Vivienne felt like she was dying. She had suffered as a child, but that was nothing compared to now. Her only chance is Dean, a guy her dad worked with once. Can he help her? Or will he leave her alone...for good?


6. Chapter 5

"What in the hell?" Vivienne grabbed a gun out of her nightstand drawer and walked out, Dean behind her. "Sarah? Anna? Greg? Anybody?" 

Sarah came out of her room, slammed the door and stood in front of Vivienne. "Why didn't you answer your phone?" 

"I did. See look." Vivienne pulled her phone out of her pocket and it started blinking with four missed calls and 3 texts. "Oh."

"Yeah, oh." Sarah shook her head and walked into the kitchen. "The others are coming down with groceries. We got a lead on the case so we're gonna have to have dinner in the briefing room."

"What's for dinner?" Vivienne went and sat at the island bar and watched Sarah push a button under the lip of the countertop.

"Burgers." Sarah turned and noticed Dean for the first time. "Oh my god. It's you." She reached around and grabbed a knife from the block.

"What do you want? How'd you get in here? Why are you here?" 

Vivienne instinctively stood up in front of Dean and raised her gun a little bit. "Sarah put the knife down."

"What are you crazy? Vivienne get out of the way." Sarah threw the knife at the nearest door and when Dean and Vivienne looked away she pulled her gun on them.


"Sarah put down the gun." Vivienne raised hers. "I don't want to shoot you, but I will."

"You put the gun down first. Why are you protecting him anyway?"

Vivienne just grinned. "Think about our last phone call."

Sarah's hand wavered as she thought. It lowered a little and then jerked back up. "No. No way in hell." 

Vivienne looked back at Dean. "I can't tell if this is better or worse than telling Sam." Dean just laughed.

"What in the hell?" Greg and Anna stood in the doorway with the groceries.

"Miss Barbie's pissed because I'm dating a Winchester."

Sarah shot the wall just to the left of Vivienne's arm. "Don't call me that."

"Calm down then."


"Fine then, Rapunzel."

"Vivienne I will shoot at you again."

"You didn't hit me before!" 

"I won't miss this time." Sarah took aim again and lined her arm up with Dean. 

Vivienne adjusted her sight to Sarah's head. "Sarah, I will kill you. I'll feel terrible, but I'll do it."

Anna shot them both in the arm. "Would you jackasses stop?" Anna lowered her gun and offered her hand to Dean. "Hey. I'm Anna.
"Dean." They shook hands and then the process repeated with Greg.

"Okay well I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to get the bullet out of my arm." 

Vivienne stuck her tongue out at Sarah, turned and walked to her room.

Dean stayed and looked at Sarah, who was having trouble patching herself up. "Here, let me help."

Sarah glared up at him. "I'm fine. I don't need help from the likes of you."

"Sarah, don't be a cunt." Andrew walked in, half-drunk. "So. You're the famous Dean Winchester. It's a pleasure."

He shook Dean's hand and slapped Sarah. She yelped. "Fine." She pretty much shoved herself at Dean.

Dean leaned back a bit and asked Greg if he would get him some things.

"Sure. Whatcha need?"

"I need a needle, some thread, some gauze, some tweezers, and-" Dean looked around the kitchen. He grabbed Andrew's bottle. "a wash cloth."

"Hey that's mine!"

Andrew lunged and Sarah held her hand out. "not anymore." 

When Greg came back Dean gave Sarah the wash cloth. "Bite." 

"What? No!" Dean shrugged and put the washcloth on the island.

"Then hold still." Dean poured some alcohol over the tweezers then got ready to pull the bullet out. "This is gonna hurt like hell, okay?"

"I'll be fine, just do it." 

"Okay." Dean pushed the tweezers in the wound and moved them around till he found the bullet.

"Motherfucker!" Sarah held her breath and Greg held her down.

Dean got the bullet out. Then he poured some of the alcohol over the hole and pushed the cloth on it. He threaded the needle after dousing it in liquor and stitched up the hole. He tied then cut the thread and wrapped gauze around it.

"There. All good." Dean smiled his famous smile and Sarah glared at him.

"I still don't like you." Sarah stormed into her room and slammed the door. Again.

"Why doesn't she like me?" Dean looked at everyone else.

Greg smiled. "Don't worry. She doesn't like anybody Vivienne brings home. They just have a bond that close. Just as you have Castiel, Vivienne has Sarah." 

"But Sarah isn't an angel. At least not that I know of." Dean frowned. "Wait. How do you know about Cas?"

He smiled. "True as that may be-" Greg didn't get to finish that sentence. Vivienne screamed and Dean grabbed the gun off the counter and ran to her room, like pie was on a 90% off sale. 

"Vivienne! Baby, are you okay?" Dean stopped in the doorway. Vivienne was in the fetal position on the floor in the corner.

"Above you!" She pointed at the doorframe and Dean shot in and raised the gun. 

"Whe- Oh." Dean smiled and lowered the gun. Everyone else was stopped in the doorway.

"What is it?" Anna was turning a shade of red comparable to the color of her hair.

"A Spider."

"Fuck that Shit!" Anna and Andrew ran back down the hall. 

"Dammit Dean! Kill it!" Vivienne was still in the corner.

It was a medium sized black one, about the size of his palm. He took off his boot and crushed the spider. he scraped it in the nearest garbage can.

"Thank you so much!" Vivienne crawled forward and hugged Dean's leg.

"What in the hell?" Sarah stood in the doorway, took in the sight and left, muttering something about Dean being an asshole.


After burgers were finished everyone sat in the briefing room. Sarah, who sat at the head, pushed a button on a little remote and a white screen came down at the other end of the table.

"Dean you need to leave." Sarah stared at him.

"What?" Vivienne glared at her. "Just because you don't like him doesn't mean you can kick him out."

"Dean isn't one of us. He can't stay for briefing." Sarah spoke to Vivienne in a way, that made Dean's blood boil.

"Don't speak to her that way. Or I swear, you'll regret it." Sarah averted her attention to speak again and Dean interrupted her. "Baby, I'll be at the bar."

"Dean, no-" 

"It's okay." Vivienne frowned at him, but he kissed her forehead and walked out. 

Vivienne stayed silent through the meeting. It was a normal one. Until the end." Vivienne your being assigned to go out tonight and kill this demon. You have 8 hours."

"Why so long?" Vivienne turned her head to Sarah. She was bored out of her mind, with the urge to strangle her best friend. 

"Because. It's the demon." Vivienne snapped to attention.

"You mean the one who, ya know." 

Sarah nodded. "The one who possessed your father and killed your mother. Yes." 

Vivienne's fists clenched and she stood up. "Anything else?"

"No. I'm going to send his information to your cell."

"Okay, well then I'm going now."

"Vivienne, I want to speak with you privately first." She turned to the others. "You're free to go."

When the others left, Vivienne just stood awkwardly. "Yes?"

"I want you to know, that even though I haven't really shown it, I'm a fan of Dean's. I want him to go with you on this mission."

"You were going to kill him!"

"Yes, but I was just surprised. I figured you had started dating a hunter, just not that one."

Vivienne just huffed and walked out. "Babe." She walked in the kitchen. "Follow me."

Dean got up and followed her into the same stairwell they used when they had arrived.

Vivienne pushed her hand against another insignia, and the wall moved. She stepped in and pulled Dean in, right up against her.

"Baby, if you wanna make a move, it doesn't have to be in a broom closet."

"Dean zip it." He laughed. Then the wall opened up again. 
She pushed him out. "Woah. Talk about change of scenery." 

"Welcome to my favorite place in the compound." 

There was a giant gun range to his left, much like the one in his bunker. To his right was an interrogation room, made of salt infused iron, with a table, chairs, and chains carved with demon traps.

They walked into the gun range and in a room off the side. "Welcome to Artillery." 

Vivienne stood in the doorway and watched Dean look around.

Guns, knives, and various other weapons littered the walls. she opened the laptop that was on the table in the middle of the room and plugged her phone into it. She clicked on a few things, then started looking over the file.

"So what do we have?" Dean came over behind her and looked at the screen.

"The demon. It's back, killing again. Still using my father's body." She read farther down the page. "He's befriended many vampires and werewolves, even a few angels. Oh, he's Crowley's bitch. How lovely."

"Well, anyone he hasn't become all buddy buddy with?" Dean stood and walked over to a sawed-off shotgun.

"Gods, zombies, spirits, wendigos." 

"Any witches?" Dean took the gun of the wall and checked it over.

"Yes. A few."

"Dammit. I hate witches." 

"You're telling me."

She unplugged her phone and everything disappeared. She shut the lid and went over to the wall of knives. Along the perimeter of every wall there was a dresser type thing, with four wide drawers in it.

Opening the top drawer, she reached in and grabbed a duffel bag. It was navy blue and fairly worn, with various items in it already. 

Hexbags, gopher dust, holy oil, holy water, and various cans of spray paint. Dean was going through various drawers until he found a gun he liked.

"Holy shit batman." he held the gun in his hand.

Vivienne looked up after putting a machete and some salt rounds in the bag. "So, you found El Diablo."

"El what?" Dean walked over to her.

"El Diablo. It's Sarah's favorite gun."

"Shit." Dean all but dropped the gun back in the drawer. Vivienne zipped up the duffel and pulled Dean out behind her. 

Several minutes later they were back outside. Vivienne opened her trunk.

"Woah. What are you doing?" Dean stopped her from putting the duffel inside. 

"Putting this in my trunk? What does it look like I'm doing?"

"We're taking baby."

"I know."

"No, my baby." 

"If anything Dean, I'm taking you." Vivienne smirked.

Dean put his head on the roof of the impala. "My car."

"No. My case, my car." 

"Technically it's our case."

"Why don't you drop the impala off at the bunker with Sam? I'll follow behind you and then we can end up taking mine."

"Fine." Dean pouted and got his car.

Vivienne slammed her trunk and got in. Turning the key, she listened to the engine purr. 

When Dean wasn't moving she revved the gas a little and the engine complied with a small roar.

Her phone rang and she answered. "Hello?"

"Stop showing off."

She grinned hearing the sound of Dean's voice. "Then drive."

.:To Be Continued:.


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