9. Chapter 9

Nobody knew me like Ben did. Ben was with me for almost all of my childhood. We went to school together and spent time together, by the time freshman year of high school came Ben told me he wanted to be more than friends. I agreed and from that moment on we've been together. I'll admit me and Ben fight a lot but we always forgive each other afterwards. When my parents and sister were changed I escaped out the back door with a bag I already had packed incase. I ran into the forest and kept running. I spent five days on my own searching for someone that wasn't a walking corpse. And that's when I meet Shark. I was in an abandoned grocery store in town as I heard someone with a boom box as he played some music and the dead ones surrounded him as he killed them one by one. He saw me peak around the corner and gasped afraid as he walked up to me and raised the bat. "Please don't kill me... I'm just a girl without anybody... I'm not a dead one." I cried as I blocked my face. I noticed all his feature from his strong tan frame to his gigantic muscles and normal clothes. He had a voice that reminded me of my dads. "Girl... What's your name?" He asked me as he put the bat down. "Katlynn.... But everyone calls me K for short." I said nervously. "Well K, how's about you come with me and we can survive this shithole together." He said as he helped me up. I took my bag and put it on my back and walked beside him. "Here take this.... You'll need it out here." He said as he took a chainsaw off the shelf and handed it to me. I held it in my arms. "Careful, those blades are sharp." The guy said as he took if from me and held it in his hand as if it were as light as a pile of feathers. "I'm gonna teach you how to use this for survival. You'll be my little partner." He said with a smile. He reminded me of a human version of the hulk. He was muscular and strong. Just not green thank god. "So K, how old are you? Where are your parents? How the hell did you survive without a weapon?" He asked looking at me. "First off, I'm 17. My parents and sister were eaten and changed by those disgusting monsters out there... And last I survived by pretending to be one of them. It works every time." I said looking at him. "So do you have any family?" I asked him curiously. "they all died, those scum ate my dog daisy also." He said angrily. " I'm so sorry, that's so sad." I said upset. "At least I think she's dead... I don't know." He said. "but you-" i said as he cut me off. "I know what I said, don't question me." He said looking at me. "yes sir, I'm sorry sir." I said shyly. "the name's shark." He said as he put out his hand for me to shake and I shook it. "now let's get going before the sun goes down." He said as we walked to an abandoned wooded area and camped out. "Me and you are family now." He told me as I noded. "family. I..." I said as I yawned. "I like that." I said as I curled up and fell asleep as the fire burned out.

-Little Miss Sunshine X

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