The Weasley Twins

My name is Bailey and I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I'm a first year and had no friends, until I met Fred and George.....


6. Detention

In Flitwick's room, we had to scrub the chalkboard and other stuff. It wasn't challenging, but when he wasn't looking, George and Fred would take turns drawing on a chalkboard I just cleaned. I gave them an annoyed look. They eventually stopped. Finally, at six, we could go. I walked quickly to the common room. Fred and George called my name but I didn't turn around. When I got in I sat on the couch. Fred sat next to me. "Why are you mad at us, bestie?" He said "bestie" like a girl would. "Because you two got me detention!" He just laughed. "You need to learn to have fun Bailey." "I do have fun!" I exclaimed. "Just not all the fun you two like!" He didn't respond so I though he was done. No. He wasn't. He grabbed my arms and dragged me out side of the room. George followed. "George," he said, "grab the map." George ran in and grabbed whatever map it was. "Let's go!" they both said. George grabbed my other arm and opened the map. "I solemnly swear I am up to no good" George said. The map suddenly had the whole castle on it. It showed every hallway. "We're going to have some fun!" They said at the same time. They walked down a hallway and then another one. Eventually we found ourselves in the Slytherin dungeons. Fred and George grinned at each other. They walked to the boys bathroom. I stayed put. "Come on" they said. "I can't" "Why? "Uh, hello, that's the boys bathroom and I am CLEARLY a girl" I said. They rolled their eyes. "We'll make sure no one is in there and no one comes in," they said. "Fine." I said. We walked in. "So what do you guys have planned?" I questioned. "We're going to blow up the toilets!" they exclaimed. "Wow" I said. "Really?" They nodded. I stood back, ready to run as they started blowing them up. We ran down all the hallways and made sure no one was near us, using the map. We made our way to the common room, out of breath. "Wow." I said. "That was a little fun" I said. "Oh yeah?" George said. "Wait till you see what we have planned tomorrow!"

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