Ex and Oh

Boys are stupid.
Now I don't mean in the way as they get bad marks and fail at school.
They are stupid when it comes to girls.
No boy really understands a girl's mind. Imagine our minds as a vast, complex maze. Boy logic is to find the exit in order to win a girls heart. While in reality, it is to go deeper in the maze, get lost a couple of times, and finally make it to the middle where our golden hearts behold.
That my friend, is my analogy of love. Love is never a clear path, and the only way to find the exit is if you by that clear path.
Arizona never wanted to get tangled up with a huge problem. When her ex-boyfriend arrives with a cute boy, she will never live the quiet life again.


1. Chapter One - Flaws

        It is always said that nobody is perfect, that everybody has their flaw. Sometimes I like to imagine that I'm perfect, but every time I look into the dusty old mirror that is nailed to my wall in my room, I can always point  out the minor flaws I have. They may seem inevitable to other peoples eyes, but most of the time that's all I can see in my self. My eyes are a shade of blue to dull to be considered artificial. My hair comes in clumps of orange frizzy hair that never wants to be manageable. My nose is slightly crooked due to it being broken several times by my cousin. And finally, the flood of freckles that disperses through out my face. They're you go, a list of the things that I consider flaws. I classify my self as the complete opposite from all of those bleach blonde beauties. My mother keeps on convincing me that these flaws are what make me beautiful and unique, and finally I have come to accept these flaws. Just like all of those Hannah Montana's songs, nobody is perfect.

      Summer was just nearing to an end, meaning that I was going into my third year of high school. My favourite thing about summer is being able to lounge around in bed and catch up on all of the sleep that you lose during school time. The only bad part about it was that you had to eventually get up and do something with your life.

"Rise and shine, beautiful!" My mothers voice rang in my ears as she opened my door. I answered with a grunt and turned away from her. Her right hand went on her hip and she pointed her spatula at me. 

"Young lady, we have guests coming over soon so you better get up and shove some food down your throat," 

I shot strait up and got out of bed.

"Guests? Why didn't you tell me earlier!" I exclaimed. I rushed to my closet to pick out some clothing to wear. I stuck my hand into the drawer and pulled out the first shirt I got a grab on. It was a ivory, long sleeved shirt with a row of daisies on the bottom. 

"I tried to twenty minutes ago, but you didn't even budge," 

"So who are these guests?" Next up was bottoms. I picked out a pair of worn out leggings that were to long on me.

"A new family that just moved in. They live right down the street. I heard they have many kids and thought that you would like to meet some new people before school started. Now I have to go and make sure I didn't just burn all food I was preparing."  


      I slipped into the outfit I just created and my thoughts went wild. New neighbours with lots of kids, does this mean new friends. I don't think I mentioned, but me plus making friends is usually a disaster. I have social anxiety, so when ever I try to speak to somebody new, I end up embarrassing myself and never talking to them again. On the bright side the kids probably wont be my age so if something does ever happen, I wont get to ever see them again.


       I combed my hair, which ended up getting stuck and resulting in me pulling it out with all of my force. I look up to the clock and it was almost noon. That meant that the guests would be arriving soon to eat lunch. I once again stared at the mirror, and listened to the tick of the clock as seconds passed by. I took out my make up and kept it simple. Some eye-liner on my top lip, mascara, and blush on the apples of my cheeks. I popped in a piece of minty gum in my mouth and crossed my fingers that it would help my dog breath. 


     I strolled into the kitchen and the aroma of food surrounded me, and my stomach started growling like a hungry bear. I plopped down onto the couch and waited for the guests to arrive. 


"Do you think you can distract them with your magnificent singing, I might need another half hour to finish up here." My mother sighed. Beads of sweat started to form on her face while she rushed to finish the meal.

"I'll keep them distracted with out my singing!" I giggled. You heard right, I can sing. I love singing more than anything else in the world. I have been doing it ever since I can remember, which is a while. Of course, I don't have an unrealistic dream to become a star singer or a supper star. I find that it would be a lot better for me to become something more low stream, like a teacher or a lawyer. I tensed up as I realized the scheme my mother created. She planed to take extra time to cook in order for me to communicate and get to know these neighbours. 


       The door bell ringed and sweat started to also break out around my face. A moan escaped my lips and I ran to get the door. I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the door. 



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