Vivienne felt like she was dying. She had suffered as a child, but that was nothing compared to now. Her only chance is Dean, a guy her dad worked with once. Can he help her? Or will he leave her alone...for good?


7. Chapter 6

They had been driving for hours. Vivienne sighed. When she looked beside her, Dean snored softly in the passenger seat.

Vivienne rolled her eyes and focused on the road. Her eyes may have been focused, but her mind was wondering. They were nearing close to the Illinois border. 

What would happen when she got there? Would the demon recognize her? Surely, if it was a demon it would recognize Dean.

Vivienne sighed again and gripped the steering wheel. She tried to convince herself that her dad wouldn't still be in there. It hurt, the possibility that her dad could be dead, even with his body being alive. 

But what if he is alive?

She wanted to think that if her dad was alive, that she would try to save him.

"What was that baby?" Dean rubbed his eyes. "What if who's alive?"

"Hmm?" Dean snapped her from her fog. "Oh nobody. Just talking to myself."

"Okay baby." Dean watched her for a few seconds. Then turning his head he looked out the window.

Vivienne focused back on the road, trying to keep her mind from wandering to far again. She failed. One minute, she's thinking of 7 minutes in heaven with Dean, then the next she's thinking of the ways to kill a demon without harming the vessel. Or causing too much harm to it.

She sighed and figured it was hopeless. There was no way that her dad was still alive. The demon was probably just holding him together by strings. Dean reached over and turned on the radio. 

They listened to it silently, one of them humming a song every once in a while. Dean reached across the center console and took Vivienne's hand. As if by coincidence, Paint It,Black started playing. Vivienne smiled, while Dean laughed.

"I think this is God's way of telling us that this is our song," Dean grinned and kissed her cheek.

"I know right," Vivienne mumbled. 

She was still lost in thought. She didn't mean to seem like she didn't care, cause she really did. But she was about to face the thing that almost killed and had killed her self and her mother. The thing that wore her father's face and tortured her mother, before brutally killing her.

When Vivienne realized that she had started crying, she used her knee to steer and wiped her face. 

"You okay, baby?" Dean frowned.

"Yes,at least I am now."

And she was. Because she decided that no matter what, she would kill that demon. Even if it meant killing her father too.


While Dean checked into the motel, Vivienne stood outside, cigarette in between her lips. She hated the side effects of smoking so she rarely did it. But, when she did do it, it relaxed her, helped her think. It was almost like the nicotine opened up more passages in her brain, making it easier to think. Provided quicker transport to her mind palace, if you will.

When  Dean came out of the lobby, she put out the bud and threw it away. Luckily the room was right by the lobby, so they didn't have to walk very far. They each grabbed their overnight bags and walked hand in hand to their room.

Dean opened the door for Vivienne and she smiled. "Well, aren't you a gentleman." She stood up on her toes and pecked his lips. 

"I try to be." He smiled down at her.

They shared one more kiss before he closed the door. Vivienne set her bag on the small table by the window and pulled out a manila folder. She opened it and started pinning the documents to the most open wall she could find.

Once he saw she'd finished, Dean came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. Vivienne leaned back into him and sighed, closing her eyes. They stood that way for a minute, just enjoying the peace and quiet of each other's company.

But, of course the moment didn't last forever. Vivienne's phone started ringing. Dean kept his arms around her as she answered it. 

"Hello?.. Oh, hey..Yeah, we're in Chicago now.. Okay.. Does Greg have the course of action ready?.. Okay, just email it to me.. When do we need to start?.. Okay.. Wait, two days?.. Normally you just give me a few hours.. Okay.. Alright, bye." Vivienne groaned and turned around in Dean's arms.

She laid her head on Dean's shoulder. "What was that about baby?" Dean laid his head against hers.

"Sarah," Vivienne smiled and pulled away a little, "Said that since its such a big case for me, or us, we're getting two days to prep. But then we still only have eight hours to 'subdue' the  demon."

Dean smiled, "So we have two days to 'prep' and then 8 hours to kill?"

"Yes?" Vivienne frowned and her answer came out kinda like a question. "Why?" She studied his face a little closer. "How are you playing this in your head?" Dean started to answer and Vivienne cut him off. "On second thought, never mind."

Dean just started laughing and laid on their bed. She straddled his lap and leaned down to kiss him. Her lips had just barely brushed his, when someone busted in the door.


.:To Be Continued:.



Sorry this is so short, but I had to get an update in.

Please don't hate me? Thanks :)


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