The Weasley Twins

My name is Bailey and I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm a first year and had no friends, until I met Fred and George.....


2. Two

         About 20 minutes later, we arrived at Hogwarts. I took quite a liking to the twins as I found them interesting. We stepped off the train to find a giant man, about eight feet tall, introduce himself as Harris. He had a big bushy beard too. He said, "All firs' years, find a boat." George grabbed my arm and pulled me to a boat with him and Fred.  Their friend, Lee Jordan, joined us. "Hey guys. Who's she?" "This is Bailey" they said. "Why is she with you guys?" he said. "Because" I said, wrenching my arm out of George's grasp, "they're going to try to corrupt me and make them like they are" I said. They had small grins on their faces. I crossed my arms and didn't look at them until we got off the boat.

      We walked into the dining area, known as the Great Hall, and sat at some empty tables. There was a dusty old hat that told us what house we were going to be in. I wanted Ravenclaw because that was my dad's house, but I wasn't super smart, like he was. My last name is Wright, so I went right after the Weasley's. They both got Gryffindor, so that is what I wanted. The hat started talking. "Somewhat intelligent, but doesn't believe so. No traits for Hufflepuff or Slythering so better be.......GRYFFINDOR!!!" I smiled and the Weasley's twins smiled and cheered. I was starting to like Hogwarts more than I thought.

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