Flannel Love /bajancanadian ff/ -on hold-

Annie Ross was a no ordinary teenage girl who was a huge tomboy. She had a group of friends,a healthy family and also in a band called: Shooting Star. The lead singer, Lucas Depp Dies in a serious car crash The band hold try outs for their new lead singer. Mitchell Hughes was picked for lead singer of the band, Annie starts to see something in Mitch like she hasn't seen with no one else, A brutal relationship between Mitch and Annie, Mitch also starts falling for Annie and the other band mates and Annie's friends try to get the teens together. What will go wrong?


1. _Beginning_

They all whisperd as we walked down the hall with our new band member, Mitch. I looked at my feet, avoiding the pairs of eyes that trailed our group down the hall. After Lucas died, I couldn't stand anyone talking about it. Peoples eyes watched as we walked into Art class, never leaving their eyes off us. Mitch sat down next to me as I crawled into my desk, my hands touch the paintbrushes and I started painting. My gentle hands comforting the brush and I shaded. 'What cha painting?' Mitch asked, smirking. 'You'll see Hughes' I said, throwing a grin at his toned face. He smiled as He watches my brush touch the paper.

'That's beautiful Annie' He said, staring at the finished painting in awe.

The painting was a vanilla twilight with two people watching the moon fall.

This is gonna be great.

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