Kidnapped And Sold

Kidnapped one by one, One Direction are illegally brought into Arabia and sold. They even try their best to stick together. But they are soon sold one by one. Tired and afraid, they fear no one in America will notice them missing.


1. Don't Wander Off

Harry's POV 


I sat there just staring at everything. The crowd, the flashing lights, the smoke machine. But most importantly, my four best mates. Being One Direction for FOUR years taught me a lot. I have really grown as a man and person. Sure I have my times when I act like I'm ten. But hey, YOLO. No one is perfect. Better live while we're young although we're forever young. Know what I'm saying? No? OK.


Well there we were, me and the lads. Wrapping up our last day of the Where We Are Tour 2014. My heart was racing as I ran around on the stage singing Story Of My Life with the lads. The crowd was pumped.... Liam was making them laugh.... Niall was goofing about with Louis.... Zayn was fixing his hair.... And... Hold the heck up. I stopped in my tracks as something hit me square on the face. I looked behind me and saw that someone had thrown their red bra at me. I gave the crowd a cheeky smile, searched for a marker and got me and the lads to sign it.


"Who's bra?" I speak into my microphone.


A girl waved her arms and pointed to herself. I could totally tell it was hers. Don't ask me how I know. I grinned and threw it to her. When she caught our she stared, looked up at me, the started to fangirl.


I chuckled to myself. Yeah, I still got it.


"Mr. Styles... Mr. Styles... Harry!?" Liam yells.


"What?" I respond, drawing out the word with my deep British drawl.


"What did you do yesterday?" Liam repeated his question.


"Well I agree lunch then went to bed early cause I wasn't feeling well," I smiled my dimpled smile. "Everyone say awe."


As the crowd awed Liam chuckled.


"You feeling better now, yeah?" Liam asked as he fixed his ear piece.


"Thanks to this crowd I am," my smile widened.


I want lying. The fans usually make me feel better when I'm down. 


We sang a few more songs then wrapped it up with a hearty good night and love you all. I blurted out "CUTE AS A BUTTON EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!" I knew the crowd would go wild with that one. And they did. So I laughed as I ran off the stage.


"Lads, don't wander off," Paul instructed as we went on to the changing room.


"That was exillerating!" Louis said a little out of breath seems how he kept running even of the stage.


"Always is," Liam breathed with a light laugh. "The crowd was amazing tonight."


Before anyone could reply the lights suddenly flickered then completely went out.


"What's going on?" We all said at the same time. 


Everything went deathly quiet fast. I stood there, not daring to move, not daring to breath. Suddenly I felt something slip over my mouth. I struggled but to no avail as my whole body went limp and I blacked out. 

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