Kidnapped And Sold

Kidnapped one by one, One Direction are illegally brought into Arabia and sold. They even try their best to stick together. But they are soon sold one by one. Tired and afraid, they fear no one in America will notice them missing.


2. What's Going On?

Harry's POV


I shook my head, trying to clear the fog. Where was I? I could hear a humming as if I was in an airplane. 


"Harry? Niall? Liam? Zayn?" I hear Louis's voice broke the silence. His voice was shaky. 


"I'm here, Louie," I let him know my presence. 


I opened my eyes but all I saw was darkness. I guessed I had something over my eyes. Moving around o tried moving my arms, but they were tied behind me. Just great. I wiped the side of my face against my shoulder until I got the blind fold off around my neck. Blue I could see I was in the luggage area of a plane. I started to shake from the freezing high altitude. Looking around I see Louis laying across from me on his back. He too was blind blind folded and tied up. Trying to move my feet I found them to be tied as well. Crap really?!


"Louis, we're in a plane. I can see you. And the others," I say, trying to steady my voice.


Louis nodded. He acted as if he was going to pass out. I wouldn't blame him. I felt light headed from the lack of air in the plane. I wanted to stay awake... But I... Just- 

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