Vivienne felt like she was dying. She had suffered as a child, but that was nothing compared to now. Her only chance is Dean, a guy her dad worked with once. Can he help her? Or will he leave her alone...for good?


1. Prologue

18 Years Ago

"Daddy, is that you?" 6 year old Vivienne padded slowly down the stairs, teddy bear in hand. "Daddy?" She looked around. Walking into the den, she noticed her father kneeling on the ground. "Daddy? What are you doing?"

When she got close enough she saw her mother, lying on the floor in front of her father, busted and broken. "MOMMY!" Her eyes welled up with tears.

After hearing her scream, her father turned around. He looked at her. Little Vivienne took one look at her dad and ran. One look at his eyes and she knew. 

He wasn't her daddy anymore.

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