8. Chapter 8

Miami, once a city full of lights, music, fashion and good looking boats and cars. Now just a wasteland of nothing but empty streets and buildings, no people and empty beaches and houses.. Nobody around making noises or cars beeping their horns.. Just silence. Nothing made a sound as we drove through Miami deserted and desolated streets. H sat in the back as Z drove through the rather large city, it seemed smaller when there were crowds of people blocking the streets. There it was.. The gate seperating the survivors from the unlucky dead ones.. They opened the gate and we drove our van in as they locked the gate behind them. "Welcome to base camp, I'm lieutenant first class Johnathan Smithsfield, there's 234,000 survivors among you 10 travelers and your two animal companions... You're safe here, the boats should be here soon to board that will take you someplace safe, in the meantime, you'll stay here and relax with the rest of the people." A tall man said as he walked in front of us and we followed him. "when will the ships be arriving?" I asked him curiously. "In about two or three hours." He said as he blocked the sun from his eyes. "Hey, you're Tim and Sarah's daughter Kat right?" He asked me with a smile. "yeah but I go by K now." I said looking at him as he gave me a smile, "Your parents were good people K, they always helped out everyone when something happened... I'm so sorry for your loss.." He said as he walked off. "So for now we're safe but that chain won't hold them out much longer I fear... "shark said as he pointed out that the chain was semi loose. "BACK UP.." shark growled as the gate snapped open and some dead ones limped their way into the hideout... "Remember your training you've got this." Shark said I started my chainsaw and hacked away at each of the dead corpses. Their macabre appearance tripped me out but i breathed out a sigh of relief... Shark took a new chain and locked the gate tight. "what happened?" Two men in army suits ran to our aid... I shut off my chainsaw and breathed out. "the chain and lock were loose and they came in. Don't worry I rechained it so they wouldn't be able to army up against us." shark said as he stretched his muscles... "We can finally find a cause of this disease and make a cure, these dead bodies with help.. I just need a sample of the bite mark and the lab technicians will do the rest." The taller one said trying to fix his belt. We got into the safety shelter with the rest of the survivors, all of the little kids gathered around sharks dog as the dog licked each of their faces and layed down as they all sat down and patted her happily. I was really happy for shark's dog she finally gets all the attention she's ever wanted. "Ben?" I asked him as he looked at all the people in small building, we each got our own rooms and beds and bathrooms. They tried to make it feel at home and safe.

For now this was home and all I had left of a family was my boyfriend Ben.

I was never gonna let him go. I couldn't he was my only advocate and protector. Without him i'd be the only one left of my family.

- Little Miss Sunshine X

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