Ex and Oh

Boys are stupid.
Now I don't mean in the way as they get bad marks and fail at school.
They are stupid when it comes to girls.
No boy really understands a girl's mind. Imagine our minds as a vast, complex maze. Boy logic is to find the exit in order to win a girls heart. While in reality, it is to go deeper in the maze, get lost a couple of times, and finally make it to the middle where our golden hearts behold.
That my friend, is my analogy of love. Love is never a clear path, and the only way to find the exit is if you by that clear path.
Arizona never wanted to get tangled up with a huge problem. When her ex-boyfriend arrives with a cute boy, she will never live the quiet life again.


4. Chapter Four - Affair


I hated going to parties. I never had any friends to go with, other than Sonya, but she was always to busy to go. Sonya was my best friend, and also my music partner. She would play the piano, and I would sing along. I have known her for only a couple of years, but as cheesy as it may sound, I feel like I have known her since I worn diapers. 


    The party that I was going to was a "Welcome back to hell/school" party. As you can guess, my one and only mother forced me to attend. One of the perfect, gets all the guys, girl was hosting the party in her apartment thanks to her parents that spoil her. They hired caterers, a band, and everything else you can think of. My black combat boots trudged along the paved path leading to the apartment building. With a big sigh, I walked into the elevator. I was surrounded by walls of mirrors, and couldn't help but cringe at what I was wearing. I used my famous method of wearing the first thing I grabbed, and didn't bother to check twice before I left the house. My hair was in a side braid, with a black beanie slopped on top of my head, which said "stay weird" in bold, white letters. I wore a baggy white tee with a pair of dark blue ripped boyfriend. I couldn't help but chuckle to the fact that these jeans were Tran's. I crossed my fingers and toes and hopped he wouldn't notice that I never gave them back. 


     I heard a ding and was relieved that the elevator ride was over. The elevator took me all the way to the top, where I assumed was where the party was. A man offered to take my coat, but stopped mid way through his sentence when he saw I was wearing a tee. 


"Your name, miss?" A woman sitting behind a desk asked. I could hear the music booming and the yells of the drunk people through the walls. 

"Arizona, Arizona Johnson," I yelled over the sounds. She quickly scanned over a page and gave me a small nod.

     A whiff of alcohol overwhelms me as I enter the doors. The first thing that catches my eyes is the band that played outside on the roof. The bright lights shone a spot light onto the familiar acquaintance, Ashton. He was playing the drums, and he was phenomenal. It went in perfect beat with the song and heart beats of everybody's hearts. For only a second, our eyes meet, and I look down blushing. The crowd kept on getting larger around the band, until it was out of sight. I walk away with a tinge of disappointment in my stomach. I took a seat on a high stool at the bar, and waved my hand to get the attention of the bartender.


"Can I get something?" I ask with a fake smile, leaning in a bit.

"ID? Unless you want some water." He said with a grindy look on his face. It was obvious he hated his job. 

"Come on," I look at his name tag, biting my lip, " Matt, how about we let this one slip. Just one drink?"

"Nice try kid, buzz off." He left to serve another person. I gave him a pouting face, and turn back to the band. They were already finished the song, and taking a break. The clank of a glass made me jump out of my seat. I turn to see a boy with a beautiful smile, dimples growing at the corners of his mouth. Ashton. 

"Here you go, lonely girl," He passes a drink that I could not identify. I take a sip of the drink and almost laugh out loud. Instead of getting me a real drink, he gave me a shot glass filled with apple juice. 

"Enjoying your apple juice?" He asks. In his hand was a glass of some sort of strong alcohol. 

"You're a drinker," The question slips out of mouth before I can stop it. His giggle rings through out my ears.

"Only sometimes!" He yells over the booming speakers, "Where are all of your friends?"

"Got none," I look down at my drink awkwardly.

"What about me, lonely girl?" A big smile spread across my face against my permission. His strong Australian accent always seemed to brighten up my mood. 

"Just maybe," I let out a giggle. 

"Wanna dance?" He asked. Before I can reject, he grabs my hand and pulls me into the ocean of drunk people.


      Dancing was the one thing I could never do. Every time I try to even move one of limbs, it ends up into a disaster. The flashing lights and the pushing people made me start to lose Ashton. Panicked, I reach out for his hand and grab it, lacing my fingers with his. I can feel the big grin of his face and the second-takes of strangers. He turns around to face me, and stares with amusement at my terrified face. 

"Just go with the flow!" He smirks. My head started to get dizzy, and I can feel my legs get weak. I start to lean onto Ashton, and he could feel my tension building up. He starts to dance, and grabbed my hands. I started to move my feat around, trying to copy the people around me. Ashton waved my arms around, making me throw my head back and laugh. I slowly started to relax, and in no time I was dancing in sync with Ashton. We were no more then a few inches away from each other. Smiles were painted onto both of our faces. I wrap my arms around his neck, and he slowly leans in. I dodge his head and put my head onto his shoulder. He smelled amazing, like drum sticks, the ocean, and vanilla all mixed together. A slow song started to play, and we rock back and forth in each other arms. I can feel him gently pull me off, and I knew that I took it to far. The next thing I knew it, his hand cupped my face and his lips pressed up against mine tenderly. He pulled away, his eyes twinkling. I stood there in shock for a few moments. 

"Why?" I asked, dumbfounded. He took a step back and thought for a moment. He turned around, and ran away from me. I ran after him, yelling his name, but he got devoured by the crowd. My eyes started to tear up and my knees buckled and I fell to the ground. People pulled me up back to my unsteady feet and I made my way to the exit. Nothing seemed clear, and my mind was racing. The last thing that caught my eye before I left the roof top was Tran yelling at Ashton. 






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