Kidnapped And Sold

Kidnapped one by one, One Direction are illegally brought into Arabia and sold. They even try their best to stick together. But they are soon sold one by one. Tired and afraid, they fear no one in America will notice them missing.


3. Arabian Auction

Harry's POV



I woke up to attend language and something hitting my back. I was roughly handled to stand up. 


"Hey mate, easy on the wrists," I hear Zayn state.


The blind fold was removed and my eyes burned as they adjusted to the bright sun. I looked around and saw the lads. We were all lined up in the middle of what looked like a court yard... But with dirt and sand. The build surrounding us looked old and ancient. My gaze landed on someone in strange clothes.


"Louie, what's going on?" I ask not being able to mask my shaky voice.


"We're being auctioned," Louis stated sadly. 


My eyes grew wide at this. Auctioned? Meaning being sold for slavery? Holy sh...


"YOU!" a man wearing something on his head pointed to Liam. "You will do nicely for helping farm." 


He roughly grabbed Liam's arm.


"I will find you lads!" Liam called to us. 


We were all shocked and speechless. They took Liam... 


Next to go was Zayn. He was said to be an excellent apprentice for merchants. Louis went after. His blue eyes teared up as he was being dragged away from us. I wasn't going to lie, I wanted to cry so bad. All that was left was Niall and myself. I was forced to stand closer to him which I was fine with. He was just as scared as me. But it really showed on his Irish face. 


I leaned my arm on his to let him know everything was going to be OK. Or at least I hoped. 


"I well take this one," a buyer pointed to Niall. "He shall work in my lands. Fighting off the enemy."


As soon as he grabbed Niall, the poor lad freaked out. Niall wasn't violent like that. He was a lover not a fighter. 


"Wait! I will take his place!" I stated loudly causing everyone to cease and stare at me. 


The buyer looked from me to Niall and nodded. "Yes, yes. I will take him."


"Harry...?" Niall whimpered.


"It's OK Ni. I'll find you... Somehow. Stay strong lad," I said and have him a hug the best I could.


The buyer he went with was a rich merchant. I was glad I took his place now. Hopefully he'd be treated right.


I was drug roughly away from the scared blonde lad and practically thrown in the back on a truck. I eyed the man but remained silent. I was fearful.

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