Ex and Oh

Boys are stupid.
Now I don't mean in the way as they get bad marks and fail at school.
They are stupid when it comes to girls.
No boy really understands a girl's mind. Imagine our minds as a vast, complex maze. Boy logic is to find the exit in order to win a girls heart. While in reality, it is to go deeper in the maze, get lost a couple of times, and finally make it to the middle where our golden hearts behold.
That my friend, is my analogy of love. Love is never a clear path, and the only way to find the exit is if you by that clear path.
Arizona never wanted to get tangled up with a huge problem. When her ex-boyfriend arrives with a cute boy, she will never live the quiet life again.


5. Chapter Five - Attract

      School always seemed to get worse every year. The longer the day continues, the more and more you want to get out of your classroom and run in joy to home. Last nights events clouded my brain so much, I couldn't concentrated on the science lesson I should have been listening. Instead I dozed off, drooling and craving apple juice.

"Arizona!" I jolted up and woke up out of my dream. My teacher had her arms crossed across her chest, and one hip was popped out. "Tell me, do opposite forces attract or repel?" I sat there in silence, and a few chuckles echoed through the room. Way to go, embarrass yourself on the first day, dumb ass. 

"I'm ashamed of you, you should have learned this," The tone in the teachers voice made a shiver travel down my spine. "Opposite forces attract, so that means like forces?"

"Repel," I whisper.

"Good, now class, don't forget to finish the homework I gave you."


     I practically ran out of the room when I heard the bell. I decided I was going to drop by Ashton's place and confront him. What ever he did back at the party needed to be explained. I hopped onto the bus that would stop at the front of the street. The first house to the left belonged to Ashton. I approached the home, and I could see Ashton's mother yelling at the neighbor's kids. The children were playing with a Frisbee, and the horrible thrower seemed to of damaged the flowers in her front lawn. 


"Good afternoon Mrs.Irwin!" I give her a wave.

"HI there Arizona! To bad you missed desert the other day." She gave me a big smile, and I could tell that is where Ashton got his adorable dimples from . I give her a nod, and opened the door. Before I managed to touch the doorknob, the door flew open. In the frame was Ashton's younger brother. Today, his hair was dyed a neon orange. 

"Hi, uh," I realized that I never caught his name.

"Sniper," He whispers. I give him a frown, "But my biological name is Charles." 

"Is Ashton home?" I peak inside to see Ashton stumble out of his room.

      He is rubbing his eyes with his fists, and his steps were uneven. It is obvious he is hung over. Now that I think about it, he did have a lot of alcohol at the party. My checks started to feel hot because all he was wearing was some sweatpants. His eyes widen when he sees me. I stomp into the home, and he brings me to his room. His blinds were down, giving a dark, eerie atmosphere, making me shudder. His walls were covered with layers and layers of band posters. His bed was unmade, and clothes were sprawled through out the floor.  

"Why are you here so early," He moans.

"Its 3 pm!" I yell, "What the hell was that back there at the party? You just left-" He put his index finger on my lips, forcing me to stop rambling. 

"Trust me, I had to much to drink to remember yesterday," His eyes were red from crying, and his face had a mixture of confusion and sorrow."

"Are you ok?" I hesitantly ask. 

"Lets see, Tran broke up with me for no reason, and I don't really remember your name." My checks fluster with furry. Out of all the things he could of forgotten, it was my name. On the bright side, he doesn't remember a single thing that happened between us. 

"Now why are you here in my room?"

Think fast, think good.

"I was going to ask you for a song suggestion. I need one to audition right?"

Dammit, I wasn't planing on going, now I practically forced myself to go. Great. 

"Oh I remember you, Arizona. Yea, sing something rock style. I'm happy you are coming." I give him a smile, and he grins back. 

"Cya," I leave his room, and walk out of his house. 

"By the way, you look cute in your outfit!" I turn to see Ashton's head poking out of the window. I wave goodbye and mouth thanks. "You should use less eyeliner though!" I stop in my tracks, absorbing the compliment and criticism I just got. I turn back to Ashton, hoping that his head it still poking out from the window.

"Hey, want to get some food?" I ask, yelling. His dimples reappear as his smile appears on his perfect face.

"Sure, I'll be down in a few minutes!"

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