The Stars Hide Lies (There Will Be Lies Competition Story)

Haley Woodbanks has survived a deadly car crash, at a cost. Her mother died in the accident and she doesn't remember much. Her dad has become crazy with this promise he made to protect her. And she can't seem to remember a Saturday night party.
As her time at Nebraska Hospital becomes longer, she starts to find pieces of her past that she has forgotten. And the pieces of her life puzzle get put together to reveal a forbidden truth.


2. Missing Pieces

While eating lunch with Michael, I started to get a bad headache. I put my spoon down and put my head in my hands.

Michael leaned over and started rubbing my back, softly. "It's okay. It's just from the accident." He repeated these words over and over until I could pick up my head again. He smiled, his genuine white teeth peeking out. "Better?"

I nod and go back to eating. I pick up my spoon and head for the applesauce, which has been unoccupied all lunch.

Immediately, the spoons jerks from my hand and my head falls into my hands again. But this time, I don't close my eyes until the pain's gone. Instead, I get memories.

The song boomed over the speakers, and my hips were swaying all over the place. I put my hands out  and look to the girl next to me, smiling like a maniac.

Oh, it's Monica, my best friend. Her blonde hair was flying out of its ponytail, going in all directions. I grab her hands and swayed her along with me and the beat. The DJ turned up the music and put on colorful lights, which sprayed all over the place.

Everyone on the dance floor screamed. We threw our hands up, asking for more. The DJ just smiled and sprayed confetti on us. We screamed some more.

Monica looked straight at me and laughed. "It's all in your hair!" I couldn't completely understand her over the music, but she spoke loud enough for me to hear. I laughed with her and pointed to her. "It's in yours too!"

We threw our heads back and kept dancing. We danced and danced until the song was over, then found something better to do for a little while.

Monica grabbed my hand and pointed to a circle. "Look, Spin the Bottle! Let's go play!" She jumped up and down and ran over, pulling me along.

Sounds fun enough, I thought.

"Jack, we wanna play too!" Monica and I took a seat next to Jack. He nodded and gave the bottle a huge spin. In the few seconds before the bottle stopped, I looked around to see who was playing. I knew most of them from school; Jack, Rodney, Izzy, Hannah, Melissa, Harry, and Kelly. But some, I didn't know. For instance, the girl sitting next to Harry, who had her arm around him. Or the girl sitting between Kelly and Melissa, who seemed overly excited to play. And, the guy sitting next to Izzy, who looks to have been forced to play, like me. Not interested at all.

The bottle started to slow and I finally noticed where it was heading. Me. It, unfortunately, did stop on me.

"Well, Haley's up. Girls, stand back. Guy spin time." As Jake said that, he looked up at me and winked. What a guy, I thought. I just rolled my eyes.

He gave the bottle another spin, but this time, I payed close attention to where it was going. Right towards Mystery Boy. He seemed to notice it too. For a second, worry passed over his eyes.

It slowed. And slowed. And ended on him.

"Sebastian, that's you." Jake gave him a look as he stood up and walked towards me. I could feel my body getting hot.

Jack looked to Monica. "Monica, what should they do?"

She put a hand on her chin and started to think. "Hmm. I guess I'll have to torture her, since she's my best friend." She looked over at me and gave me her mischievous glare. Oh no.

She jumped up after a few seconds. "Ooh! Seven minutes in heaven!" She smiled and looked towards us. Awkward.

I looked over at Sebastian, who looked right back at me. I started to walk upstairs to the unoccupied bedrooms, Sebastian slowly trailing behind.

"We're counting!" Someone yelled from downstairs. I was too zoned out to figure out who it was.

I knock on a door. No answer. I push it open and turn on the light. Sebastian walks in a moment later and closes the door.

I walk over to the perfectly made bed and sit. Sebastian sits next to me.

"I've never done this before." His voice is in the middle of high and low, not scruffy at all. His black hair was falling into his face, which was starting to sweat. Even though his hair was in his face, I could see his blue eyes perfectly. His skin was tan, but not dark. He was beautiful.

I let out a chuckle. "Well, I've never been kissed."
Sebastian looks over at me and I look right back. There's seems to be a moment of silence before he responds.

"Neither have I."

Then, we're kissing.

It's not rough. His lips are soft against mine, his pressure gentle. He doesn't shove his tongue down my throat, which I'm thankful for. It's not wet. It's just, passionate.

The kiss deepened slowly, going from soft to full-on in about a minute. Sebastian cups my cheeks with his hands, which are also soft. I put my hand in the hair on the back of his neck, pulling him a little closer.

His hands move from my cheeks to my back. Then, from my back to my hips. I don't object. He doesn't try anything funny. Neither do I. We just kiss.

I eventually break off, but not far. He opens his eyes, which were also closed. He just stares at me, his blue eyes wide with wonder.

I smile and go back to my old sitting position. I lay my head on his square shoulder. He grabs my hand and holds it. Nothing more.

After a few minutes of pure beauty, someone yells,"Time's up, you two!"

I push my head up, with great effort. I don't want to move. I just want to stay here, peacefully.

He turns to me and hands me his phone. "Here, give me your number. Maybe we can get in touch sometime."

I nod and put in my number, putting my name as 'Haley <3'. I take a picture of me, but he quickly dives into the photo too, smiling. I text myself, sending me the picture. After a second, my phone beeps. I open it and mark the new number as 'Sebastian <3'.

I return his phone, which he smiles at. I kiss him on the cheek before running downstairs to my friends.

"Haley? Haley!" My shoulder is being shaken by a strong, firm hand. I open my eyes and look up.

Michael is still sitting next to me, but my head isn't in my hands. It's in Michael's lap.

He lets out a breath of relief. "I thought something bad had happened to you. What happened?"

I sit up and pick up my applesauce spoon once again. "I remember part of the party."

Michael's face is covered in a big smile. "That's great! What do you remember?"

That's what makes me drop the spoon again. Monica. The dancing. Spin the Bottle. Jake. Sebastian. The kiss. Sebastian's number in my phone. The photo we took. I remember it all.

In an instant, Michael's face is replaced with worry. "Sorry. I won't ask again."

I nod and get up, throwing away the applesauce I never touched. Then, I head back to my room.


Once I get back to my room, I go right to bed. It's around four but I don't care. I'm tired. The thoughts from the party are covering my mind. I go to bed hoping I'll dream about them. And sure enough, I do.


I wake up the next day at nine, with a hunger pulling at my stomach. I look over at the phone on my nightstand, the screen lit up with a notification. Then, it hits me. The picture!

I thrust my hands out and frantically grab the phone. I go straight to photos. And sure enough, there it is.

Me and Sebastian, smiling. My hazelnut hair is frizzy. Sebastian's hair is in his eyes. I can see his blue eyes perfectly. They're so pretty.

I go into my Messages, finding 80 unread messages. Most are from Monica and Sebastian, who I now remember.

I open up the chat with Monica and send her a long text about everything that happened, including all the things I forgot. She doesn't respond so I move onto Sebastian. I don't bother sending him a text. I call instead.

After three rings, someone picks up.

"H-hello?" It sounds like...

"Sebastian?" I pull the phone closer to my ear, hoping it's him.

"Haley?" I let out a sigh of relief as a tear of pure joy runs down my cheek. It's him.

"Yes. It's me."

I can hear him let out a breath of relief. "Are you okay? I thought you died. You never responded."

Then, I tell him everything. Every detail. Everything I remember. Everything I forgot. Everything I still don't remember.

I can tell we both started to cry a little. "I'm sorry about your mom."

"It's okay. I'm just glad you're okay."

"Yeah, just been worried sick about you. Monica and I have been hanging out at my place the last week, talking about you."

I let another tear run down my cheek. Monica.

"Well, I have to go eat and take my meds. Can we talk later?"

"How about I drive up? If I get a few outfits and my other necessary things, eat, shower, pick up Monica, we can be there by 12."

I start to cry of happiness again. "Sounds amazing."

We say goodbye and hang up. I disconnect my machines and turn off my humidifier. I pick up the tray next to me and the pills and eat. At around 10, my dad comes in.

"Hey baby-doll. I didn't see you for dinner last night."

I shrug. "Was tired. I remembered part of the party from that Saturday."

My dad grabs my hand and squeezes it. "That's great."

My dad cuddles me for a little while, before a nurse comes in to give me a shot.

I long for the moment when Sebastian and Monica will walk through my door. I read until they come, which probably isn't good for my head injury.

After a few moment of reading, I drift off.


It feels like only seconds before I wake up.

"Haley." The words drift into my ear. I recognize that voice.

I open my eyes and look up. Sebastian and Monica were sitting at my bedside.

"Guys." I smile, more than happy to see them. Monica reaches for my hand, reminding me of when she did the same thing when we were dancing. Sebastian, on the other hand, kisses me on the cheek and strokes my hair.

I sit up, not losing vision of my two best friends. "What time is it?"

Sebastian turns on his phone and looks down. "3:30."

I nod. I don't really care what time it is. I'm just glad they're here.

Monica finally speaks. "We haven't head from you in almost three weeks. We were so worried about you, Haley."

I smile up at her. "I was worried about you guys too. The minute I remembered you two I couldn't stop worrying."

Monica smiled. "You look like crap."

I look down at myself. I knew I had a gauze wrapped around my forehead. I also had a cast, which surprisingly gave my arm a lot more freedom to move than I thought a cast would.

"Thanks." I shoot back at her, emotionlessly.

Sebastian grabs some of my hair in between his tan. long fingers. "I think she looks as beautiful as ever."

Monica lays back in her seat and lets out a laugh. "That's love, boy."

Sebastian smiles at the words, but doesn't stop looking at me.

I hear a shuffling from the door and turn my head towards it. Monica and Sebastian turn too. It was Michael.

"Hey Michael. This is my best friend, Monica." I put a hand out towards Monica. She waves. "And my boyfriend, Sebastian." I gesture towards Sebastian, who also waves.

Michael waves back and walks in. He sits on the other side of my bed. "I came to see how you were after yesterday. You blacked out, then left in an instant. I was afraid something bad had happened."

Sebastian's grip on my hair tightened, as well as Monica's grip on my hand.

"Well, I may have said this yesterday, but I was remembering that party I was struggling to remember. I also remembered these two." I look towards them.

He nods, not asking for further explanation. "Are you and your friends coming to lunch? Or have you already eaten?"

I shake my head. "No. I was gonna go down in a few." Michael nods and walks out, without another word.

After we hear him long gone down the hallway, Sebastian asks, "Who was he?"

"He's the son of the family we hit. He's been keeping me company for the past three weeks."

They nod, but Sebastian gave me a look. Let's talk about that later.

Just then, my dad walks in, smiling.

"Heard you two were around." He walks over and gives Monica a hug. "Hi, Mr.Woodbanks." Then, he walks towards Sebastian, shaking his hand. "Hello, Sir."

My dad kisses me on the head. "I'll leave you guys to catch up. But I have to talk to you later, Haley."

I nod, and my father leaves the room.


Monica, Sebastian, Michael, and I all have lunch together. Then, we go back to my room as Michael goes to his sister. They tell me all that I missed. Since it was summer, I didn't miss any school. I did miss a lot of work time, though. Apparently, Monica tried to fill in for me, but I'll just have to tell my boss when I get back.

I told them all about Michael, the family that we hit, and what happened while I was here. I even told them the story I overheard.

"So, he said that you're not his daughter?" Sebastian squeezed my hand.

I nod and squeeze back. Monica was in her I'm Thinking mode.

"That's so strange." She finally says. "Then I wonder who your real dad is."

Sebastian looks at Monica. "It could also have been a dream. You were blacked out."

I nod. Maybe I imagined it. Maybe nothing did happen and I was making a big fuss on nothing.

We stayed up till 10 talking, then Monica and Sebastian passed out in their chairs. I, on the other hand, was still awake. My dad came in a few minutes after they fell asleep.

"Hey baby-doll." He glanced around the room. "Can we talk now?"

I nod and get out of bed. I walk over to my dad and we sit in the hallway. I slowly shut my door so we don't disturb my friends.

My dad goes right into the conversation. "So I've been meaning to tell you something important for a very long time. I was going to tell you with mom but..." My dad's eyes well up. He looks straight forward, blinking them away.

I stroke his leg, trying to comfort someone going through the same loss, just way harder. "I miss her too."

He strokes my hair, still looking straight.

After a few moments of silence, my dad speaks again. "Well, I want you to understand something, Haley. Your mom and I... we had a goal; to protect you at all costs. Well, after the car crash, you were out cold for two days. I thought that you had gone into a coma. Your mother didn't have a slight chance of surviving, so all I had left was you. I was so worried that I had failed to protect you." He grabs my hand.

"It's every parent's job to protect their kids, dad. I understand."

My dad looked at me, pure sadness in his eyes.

"But Haley, I'm not your dad."


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