat on the very edge. He hands me one of the slices, and I dig into the chocolate cake. For a few seconds, I enjoyed my slice in peace, when he leans over and steals the strawberry on top. 

"Hey!" I yell, giggling. I kick him lightly with my foot and he smiles. He looks over to the piles of music compositions lying all over the room.

"You can sing?" He asks.

"I guess," I respond. He gets up and starts to make his way to the door. Right before he leaves, he says,

"At the end of the week, we are having auditions for singers, for my band. I would love to see you there." 



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