Vivienne felt like she was dying. She had suffered as a child, but that was nothing compared to now. Her only chance is Dean, a guy her dad worked with once. Can he help her? Or will he leave her alone...for good?


5. Chapter 4

Vivienne reached for any weapon. Not finding one, she walks up to Sam and slugs him. Square on the eye. Then again, nose. Again, jaw. Again, nose once more. By now Dean is behind her, pulling her away. 

"Baby girl, it's okay. It's okay." Dean just holds her when she turns and starts to cry. Her hand is cut open and bleeding, just as Sam's face is bruised and bleeding.

Castiel started to speak, when they all hear Ozzy Osbourne screaming. Vivienne got up to answer her phone.

Once out of the room Castiel blurted, "Who is she Dean?"

"My girlfriend. So be nice." Castiel frowned.

"Girlfriend?" Castiel looked at Sam to see if Dean was joking. He wasn't.

"Yes, Cas, and I really, really like her. So, please. Don't screw this up for me."

"Does she know we're hunters? I'm assuming so, because of our dads, but," 

"Yeah, she knows. Hell, she's one herself."

"That explains the strength behind the punches." Sam touched his face gingerly as Vivienne walked out.

"Are you okay Sam? I'm sorry I punched you. But, after the comments you made at the restaurant, you deserved it." Vivienne made her way back over next to Dean.

"It's okay, Vivienne. You're right I did deserve it. And I am so sorry for what I said last night. about you and your family." They smiled at each other.

"So, are you guys okay now?"

Dean helps his hands up between them, as if to stop a fight. 

"Yeah." Vivienne smiled. "Well, I'm going to call a cab to the main road, so I can go get my car."

"Nope." Dean took her phone out of her hand and his keys out of his pocket. "I'll take you back baby girl."

Castiel stopped. "Wait, girlfriends have return policies? Like items do at Walmart?"

Vivienne frowned. "Did he just call me a grocery item?"

Sam busted out laughing and Vivienne threw the nearest thing at him which just so happened to be...a pencil.

"No, Cas, you can't return girlfriends. When I told Vivienne that I would take her back, I meant that I would take her back to her car." 

Dean saw something flash across Cas's eyes. "Oh. Well I must be going. I was only here because I sensed Dean was near Crowley and knew things wouldn't end well. And because of Sam."

"Huh. Okay well I'll be back Sammy. See ya Cas."

"Bye Dean. It was nice meeting you Vivienne."

"It was a pleasure to meet you too, Castiel. Bye Sam."

"See ya, Vivienne." And with that, Cas poofed away and Dean and Vivienne walked out to the Impala hand in hand.


When they got to her car, Vivienne grabbed her keys and jumped out, running to her car.

"Well, I see where I rank," Dean smirked as she checked every area of her car to make sure it was okay. 

Just as she was about to say something to boost Dean back up again, her phone rang. "Hello?... Oh hey... At my car, why?...shit!" 

"Everything okay baby?" 

Vivienne nodded. "Yes, Sarah, that was a guy you heard... Yes... Maybe... Only if you take back what you said about my car... Then no. No you can't..." 

Dean walked over and put his hands on her hips as she leaned against her car. 

"Hold on a sec." Vivienne pulled the phone away and covered it with her hand. "Do you want to meet my best friend? She's basically like my Sam."

"Meaning she's like your sister? Sure." Dean bent and kissed her. She grinned and put the phone back up to her ear.

"Yeah... We're on our way... Bye." Vivienne sighed. "Do you want me to follow you back to your place and then you can leave the Impala there, or we can drive both to my place?" 

"I'll take both for 200, Alex."

"Who's Alex?" Vivienne grinned. "Don't make me cut a bitch."

"That." Dean smirked and kissed her again. "Was incredibly sexy." Vivienne grinned and pushed him away. 

"Go get in your car before you have your way here in the parking lot."

Dean just laughed and got in his car.


After about two hours, Vivienne pulled off the main road and onto a long dirt road. Then they drove for about thirty minutes until they reached a dead end.

"Um baby girl?" Dean turned off his car and came over to her.


"We're in the middle of nowhere."

"Just follow me, babe." 

So, with Dean following behind her like a lost puppy, Vivienne picked her way through the trees until she reached a huge oak with so many insignias carved into the tree, it was hard to make sense of them.

"Woah." Dean stood with his mouth agape.

Vivienne shushed him and looked around, listening. Hearing and seeing nothing, she pushed her palm on one of the insignias. When she removed her hand, the insignia glowed then disappeared completely.

"What the-" Dean started to freak when a part of the tree about 7 feet tall and 3 1/2 feet wide pushed inside a bit, then moved to the side out of the way.

"Come on, babe." She grabbed Dean's hand and started descending down the stairs. When they reached the bottom, Dean was shocked at the things he saw.

Immediately to his left was a huge modern kitchen, with stainless steel appliances, dark wood cabinetry, an island bar, and tiled floors.

Then to his right, there was a small living' space. Like the kitchen this space was also very modern, with a flat screen tv, slim gray couch and light wood floors.

"Wow. This place it's..." 

"Too big?" Vivienne looked over at Dean.

"No. It's amazing." Dean grinned at Vivienne. 

"Well you haven't seen anything yet. Follow me."

He followed her down a long hallway. As they passed by rooms she named them. Sarah's room. Anna's room. Greg's room. John's room. Andrew's room. then finally there were two more doors. The briefing room and Vivienne's room.

First, they went into the briefing room. This was different from what he had already seen. Still modern, it was just much darker. Dark wood floors, dark wood table, and padded black chairs.

When Vivienne led him into her room they stopped. The room was huge like the others. Except on the wall to their right, was a giant mural of a beach. The room had a bit of an island feel to it. Maybe it was the beach painting or maybe it was the palm tree in the corner. The bathroom was the same. Huge and islandy.

Vivienne wrung her hands and watched Dean as he explored her room. She heard him gasp when he walked in her closet.

Dean walked back in and went up to her. He kissed her and was going to say something reassuring, but they were interrupted by the slamming of a door. They both jumped a bit as another, louder door slammed.

.:To be Continued:.

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